Far Cry 5 : GTX 1050 vs GTX 1050 Ti (i3 8100)

Far Cry 5 : GTX 1050 vs GTX 1050 Ti (Ultra Settings)

Windows 10 Pro
Intel i3 8100 3.6Ghz
GTX 1050 2Gb
GTX 1050 Ti 4Gb
16Gb RAM 3200Mhz

Ultra Settings
  • Shadowjc32

    And since Ultra Settings are redundant and High is the better choice in practicality I think this is a win for both cards.

  • Tech Triangle

    Well I'm glad that my hp omen worth 1050 can handle this game

  • -[OuTS1De]- K3V1N

    video- gtx 1050, low/medium/high/ultra?

  • Nostalgia 2

    seems like the 1050 will suffice.

  • Logan

    I have the same GPU and CPU but i have to keep it on low settings because of the GB of the GPU so how did u do this on ultra?

  • Jordan Clarke

    I don't get it pc master race runnine far cry 5 at 40fps when a ps4 con sole gets 60 why is this?

  • Eriko. Oy

    So 30fps ultra on 1050?Does that translate into 40fps on normal?

  • Black GhostGame

    Plis with ryzen 1700 + gtx 1060 6gb

  • TMR

    Ryzen 3 2200G Vs Ryzen 5 3400GIn far cry 5

  • BozakWard2706

    I need some good bench marking software, any suggestions?

  • Kamil

    Will it run on i5 7300hq and gtx 1050 4gb?

  • DragonNomak

    this ultra? wow nice it seems that the i3 8100 is legit gonna buy it becouse i,m sick of my Pentium lol,

  • Abhijeet Chauhan

    Can i play in i3 8gb ram gtx920

  • Rémi Txrlt

    can I play with Fx 6300 + gtx 1060 6go + 16gb ?

  • Jacob Seed

    Only You <3Only you can make this world seem rightOnly you can make the darkness brightOnly you and you alonecan thrill me like you doand fill my heart with love for only youOnly you can make this change in me,for it's true, you are my destinyWhen you hold my hand,I understand the magic that you doYou're my dream come true,my one and only youOnly you can make this change in me,for it's true, you are my destinyWhen you hold my hand,I understand the magic that you doYou're my dream come true,my one and only youOne and only you

  • عامر عامر

    This Semi fps for laptob ? Semi gpu ?

  • Gökhan Aksoylu

    i have gtx 1050 4gb. i think i can play this game at high graphics min 30 35 fps ? btw 8gb ram 2400mhz, i5 7300

  • House 079

    Is there any improvement after overclocking TI version?

  • M. Molli

    That was done at 1080p resolution, right?I think the results, especially for the 1050 Ti are absolutely ok.

  • Harry Covair

    1050 2 gb + i5 4460 How many fps plz ?

  • shrek 2323

    as a 1080ti owner wish I had a gtx 1050ti

  • New chanter

    You should'ce test it with Gtx 1050 4gb. Instead of 2.

  • VietNamese©Boyz√

    I3 3220 vs 750 TI, please

  • Wade

    I didn't realize 1050's can run these types of games. I thought it was only for like 1070 and 1080. Im currently trying to build a pc so this is great information.

  • Görkem Sengül

    30 fps on the 1050. Very good🙄

  • Tabib Fares

    plzzz friends someone help me what about an i7 7700 HQ GTX 1050 4gb and 12gb ram thnx

  • Gwardy Channel

    Use an i5 7600 and gtx1050 ti

  • Freeze Vanrese

    imo should just set on medium for more stable fps :)

  • Samu wagner

    Can i play this game with nvidia GTX1050 2gb and I3 7100 or I5 7400,8Gb ram?

  • vinukabest3

    This game runs better than AC origins then lol

  • Blocky Sniper

    i have a gtx 1050 with an i5 2500,this processesor in the video is older than mine,and it gets 35 fps on ultra settings,thus,making me get at least 40 minimum fps and max 80

  • shrek 2323

    can you test gt 730 vs gt 1030

  • Bludenwurst

    I have Gtx 960 2gb , 8gb ram, intel i3 2120 . How many fps i will get on medium settings? I know my cpu is crap...

  • Potetmelk

    PLZ ANSWER!! i5-6600 and 1050ti4gb. How much fps will i get? How good??!! PLz

  • Samsung S5

    Huge difference between them

  • leha alekseevich

    Memoty 1050 1.5gb vs 1050ti 3.5gb- bull shit!!!!!!!

  • Oscar Velazquez

    thank you, just got 2 friends this exact setup, cheap and gaming!

  • RagingLogicVlog

    This is literally my build

  • Daevster 666

    Ultra???!?!?!? damn not bad, all i would have to do is lower the settings to medium should be able to get 60fps

  • Tanamal Michael

    Nice i think i can play this on my gaming laptop with gtx 1050 4gb refurbished

  • vishal mellark

    I own a i3 8100! Which one shuld i buy! 1050ti or 1060 3gb?!

  • Bora

    Thank you bro more Far Cry 5 pls. You are awesome

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