[4K] Fortnite Battle Royale – PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One X Graphics Comparison & Frame Rate Test

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A short comparison of Fortnite Battle Royale on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. The 60 fps mode is activated on all platforms, I also provide a frame rate test on all platforms. To sum it up: the 60 fps mode is great & solid, but doesn't keep the 60 frames in all situations.
Ein kleiner Grafikvergleich zu Fortnite Battle Royale mit Frame Rate Test auf PS4 Pro und Xbox One X. Der 60 fps Modus ist auf allen Konsolen aktiv.

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Music: ES Modern Warfare

System used in this video:
GameStar-PC Ultra
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Intel Core i7 6700K 4.00 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ASUS ROG Strix OC
MSI Z170A PC Mate Mainboard
Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  • Maksim Nesterenko

    На ps 4 pro вообще-то нету fortnite

  • Mystical Waffles

    There is no difference

  • Mikail Iqbal

    I have pro but i do admire the 1x as well but did you guys see 1x dropped frames like shit.

  • ACMJ

    Graphics looks ever so slightly better on the Xbox One X, but in some aspects the PS4 Pro may have slightly better lighting

  • andromeda galaxy

    I don't need graphic or power like Xbox one x i need the last of us I need uncharted 4 and....

  • HDPlayz YT

    Ps have games xbox graphics

  • Alain Azor

    both same i don't see any different , they have a same function same graphics the gameplay is a same PS4 PRO & XBOX ONE X 1-1

  • Dope beats Central

    Xbox one x has a more clear distances ps4 pro not so much graphics were good up close

  • CSH .Clips

    Xbox one x is a 4k console not a 1080p! They are gunna look the same but the 1x looked sharper than the pro

  • Pandanoko Master

    Oh boi i can't wait to read comments that say "HAH PS4 HAS 8 MORE FRAMES THAN XBOX WHAT A TRASH CONSOLE?

  • Poop Emoji

    PS4 proNUMBA WAN 1⃣Xbox one XNUMBA TU 2⃣

  • David Hanna

    I had a ps4 pro, sold it, bought an X. I personally like the X much better. I think a fair comparison would be a ps4 pro vs xbox one S.

  • get me to 100 subs no vids

    Dont just pick which one is better only cause you stick with that console. Who cares which console is better?! Just have a good time and stop having such toxicness flow through you.

  • bonzohavoc

    This is console peasant heaven

  • George Ritonia

    X bone looks like if i turned my brightness up on my ps4

  • Fish

    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA 4K.Lol 4k and consoles they should not be in the same sentence

  • Nichael Core

    Xbox has other human

  • Tuan Van

    Ps4 is always powerfull graphic and system. btw why Xbox has a lot of glitch in fortnite stupid trash

  • Deadpoolman

    I would get the ps4 pro not just for fortnite because of other great games it has the xbox doesnt

  • SebasChelo 1

    De que me va a servir cual es el cambio o cuel se ve mejor si ya tengo la ps4 xd

  • Yousuf Ahmed

    Xbox players are so overrated..

  • Alcatraz MMXCIX

    If u noticed the colors under the weapons on the pro well they removed that ,no idea why tho

  • Amel Mesic

    Sony ps4 is better than this alien console lol

  • BossBom 234

    Ps4 graphics made me GAG

  • LeJEnD 21

    you should have used the crossplay feature with one spectating the other for a better comparisonoh wait

  • iErikona

    Xbox One X is a little bit better than PS4.

  • SilverSolraC 7

    In Xbox One you Need Gold to play Fortnite and all Free to Play, in Ps4 no... Ps4 wins : b

  • Johannes Kristlbauer

    1:24 xbx is Vetter because the scar

  • Otto The 95 Gaming

    Ps4 pro 4k patch coming soon

  • Diego el Pro

    Xbox is Best ...I think

  • Kim Hatungimana

    Bro i cannot see any different

  • ste men :v

    the pc runs to the games at 120 fps

  • Candyland

    A short comparison of Fortnite Battle Royale on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. The 60 fps mode is activated on all platforms, I also provide a frame rate test on all platforms. To sum it up: the 60 fps mode is great & solid, but doesn't keep the 60 frames in all situations.


    I think xbox is a little bit better

  • Jimmy Phillip

    xbox one I think has better graphics but when it comes to games, ps4 takes it home. I enjoy playing both

  • Phatt Wangg

    As always, xbox does better.

  • Jason Marshall

    It make me wonder why xbox one has so much fps drops with the better hardware so odd for this to happen

  • GoldenGuyGaming

    Based off of what i’m seeing I think the Xbox1X is a bit sharper (this is coming from a person who owns both a ps3 and xbox 360) but i’m trying to buy a newer console so what do you guys recommend (please don’t start a war in the replies) i’m looking for the one with the best graphics, cheaper 1st party games, and less lag. The quicker I get an answer the better because I really wanna get one but don’t want to regret my decision. Thanks :)

  • TreasureCat Arcade

    8/10ths of chat is Xbox and ps fanboys

  • Codrut Nastase

    Ps4 is winerr xboxx is garbage

  • Frag Droid

    Xbox 1x is op but i am a pc gamer

  • Pandanoko Master

    I don't care about fortnite and i want it to die but i just wanted to the see the difference of the graphics to see is PS4 really does have a huge graphics difference but i don't care for graphics anyway

  • damianradical

    both are actually the same sh**

  • White Fidget

    um first I don’t need that pc cause I have omen laptop but because I could not make up mind between both ps4 pro and Xbox one x I got both of there regular versions but that’s gonna end when I choose my mind between the both angle and devil of games

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