Far Cry 5 Madness - Best Funny Moments (Compilation) !

Hello, Enjoy this Funny Far Cry 5 Compilation from Twitch.
Something a bit different. Hope you dont mind ;)
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Far Cry 5 Madness - Best Funny Moments (Compilation) !
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  • Fortnite doge

    It was a peggie but it had civilians in the back

  • MoSteel2

    Some of these are funny, some of these are people trying to be funny, which isn't funny.

  • Moon Beam

    1:55 had me dying! “A BEAR!”

  • SuperBigSlurpee

    Is this game really worth it

  • Mr no name

    At the first clip that what happened to me

  • Sorted Flyer

    Who are the guys in the first and second clips?

  • Game Agent

    Hey guys we made this amazing Far cry 5 AMV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSn-Z52I8vE ON our channel. Do check it out if you love FAr CRY

  • danny adams

    CLEARLY you guys have not watched H2O Delirious and CaRtOoNz Co Op play. It is the funniest shit on YouTube!!!

  • Stanley Ascencio

    0:52 it was a peggie but the innocent are in the back the van

  • Self Righteous Jerk

    I freakin' love this game

  • Dakota Neumann

    looks like she will check on him then

  • Zachmunzter

    0:22 is that Bobby Singer?

  • JMCninja

    1:12 - 1:34 (if i was playing the game) keeps quiet for a while.. I don't understand Montana... XD

  • Vincent Gillota

    Why did this guy kill a dog

  • zeregaa

    0:19 Bobby singer, is that you?

  • cthnwk cthnwk

    Now you know is your partner can be your friend anymore

  • catherine rainville


  • Kabz

    the guy trolling shorty hahaha

  • 《《《PAZUZU 》》》

    Who is that dude who is trolling shorty? lol

  • Matt Morales

    1:23 the same exact turn happened to my cheeseburger too I was deceased 😂

  • ZacHanselman

    Who was the camo hat guy who punched the lady?

  • Organization 13

    the opening part is the funny

  • Arrow Łucznik

    Dziadki się biorą za granie 😟😕😒😒😒

  • Bravestbog 43

    My rpg npc gets me killed just shoots an enemy when I'm about to hit the guy with a bat

  • xxCaseyxx969

    At 0:48 that was a prison bus that's why it said that.

  • Seth Ellison

    Lol I died at “ a little Montana realism”

  • ja som

    JoshOG was best, "it´s a big one." :D :D

  • Jennifer Extremera Fernandez

    1:51 is it just me or is she actually looking like the woman in the game? 😂

  • Ilia X

    4:08 best moment! XD

  • Cort Moffat

    so funny my son mason moffat is making a video that is funny vidoes on the intonetz

  • Jack F

    I had some funny moments of my own,I just didn’t record it (accidentally) so I’ll try to explain itI was at hope county jail and I was defending the place and I keep saving the girl (the one with the hoodie) and after that I was in like the office place and then she was like shouting at me and I said ‘wtf?!?!? I fuckng saved your ass you fucking son of a ‘we are having some technical difficulty’ and then the it continue and I fell out of the map and then when I died my chopper started fucking spinning around so I was like ‘wtf?’

  • Letsgomove Gaming

    1:22 The driver is murdering the Wild Animal

  • kilroy987

    Ok I'm in. I'm an ahole.

  • Matei Picu

    when youre riding with hurk your getting one conversation.but if jesse is in the car.then it becomes hilarious.

  • Lord o' Cheese

    The hell, I guess I'm not the only one who's caught a tiny fish like that... I love this game

  • Divergent Droid

    I had Great fun today using lots of trucks to make a road block to pick off peggys from a roof top. Depending on how and where you build one, they can get around it if they try or they will get out and you can kill them. If they can't get around, sometimes will turn around. Many of them talk about the situation. Gee I hope i'm alive when PC AI really gets here.

  • T0xic _YT

    The first one WHY DID SHE DO THAT!?!?!?

  • That Random Gamer

    Who is that guy at 3:54

  • Drevorub

    4:42 Chris Hooper RAMBO

  • Sam Levesque

    Why all the funny fails videos from farcry 5 got all the same clips from the others vids..

  • Jon Harold

    "Chris you are a fucking madman." lmfao 5:05

  • Mouse Potato

    I lost it @ 4:32 I was biting the carpet :D

  • ゆうめいYuumei

    We said what the fuck at the same time in the beginning

  • Mint & Cola

    0:49 that is a prisoner van a Peggy is driving that van

  • Lisa Soler

    Why do girl streamers cover their mouth when something bad happens? R they trying to be cute

  • Oivalf Music

    If you decide to make a funny compilation make sure it's actually funny.

  • BlackxeternitY *

    0:15 looks like bobby singer from supernatural xD

  • ERROR: #290384AC

    There was one time where I accidentally hit a resistance member. They survived when I went outside to check on them. Then they turned on me and went batshit crazy. It was weird.

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