Battlefield 1 AMD RX Vega 64 DX12 Ultra 4K Frame Rate Performance Test

Battlefield 1 Pc gameplay on ultra settings at 4K resolution. I'm using an AMD RX Vega 64 Limited Edition and a Kaby Lake 7700K in this fps frame rate performance benchmark.

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  • Manpreet Singh

    35 or 39 fps on 4k makes aiming little difficult or micro stuttering? wanted to know. On low fps it feels like something is pulling mouse cursor even if the gameplay is smooth. Does this happens on 4K?

  • gigi gigiotto

    Why you enable anti aliasing on 4k resolution?

  • MtotheM

    1k graphics card. can't even handle 60fps. phew.. this is not the time to buy high end graphic cards.Yes i know it's both 4k and ultra, but if your spending 1k for a grapics card, it has to perform well, otherwise it's a massive waste of money.

  • Jeff Clark

    Playing on PC with a controller wtf?

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