5 Ways to Celebrate the Testicle Festival in Far Cry 5 - Far Cry 5 gameplay

New Far Cry 5 gameplay! We recently got to play around in Far Cry 5's open world, in an area making up approximately a third of Far Cry 5's overall map size. And what better way to get to know the area than to help a few locals band together to organise Fall's End's favourite festive holiday - the Testicle Festival!

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  • WolfVsWolf82

    Soooo question. Is collecting plants for health or gameplay enhancements a thing in Far Cry 5?

  • Knight Boulegard

    That zombie turkey might’ve been a reference to the movie “thankskilling”

  • Adanali 01

    This game gives me walking dead feelings even without zombies, strange!!

  • one-of-us

    I couldn't do any better... Y'all did a great job explaining farcry5.Thanks.


    Seriously... massive erection when she talks...

  • Juan Manuel Penaloza

    And I thought gator sausage was the wierdest American food...then again people say the same thing about guacamole

  • Echoing Tear

    I can not wait to play this game

  • MadHatzOfficial

    This game Looks so good is the music real in far cry 5 with the bulls? It reminds me of Skrillex music in far cry 3

  • sulliedbeast

    This is a real thing in Montana I plan on going this year

  • Gavin Rohrer

    Living somewhere with a lot of turkeys, the fact that they will attack you does not make me feel at ease.

  • Foxy 1525

    The explosion was late

  • Crispin Garcia

    The only thing I want Ubisoft to do is give the character a GOD DAMN SHADOW.

  • Jake PaulpTarts

    Was that “American” gun a burst or can you switch fire rate

  • lil Austria

    remind me to NOT accept this mission...just...no...

  • Life of Dave


  • OneRedknight 1312

    Yesterday I accidentally ran over a deer in a cultist truck. I saw it but I didn't brake quick enough

  • UltraGaming 49

    youre gonna love my nuts -Shamwow guy

  • SalamiCzar

    I'm highly amused they got attacked by a turkey while in combat

  • TLW173

    You can get attacked by a turkey? Well Thanksgiving seems appropriate in that case.

  • Kirill Kouznetsov

    FC is one piece of a pointless crap now to me (fan of FC3, FC4, Primal).

  • Aborted Fajitas

    It's spelled OYSTER..

  • fudger03

    When you run out of ideas

  • Frederik the Wolfman

    6:53Please do not tell me The Deputy did what I thought he did.

  • Colten Wortman

    We do have a real testicle fest in Montana.

  • Trevor Hieb

    This game looks very fun got it pre-ordered cant wait

  • Minister J Lupine

    Murder she scrote! LMFAO!!! That was beautiful.

  • Brian Hunt

    Murder she scrote...epic!

  • gioron edwards

    The turkeys are pretty aggressive

  • CheckMan 86

    I created a community for Far Cry 5 on PS4. Far Cry 5 - Community for hire. Join for news, updates or to meet other people which will buy the game. You will find friends for coop play but also people which will help you get trophies. Enjoy!

  • megatank lord

    Yeah I know at first we were all like "what the hell?"and "ha ha ha ha"

  • Fellow Gamer

    Testicle festival actually exists

  • Plib Housen

    Hopefully this is a sign that Ubisoft is actually making interesting sidequests in their games now?

  • E Z

    I love her Irish voice

  • Brett Taylor

    If anything put me over the top for this game in hype, it's the testical festival.

  • Bearded Blunders

    Lord do I love the far Cry sense of humor

  • Clorox Bleach

    next far cry in the middle east?

  • Jared Panko

    We have a testicle festival nearby where I live

  • SuperNova Entertainment

    What a video title to appear in my inbox

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