13 new things in Far Cry 5 - Far Cry 5 reveal trailer

The Far Cry 5 announcement trailer has finally been released, but what did we learn from this Far Cry 5 reveal? Ian has ripped apart the Far Cry 5 gameplay trailer with a sharp knife to get at the juicy info gizzards and he presents his findings in this video that shows off 13 new things in Far Cry 5. From Quad bikes to Rabbids Easter eggs, there's plenty in here to get excited about if you're a Far Cry fan!

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  • Max Gon

    The planes gave me an orgasm

  • Boxterades Productions

    Quick question: Are Jacob, Faith and John Seed The Father’s actual children? Or is that a metaphor?

  • JSFR 2187

    When I look at the thumbnail, I thought that drew Barrymore is in far cry5.

  • Evan Youngkin

    0:55 look i know you're european but seriously? A football field......seriously? Not only is there a backstop, but there is also a glove (mitt) sitting on the bleachers.....seriously?

  • mohamed reda

    Not all of them are new

  • Kyle Schroder

    An animal taming police officer is hard to believe? Wait till you hear about a k9 unit.

  • alex Olalde

    I have sort of a theory..? Well I'm not too sure it makes sense because I've only played fc 3 and 4 and please do correct my misunderstandings of the settings, stories and such anyway I was thinking based on eurogamer's theories that maybe after the new "beginning" happened after all of primal maybe some information about the "old world" was saved maybe in like in bunkers high on mountains so they wouldn't be buried too deep underground and lost with the pass of years and discovered later say maybe plans or like blueprints on how to build stuff or like maps to base the "new world" off on yet it wasn't as perfect or I guess controlled as it is today hence why it's all fucking wild in Montana but I guess there is no evidence of this as far as I know, or maybe history just repeated itself I mean that's kind of a stretch since I doubt it would be exactly the same as the old world but I mean it is a videogame after all it doesn't have to make perfect sense, but idk guess we'll have to wait until the game is out oh and also Joseph looks fucking bad ass I like his style I feel like he's a younger Negan from TWD and I hope as bad ass..

  • Andrew Baysura

    Far cry 5 comes out on my birthday I was born on February 27th can't wait!!

  • Legendary Master

    Hurk better be there

  • Billy Benitez

    "Atvs are in the series now" atvs were in part 3

  • MyBubbleInSpace

    Eden's Gate? Definitely not at all a play on the Heaven's Gate cult.* At least the name.*Insert heavy sarcasm here

  • Sachin Kumar

    4:31 gotta say that the Ubisoft graphics designer worked the most on this!

  • ArmedEmu 03

    Luke I am your father

  • Fikri Tampan

    Did i see dennis from fc3 in this new game? Well i think he got resurrected

  • TheLinkster

    Bible says "thou shalt not kill" literaly everything Christians and Catholics have done all of history

  • Nick Roberts

    This is game of the year 2018

  • Nic8585

    Hoit from fc3 dosent get enough credit sorry bout grammar skillz ez

  • King Clash

    Im I racists but in 2:20 the black dude looks like denis from far cry 3😂(I mean denis did say he has been in America)

  • Dotsinki

    fingers crossed for unlimited size map editor that doesn't crash every 5-10 minutes

  • william carrozzo

    Far Cry: CoolFar Cry 2: very coolFar Cry 3: THE BESTFar Cry 4: A delusionFar Cry 5: bho

  • mattkitzman

    So the bad guys are Seventh Day Adventist ? Now that is accuracy 🤣

  • Sammy legos

    If it's America than big foot will be in it. Like the yeti

  • Tobi

    i don´t think friendly NPC´s, i think more playable characters

  • Daemon Williams

    I'm a really big fan of the far cry seires

  • Alex Hislop

    Connect this to the other theory,..... you know the one

  • xxxCrackerJack501xxx

    I'm just confused about how the game can even take place. I mean with all these people terrorizing a county (that probably had phones/internet at first) on mass with automatic high grade weaponry wouldn't the National Guard just be called in to put it down? Since this game's in America there doesn't seem to be the sense of overwhelming danger and urgency that being surrounded in a chaotic unforgiving land (like what was featured in most of the previous games) causes. In Farcry 2 you're in Africa surrounded by warring governments, mercs, and lawlessness all around, then in Farcry 3 you're on an island cut off from civilization that's under the control of psycho's and druglords but Farcry 5 you're in a first-world country with millions of people in it. Why not fly away in one of those new planes and go to the next county, or another STATE even, and call ATF or the FBI or whatever?

  • Rkects

    I am so confident that Hurk is gonna go so American in this one

  • Roy Ogletree

    I am so excited for far cry 5

  • markiplier fan

    at number 4 you had to show amita and sabal instead of pagan min

  • Nova Chini

    This game's gonna be great. I'm gonna fuck around with the baseball bat

  • BaddMatt

    Ummm.... That is not a football field in the town. That is a baseball field.

  • Sub to Mario pants plz

    "I am your farther"

  • Basil 090

    Well there be multiplayer on FC5 ?

  • Atharva Patil

    They made such awesome villans in fc3 and 4 but hardly used them. The villans were just quietly chilling for most of the game. Both of these psychopaths made me feel like they would come for me, but they never did...Fix that and you have a lit game.

  • Tim Cox

    P.S. you create your own chericter in farcry 5 ☺

  • Ha Ha

    Baseball not football

  • Will P

    That's not a football or soccer field, it's a baseball field.

  • Pink Potato

    i bet u 10 dollars they're going to reused the same animation with gun reloads like what they did with fc3 and fc4

  • sparkss4

    The Far Cry franchise always had unrealistic human characters, up to FC4. I see this is well behind us. Wow those characters are lifelike.

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