Far Cry 5: VIETNAM, MARS & ZOMBIES Gameplay Trailer (2018)

Far Cry 5: VIETNAM, MARS & ZOMBIES Extended Gameplay Trailer (2018) With Arcade Mode Gameplay & Editor Gameplay.
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  • Jack *Will* Kill You

    I can't do co-op and play the arcade since FUCKING SONY HAD TO FUCKING MAKE PAY TO PLAY ONLINE!

  • Codermations

    So far, 2 of the dlcs aren’t good (the mars one is ok tho but Hurk ruined it.) I can’t wait for the zombies one.

  • Moonscript

    I would’ve preferred a smaller Blood Dragon experience in place of Lost On Mars.

  • Codermations

    Don’t let this fool you, the dlcs are bad. Hours of darkness was ok but it was super short if you just b-line to the objective, Lost on mars was bad since you have to climb fucking tower and do boring shit. And I haven’t seen a lot of dead living zombies but I have lost hope at this point. Far cry arcade and campaign are the only goods of this.

  • Drama King

    Still cant duel weild pistols

  • Zing Official

    They should add zombie apocalypse where you got to find supplies and stuff like that

  • Jimea Shobe

    Nice vids don't stop making then and good job

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