AMD Ryzen 3 2200g + Vega: Budget Oriented? (vs GT 1030 - AC Origins, Nier Automata & Wolfenstein 2)

Everyone online is crowning the Ryzen 2200G as the king of budget. But is it really? How does the new AMD Ryzen 3 measure up to a true low budget PC with a GT 1030? Let's find out while pushing to the limit using some of the most GPU intensive games I owned with lower than low settings.

Games tried: AC Origins, Nier: Automata, Wolfenstein 2
  • James Lionheart

    I know you kinda said something in the comment already, but AMD has had a better CPU GPU integration for a long time now. It's part of what happens when you build your stuff under the same house unlike intel and nvidia of yester year. technically the APU thing is something intel and nvidia are still trying to catch up on. (AMD fan boy here, and were starting to win now so, let me gloat. Been on team underdog for over a decade lololololol)

  • Miko Chan

    I'll take my chances and buy a ASRock B350 Pro4! i hope the BIOS is already updated by the seller (Amazon)And not the B450 (Which supports 2nd Gen Ryzen out of the box)

  • meareAaron

    what software are you using to monitor your stats while in game???

  • The Ecletick Gamer

    AMD learned a LOT how doing great gaming experiences using IGP tech through all these years in consoles. Kudos to them!

  • Justin Hopkins

    I can also attest to the fact that I had a 2400 G expected a little bit better with overclocking and I never got it over 1320 megahertz on the GPU

  • sonicblast19

    Imagine if they would make GPD Win 3 with the Ryzen 3 inside of it.

  • fedepede04

    ok here is my take on this budget thing, i have been sick for some years now, so in my case, i am thinking of building a new computer, but i don't want the low end parts, probably more in the middle, but i don't think that i can buy them all in one go, so i am thinking of buying 16 gb of 3000 - 32000 ddr4 ram and a b450 mb. and the cheapest AM 4 cpu, (still have an ok gpu) when after a couple of months i will throw away the cheap cpu and buy a ryzen r5 2600, and i will have a system, that can last me a couple of years. if i bought all the cheapest part, i would need to change many of them later down the road and it will end up get pricey in the long run. so my advised would be.... even if you buy budget parts, you need to be awarded of what you need and what you may what change down the road.

  • Miguel Garcia

    its crazy that i paid more for the 8gb ram than i did the cpu and cooler.....

  • Filthy Hanzo Main

    The thing with these apus is, is that you can easily buy a graphicscard later and then you have a real gaming pc, during the time you dont have one you can still play games. (Like a rx570, rx580 or 1060 6gb)


    I really appreciate you taking the time to make this. I am working with a friend on building him a budget pc for $500 minus the 2 gtx 560's im letting him use until he can afford his own gpu and upgrade to ryzen 1800x. I love this type of cpu and I do pc optimizations myself to get the most power out of my system. You doing this comparison is right up my ally ive been considering doing a small form factor build with either the 2200g or the 1200 with the gt 1030, the 2200g is better. But aside from all that keep making budget builds and doing reviews because Im a firm believer the future of computers lies in people like you, and implementing knowledge and craft into computers, its not all about the big expensive computers, its about how well is this scale to my price point, your basically a genius.

  • christian crow

    Wolfenstein is greatest benchmark

  • Yaprishuuu

    just built a pc with a ryzen 3 2200g and ive never been happier without a graphics card

  • Nicholas Alcus

    I'm sure you get asked this question a lot, but what are you using for your benchmarking? Specifically, the program throwing the data up on the screen.

  • marvelous LIE

    Honestly, as long as I can play games at Medium / Low settings at 720p, the Ryzen 3 2200G is all I really need. I game on an Xbox One mostly, and a lot of PS4 exclusive fighting games don't require much output as far as specs go. I'm not that picky, or what one would refer to as an "enthusiast". A lot of these titles are very playable, and that's all that really matters. Especially to a budget gamer like myself who's on social security and lives from month to month.

  • Jonathan Soko

    I just bought : Ryzen 3 1200 69$ (thx amazon) gigabyte ga-a320m 50$ 2x4 gb patriot ram 74$ = 193$. Im pretty happy with that. I own a gtx 1050 and 500gb ssd tho so im pretty excited. Finally leaving that flame thrower fx 8350 behind. (although 6 years of service wasnt too bad!) The ram was still the most expensive part tho lol

  • kar kas

    Buy a AMD GPU of AM4 Socket it's better cause, in one year or more, you only can buy a GPU or another processor

  • Anthony Phillipes

    going to get myself a very op pc soon but ill still watch u

  • D20k

    What you did to come over the video tdr error? Please reply

  • M3RK Jay

    So to use this cpu i Need AMD Ram?

  • NOV1AC

    Hey how about the ryzen 5 2400g?

  • Vikivines

    Ac origins probably unoptimised due to cpu instensive i cant understand what makes that game the cpu hungry? There is nothing no graphics as v.low looks like ps2 version and hardly 30 fps are you kidding me?

  • Chouchers

    Try pair to GT 1030 ddr4 version I just what see it for kicks of it.

  • Omar RObledo

    I'm upgrading my 2 fx systems and the 2400g seems like a great upgrade for my fx 6300 + hd7750 (thats my regular rig) for my gaming rig (currently fx 8320 + r9-270) i'm looking to get ryzen 5 1600 + rx 570. My daughter will inherit the fx 6300 + 7750 for the time to come (she's only 11 but she into 2d/3d animation xD) he-s still running my 1st amd rig athlon x 3 455 @3.3 + 770 chipset and a 730 we upgraded from a older hd4670.

  • RavenRing - Gameplays and more!

    Budget king? Pfft.I'm buying 16GB RAM DDR4 CL15, a new MSI coffee lake and Core i5 8400 to my pc with a GTX 950

  • Luis Luis

    soo i dont need to buy a gpu if I buy this CPU ? seems good to me

  • love kush

    Ryzen 3 + GTX 1050 + 8 GB Ram is enough for normal PC

  • Just Toxic

    I just built a ryzen 2200g budget system... its terrible.. dont get it.. you cant even play basic games at decent frame rates.. it sucks

  • iceberg789

    stupid ram price kills this build.

  • SimpleGamingF2P

    its pretty cheap for me

  • The Hollanesian

    What is your opinion about buying a Dell Optiplex for dirt cheap and just upgrading the graphics card, PSU, and hard drive?

  • OT GA

    leave voltage the same, and go up one option at a time until it doesnt post, when that happens, reset the cmos and go back to the last option. there's your overclock

  • Adorenu アドレーヌ

    AMD is a budget queen since forever.

  • neon cz

    And now we will overcook the CPU

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