Upcoming Zombie Movies 2016 and 2017

This is a video of some of the best (in our opinion) upcoming horror Zombie films in the next few months and years. Please let us know if we missed any...

We have included Zombie Movie Trailers Coming Out this year like:

* REC 4 Apocalypse
* Extinction
* LAST ONES OUT - Interesting African Production Coming Out in 2015
* Zombieland 2 (Coming in 2016)
* World War Z 2 (Announced for 2017 Production) - as there is no actual trailer available, we have included some cool footage from the game.
* 28 Months Later (finally has been approved for production in 2017)
* DEAD SNOW 3 (approved for production - no date announced)

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  • Subhani Sk

    Legend English Telugu dubbing movie

  • Amazing Videos

    I am not agree with this video your are bloody fool why you are not uploaded the real trailers of world war and 28 day later and dead snow 3 bicth son

  • Dennis Gun


  • Ahmad Houssami

    Where is world war z 2

  • Gaming Pro

    you are a lier and a bad person i watched this video for world war z

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