GeForce GTX 980 4K Benchmarks vs 780 Ti/ R9 290X/ 780

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  • Sir Cristosterone

    The r9 290.. two years old at 1:10 is on par with the 980 frame rate. That's because the AMD 290, being two years old has better technology! Multiple cases in this video where the 290x outperforms the 980 and that's on DX11.. we aren't even talking about Mantle..

  • ItsHazeSucka

    4K/60 coming to consoles in the year 2289

  • reme86

    really dont get why people moan that the 900 series is not massively more powerful than 700 series. this was not the point of them, their power usage is far less than that of the 700 series, thats the point. and they cost les than the launch prices of 700 series

  • Mechmaniac77

    Nice bench.. DF logo is EXACTLY over the real time score :-(

  • cabbagedud

    why do you need AA on 4k? with the high resolution wouldnt aliasing be reduced a lot already?

  • Those From Heaven Came To Earth

    is it worth having 2 980s fir SLI? get one now and one later in the year?

  • ADRIAAN1007

    Well for half the price the 290x is holding its own

  • Kikoshi Baphomet

    Is the screen resolution running at literally 4k at stock GPU settings? so the R9 290X is all stock by vendor?

  • SunnyD

    most of these high quality games have piss poor optimization and piss poor gameplayi guess graphics capabilities have reached their limits outside of virtual reality SOOOO just make everything bigger huh and at this rate monitors will turn into televisions

  • Hekzerian Tha Beatmaker

    so i have an xfx radeon 250x and i play gta on console i can clearly see that it runs at like 20 fps when doing anything and on pc i can run it on 1360 768(cant afford a 1080p monitor) on very high graphics and shadows and still get 40-50 fps

  • Deejay Core

    Why AA at 4K gaming? you get twice the FPS without it and still games look good...780 is a beast when OC...get's close to 980 stock numbers...

  • くろねこ

    The 780ti and 980 is newer so the R9 290x will lose but I'm still disappointed cause the R9 290x have really beefy specs compare to the 780ti and 980 and the performance its just like that. I hope AMD's R9 3xx series will have better performance. 

  • N ThGhost

    i would like to congrat everyone who bought the 780ti since it was lunched  true deal 

  • dissident du jeu video

    disable ambiante occlusion and post FX or post process (the two options that are useless) and you gains in performance

  • HadarMosh226

    780ti and 980 are still awesome experience.

  • Sky Mage

    Looks like for 4K gaming G-Sync and GTX 980 is a must. That's fine by me, but just know before buying that G-sync is costing $200 if you find your monitor in $700 range... A 4K monitor usually costs $500-600 without G-Sync...Other than that - I suggest you overclock your GPU as much as possible if you are going 4K...

  • Gabriel Benez

    780TI or 970? who is the best?

  • Whatever

    Digital foundry is not trustworthy i seen some settings where the put the pc head to head with console where he console look equa or better and it look nothing like the game i played on pc.

  • MegaGearz

    You guys have an issue with not posting your test rig specs

  • Andres G Velez

    The 390x is rumored to be 35% faster than the 980 very exciting stuff

  • Henry Edwards

    How do you think 2 slightly overclocked 980's will cope with 4k @ high-ultra settings?

  • Potato With Alot of Swag

    I have my GTX680 classified edition and it will destroy 4k with my AMD FX8350 @5GHz

  • Vigor87

    I'm looking to get two more 1080p monitors, what kind of frame rates should I be expecting with a single 980. I'm guessing about 60fps in BF4 since this is running at about 40, correct me if I am wrong.


    should i buy GTX980 for 4k gaming 60p or i keep mine 780 TI ? I want to play Witcher 3 on 4k 60p.

  • Ben

    3:55 my 780 Ti outperforms the 980 for a few seconds. Purchase still justified. Im not obsolete!

  • Jordan Tate

    Just got myself a 980. Will probably just continue using 1080p with dynamic super resolution for a ultra smooth image. 4k isn't really viable or affordable at 60 fps. 4k locked 30fps is possible on the 980 though and it's the same framerate as alot of PS4 and Xbox One titles.

  • セーレンSeaclean

    Can't see why you don't set every game to max/ultra settings. For me it's either Ultra/max settings or no settings at all, even if 4K.

  • FrOstedFlaKes

    This sorry ass cartoon game should run at 200 frames per second lmao

  • Cartierz

    the gtx 980 is a beast

  • Jorgito Yokiro Cabrera

    Stop putting METRO LL shit please!! Is poor optimized and inferior than REDUX, what's up this people?

  • Micheal Wolf

     SWEET MOTHER OF GAWWDD !! What or who does that song at the end ??? I MUST have it haha...I can't stop repeating that 1 and a half mins of pure audial style pleasure.

  • Hijynx87

    Huh, the 980 can actually game in 4k? I have one and just got a new 4k tv.

  • Zep Prime

    Wow the gtx 980 is only a few frames faster then the gtx 780 ti I wonder how a gtx 780 ti kingpin would do here.

  • PkGamer25

    lol metro last night 2d flames :@

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