AMD Ryzen 3 2200g + Vega: Budget Oriented? (vs GT 1030 - AC Origins, Nier Automata & Wolfenstein 2)

Everyone online is crowning the Ryzen 2200G as the king of budget. But is it really? How does the new AMD Ryzen 3 measure up to a true low budget PC with a GT 1030? Let's find out while pushing to the limit using some of the most GPU intensive games I owned with lower than low settings.

Games tried: AC Origins, Nier: Automata, Wolfenstein 2
  • Alejandro Amaya Hernandez

    Te amo LSG, me das esperanzas de poder tener una gaming rig procurado por mi mismo

  • Yuriy

    Seems like everyone is forgetting that AMD was and still is much better at APUs. So why do you think they are copying Intel?

  • Mike Charnecke

    You buy those during the crypto craze upgrade later

  • MadIIMike

    TBH, I think you should have invested the bit of extra money on the faster ram, the GPU part would benefit a lot from it.I'm not a big fan of it, because it's not a big deal to pick up [something used] with a reasonable CPU power at a fairly low cost and then it comes down to what GPU you can fit and afford...With this, you buy a new MB, new CPU, new RAM just to be GPU Bottlenecked from day 1... then you'll put in a dedicated GPU a few months later and wonder why you didn't just buy a R5 1600 etc. and use some 30$ used GPU until you can afford a better one.

  • dombrox

    From what country are you ?

  • Greg Howe

    Ram is what's holding me back, I've got a 750ti as a dedicated card so that'll be nice but I'd really like the new ryzen setups

  • ArBuz Entertainment

    please try rinning fallout 4 on gpd win 2

  • Alicia A

    My build with the 2200g can run overwatch on ultra and 60 fps with only the intergraded graphics

  • Volkan Dehn

    Amd have built APU's before Intel even knew what it was. To show that it isn't "a knew thing" shows only that you know nothing BOY..

  • R K

    for the love of god do not buy a motherboard that only has ddr3 there is zero chance of an upgrade path and you ll end up having to buy an entirely new rig

  • Justin Chia

    Amazon GT 1030 $84.99, GT 1050 $149.99, GTX 1050 TI $199.99. Ryzen 2200G $99, Ryzen 2400G $169 as of 5/7/2018. Budget King awarded to Ryzen.

  • Lutz Peyton

    2666MHz RAM is the best budget RAM to use with this APU as the price between 2400 and 2666 is about the same. The frame buffer also should be kept low because Windows can allocate more system RAM to the GPU if it needs it and since the dedicated frame buffer and the Windows shared buffer are the same RAM, it will not impact performance. I do not recommend 2GB dedicated framebuffers on systems with 8GB of RAM because there is no negotiable performance difference between that and 512MB.

  • Logen M

    In my country a Budget gaming rig is to buy a console

  • ACanadianGamer

    r a n d o m g a m i n g i n h d ? ?

  • Agus Soules

    I got an amd a10 7890k. Is worth it change it for this cpu?

  • Savin Babu

    Build a Xeon 4core processor computer

  • Adam's Rants

    intel iris 580 pro is king.

  • InfiniteDesign91

    For overclocks you need Tier I or Tier II Power Supply units. It is possible your PSU cannot produce stable enough volts. Moreover budget motherboards don't have much quality voltage regulators so it is best to leave overclocking for quality hardware. Google: "PSU tier list". Edit: please also consider that you can upgrade to a much better Ryzen CPU with a good motherboard, then you can sell your 2400 RAM and buy 3200 MHZ ones, because RAM doesn't loose it's value and you suddenly have a high-end config then you can save up for a better GPU.

  • Fauzan Rizqi M

    I'm just asking and maybe this is silly question.. I have laptop with AM4 (AMD A12 9720P) Can i put Ryzen 2200G to my laptop? Or it gonna blow or something?

  • Xen Scarlet

    What do you use for recording those benchmark?

  • Nikola Jankovic

    Lol that ram you bought is 100e in my country and geil evoX amd edition 3200mhz is 110e lol

  • Dragon_Eat3r

    For me it is around $350 to get the motherboard, ram (8gb 2666, duel channel), and the 2200g. I cant wait to have enouph for this ^-^

  • Zalphor

    The rant about having to contact AMD for an older apu will if it has not already, become irrelevant. The motherboard vendors should be shipping with support now. The problem is that ryzen existed before raven ridge and so none of the mobo manufacturers had the mobos ready for raven ridge.IE dont buy into a new platform unless you know what your getting into or are willing to deal with the teething issues.

  • 기현 Arikadou

    Spending more on 3000mhz RAM would help you a lot while waiting for the money to get a GPU.. IGPU needs higher clock speed RAM soo... They're only $10 more expensive than what you bought here and ehem.. lighting ahem..

  • NavaIMTutorial

    AMD = Smarter Solution

  • Haiiiseee

    Would go with the ryzen one because you can still upgrade it if you save money so if you habe enough for the api build go with it then you can save for a gpu

  • John Connors

    Thank you for the your thorough comprehensive review. I have a home DIY PC upgrade coming up in a couple of months and you gave me a few things to think about. My needs are quite modest so these APUs may be just the ticket. I will be upgrading an AMD Athlon II X2 250, 4 GB, GeForce GT 630... so obviously I am not a super heavy gamer, just want some solid improvements and a nice solid step up in graphics performance. The approach you champion in your LowSpecGamer channel has got me thinking. I only try to spend about $250 every 2-4 years on my system and I might be able to continue doing that with this "APU"

  • Rozux Play

    Hey! 2x4gb 2666mhz vs 1x8gb 3000mhz

  • Diego Apaza

    Thank you Alex now I finally can play More:Automata and work on my new computer. Later I will buy a new GPU, by the moment is perfect.

  • Julio Treviño

    Que velocidad de memoria debería de poner en mi pc con ryzen 5 2400g?

  • Ravioli Ravioli here comes the psycho loli

    yeah i believe its a poor communication between amd and its motherboard manufactures to not have a bios compatible with all their future supported gpus

  • Zynth

    So.... Do I have to update the bios to actually make this work?? I'm planning on using the same motherboard as you....

  • Nurullah AKSAY

    If I calculate for your region it will take 1000₺ and VERY GOOD

  • Márk Vidéki

    nice but i wont buy an asrock board ever again. their quality control is crap

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