Far Cry 5 Madness - Best Funny Moments (Compilation) !

Hello, Enjoy this Funny Far Cry 5 Compilation from Twitch.
Something a bit different. Hope you dont mind ;)
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Far Cry 5 Madness - Best Funny Moments (Compilation) !
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  • Lord o' Cheese

    The hell, I guess I'm not the only one who's caught a tiny fish like that... I love this game

  • KingBongHogger

    3:00 how do you get that UI? It's only a weapon wheel on xbox

  • Ryan Murphy


  • Mouse Potato

    I lost it @ 4:32 I was biting the carpet :D

  • John Seed

    Who is that dude who is trolling shorty? lol

  • Moon Beam

    1:55 had me dying! “A BEAR!”

  • Sam Levesque

    Why all the funny fails videos from farcry 5 got all the same clips from the others vids..

  • danny adams

    CLEARLY you guys have not watched H2O Delirious and CaRtOoNz Co Op play. It is the funniest shit on YouTube!!!

  • Jacob Moyer

    Dude that first one happened to me too! After that dialogue he tried to kill me, must be a glitch

  • Michael P

    Odd shit happens in this game like some FUCK stealing my helicopter.

  • Matei Picu

    when youre riding with hurk your getting one conversation.but if jesse is in the car.then it becomes hilarious.

  • Self Righteous Jerk

    I freakin' love this game

  • Exotic Memes

    Who is that guy at 3:54

  • Vincent Gillota

    Why did this guy kill a dog

  • MadHzShft

    Fish story was funniest. The sad dog waiting by its owner's body, not at all.

  • cthnwk cthnwk

    Now you know is your partner can be your friend anymore

  • zeregaa

    0:19 Bobby singer, is that you?

  • Chrono Triggerhappy

    all ive learned from this is that colorado is right, dont talk in the middle of the woods with the possible chance of ITS A BEAR! AAAAAAAAGH!

  • keaton mcquarrie

    The first one absolutely annihilates me every time I see it

  • jhonatan elkaiam

    Hits a woman I just wanted to give Montana realism

  • Divergent Droid

    I had Great fun today using lots of trucks to make a road block to pick off peggys from a roof top. Depending on how and where you build one, they can get around it if they try or they will get out and you can kill them. If they can't get around, sometimes will turn around. Many of them talk about the situation. Gee I hope i'm alive when PC AI really gets here.

  • Jon Harold

    "Chris you are a fucking madman." lmfao 5:05

  • Uncle Screw

    Wow, never realized how realistic the AI reactions are in this game sometimes.

  • daniel avila

    Da 1st one looks like you should've been in the game

  • Kyle939

    The guy at 3:55 is a twitch bot user... he was caught with his 40K and 90K viewers but a chat with less than 10 people and showing in the people... Lirik or something

  • Drevorub

    4:42 Chris Hooper RAMBO

  • Amhin Balane

    the opening part is the funny

  • ERROR: #290384AC

    There was one time where I accidentally hit a resistance member. They survived when I went outside to check on them. Then they turned on me and went batshit crazy. It was weird.

  • Dakota Neumann

    looks like she will check on him then

  • JDM Games

    They’re coming on April 18th 2018

  • Melvin Benamirouche

    Hello ,I'm working for Gamology (4.7 million fans on Facebook). I found your videos and I really like them! Especially this one:LINKI'd like to post it on our pages. But first, I need your approval. I'll also credit your original video in the comments.Have a nice day!_______Our pages:Gamology US - FR - ES - Asia - TBOGM - GCN - Amazing Gaming - Crazy Gaming - Pixel Heroes - Gaming Facts - @GamologyOff (Twitter) - Gamology (insta) - Gamology (YT)

  • mynameisray

    Annoying to watch the bitches... stop and cover their face and yell omg for 10 minutes every 5 minutes..

  • Game Agent

    Hey guys we made this amazing Far cry 5 AMV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSn-Z52I8vE ON our channel. Do check it out if you love FAr CRY

  • kabztunes

    the guy trolling shorty hahaha

  • Ajay Veitch

    The first one WHY DID SHE DO THAT!?!?!?

  • Ahmad

    At the first clip that what happened to me

  • Letsgomove Gaming

    1:22 The driver is murdering the Wild Animal

  • catherine rainville


  • DeSantaTao

    The first one, the enemy released the bliss off his body. She got affected but the player didn't so thats why she went 0 - 100 real quick

  • ja som

    JoshOG was best, "it´s a big one." :D :D

  • Angry JO

    NPCs often offended by your look

  • Matt Brown

    3:40 this wouldn't have been a complete list without that clip, the whole 2 minutes when he found the first plane was hilarious

  • Trol Z

    6:55 you fucking dick

  • MoSteel2

    Some of these are funny, some of these are people trying to be funny, which isn't funny.

  • John Marston

    I punched Nick in the face on accident in the cutscene

  • Matt Morales

    1:23 the same exact turn happened to my cheeseburger too I was deceased 😂

  • Seth Ellison

    Lol I died at “ a little Montana realism”

  • SuperBigSlurpee

    Is this game really worth it

  • Jennifer Extremera Fernandez

    1:51 is it just me or is she actually looking like the woman in the game? 😂

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