Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro

Xbox One X vs Playstation 4 Pro
Xbox One X Giveaway!

Wanna grab either system?
PS4 Pro:
Xbox One X:

*Gear I Use*
Sony A7S II:
Zeiss Lens:
Macro Lens:
Wide angle:

MKE 600 Mic:
SD Mix-Pre 3:

Game Capture:

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  • Uncores *

    I feel like i am qualified to say this since i own both consoles and gave them both a fair chance.Xbox Pros-Better Menu(user friendly)better hardwareDownloads are much quickerController feels better(preference)Ps4 Pros-ExclusivesEarly DLC for CodAnd all in all it’s just personal preference lmk what you choose!

  • Melon Juicy

    Toasters are better they have 2 disc slots that's even better than pc players

  • Nicolas Padgett

    Being a Xbox one x owner I have to say I feel like this guys is a little biased towards Xbox. I just don't get why everything is a competition, I don't know about you guys, but I bought my console cause it was the best for me... NOT the best in the market

  • Kevin Kenson

    The Xbox One X giveaway ended a while back, but I am giving away a custom Xbox One S right now! Details here:

  • PewDiePie for Life//T-Gay

    XBOX ONE X: 4K(Proved)-12GB RAM-Smoothest Gameplay-Maximum Cooling-Titled as the World's most powerful console/Holding the world's powerful consolePS4 Pro: 4K(I don't trust this)-8GB RAM-Smooth Gameplay than PS4-Idk, didn't say anything-Uhhh, ehh? Idk.

  • Josh never

    I have a feeling that they will make the new console the PlayStation x or something

  • Sir J

    Fuking apple and samsung all over again

  • not me

    Ps4 has now 4k graphic and has a lot of games that xbox don't have

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