Far Cry 5 E3 2017 Demo vs Retail PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

Far Cry 5 has landed so without further ado let's take a look how does it look compared to E3 2017 Demo. How many changes can you spot?

Far Cry 5 E3 2017 Gameplay Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iv8Pmi21Ns

Far Cry 5 E3 2017 Extended Demo:

Music: Fresh Fallen Snow by Chris Haugen
  • jx592

    I honestly have to give it to retail but demo eater was better

  • Ryuko

    Ubisoft is learning. It's okay for a little downgrading, every demo does it, and anyway some smart dedicated people will figure out how to re-enable these looks, just like with Watch_Dogs 1. But unlike this game, WD1 was a giant down grade and semi disappointment as a whole game.

  • WolfeBane84

    It should be illegal to show a game like this and then shit the fuck all over the actual product. They should have to show the product as it will be, you know, actually provided to the customer.Get fucked.

  • Cypher 302

    Fake comparison, he's using a shitty base console for retail, nice try buddy

  • FuseCraft

    To answer the questions y'all been asking,"Why doesn't ubisoft give the demo graphics to PC and the retail to Consoles"Well as we know how consoles are, they pay the company to make the graphics equal so people won't have to consider going for a PC for higher frames and Graphics. Also since consoles really just want to push 4k, Ubisoft sacrificed graphics for higher resolution which is really pointless...

  • Mr Nibbles

    This is because the retail games is bigger and takes longer to run and the demo is much smaller and the retail a console can't handle that example is fallout 4 the frame rate is trash because it's a big open world and lots of details

  • vonshtoyven

    The missing assets and graphical changes are two separate things. It'd be understandable if the graphics were downgraded while all the same assets remained. But its a damn shame when they lie to your face advertising one thing in the demo and in final product they REMOVED alot of stuff that is integral for setting the scene and ambience and those things like the textures in the bus ARENT EVEN GRAPHICALLY INTENSIVE!!! Look at dead island from 2010, it has amazing texture details even though its console. So dont try say they removed textures for the console, because that's false. They removed assets because they're lazy devs who dont care about product or their consumers.

  • Daddelbox

    The downgrade was surprisingly minimal with this one.

  • Chadchol Meesaeng

    Demo is just more vibrant and retail use color grading. That's all.

  • Shane M

    Inspired by that freeloader Cliven Bundy.

  • Dearan

    retail looks good for me

  • Mark Thomas

    A lot of the parts look really good in the retail. Maybe Ubisoft is talking a turn by ending their downgrade BS....

  • The Bear

    Downgrade depends on you're lighting preferenc2

  • The Tom_E

    Demo? There is no Demo, thats the PC-Version !?!

  • Warhawk Person

    Dogmeat 2 but can die his name is boomer

  • ```ThePatrick :D ```

    El far cry 5 demo tiene mejores gráficos

  • Niall Smith

    Whoever keep saying "Cuz it's on ps4!!!" really need to stfu Models and details don't fucking change because of the phantom only texture and effect does The downgrade is pretty fucking obvious especially at this part 2:27

  • Seryy

    На ПК все нормально . а на соснольках "оптимизон" ^_^

  • John John

    E3 looks beautiful accept the dog, foliage was downgraded a lot in retail, the physics was totally taken out too.Bushes no longer respond to player movement.Trees no longer move individually based on the wind.Water physics as well downgraded, how the splash looked in E3 is amazing.The church part looks so dull in retail, the reflection quality, blood and the mess inside the bus, the fire near the wall, no more gate near the footpath.The colour doesn’t look realistic in E3 but it looks Beautiful.Sometimes the retail version graphics look like paper and plastic

  • Pugplug

    I think they made a mistake because in the demo the trees will sway but not in retail

  • c0mpu73rguy

    Seriously, if people still trust this shitty company, they deserve to be scammed yet again.

  • Gray

    I feel like they’re making the demo look shitty to make the retail look good and have people not complain about a downgrade

  • Joshua Gonzalez

    Still An disappointment

  • vonshtoyven

    ofc many morons on here say its resolution difference. but that doesnt explain why removed so much content from the demo. changing your resolution doesnt remove in-game assets, and it doesnt take away vibrance/contrast from the colors, you fucking retards

  • Nazdrovia

    2:10 it's just because of the console, right? lmao

  • GoodVibesTV

    I'm in love w this music

  • Cxnturion

    Still fucking downgrades from Ubisoft ^^

  • Marc CADE

    OMG only 1080p ? come on we are in 2018

  • nakady72

    Some time is the demo better

  • Spicy Currey

    Far cry 2 is better than 5...

  • Astronaut

    Ubisoft Needs To Make Up

  • Mr Spying

    Umm it didnt downgrade on my game

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