How to download and install Far Cry 4 Trainer Mod attachment and Cheats | 100% Working..

Hello Guys,
Welcome to My Video again.
In this video I'm going to show you How to download and install Far Cry 4 Trainer..

Link :-

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Far Cry 4 Download link :-

Music Credit :- Into The Fire ( Far Cry 4 soundtrack )
Thanks For watching...
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  • junaid Ramzan

    doesn't work plz help me ..

  • Pantha Nath Sarker

    Far cry 4 Gold Editions Not Working This trainer

  • MexicoMan

    thanks so much it works!!! subcribe and Like :)

  • lod topo

    my version of far cry 4 is 1.0.0 and there is no patch available for this version. can anyone help me on how to upgrade my version or where do i find patch for my version?

  • Andy Moon

    will it reset my far cry data or the levels that i have completed till now

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