Far Cry 5 Ultra Settings 4K Performance | GTX 1080Ti | i7 5960X 4.4GHz

Check out some Far Cry 5 at ultra settings in glorious 4K.

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Full system specs
Intel i7 5960X overclocked to 4.4Ghz
MSI Gaming 7 X99A
MSI Gaming X GTX 1080 Ti + NZXT Kraken G10
Bracket + NZXT X41 AIO Cooler
GeForce 391.35 driver
32GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666Mhz DDR4
Corsair Graphite 780T Black
Corsair HX 1000i PSU
Corsair H110i
Samsung 850 EVO 500GB
Samsung SM951 M.2 128GB PCIe 3.0 SSD
OCZ Agility 128GB SSD
Toshiba 3TB HDD
Acer XR342CK 3440x1440 Ultra Wide
  • hvd iv

    xbox one x farcry 5 in full native 4k only for $500.

  • The American Soccer Guy

    Goes the hdr.....oh wait.....a $600-$700 monitor doesn't support HDR. Well that's pathetic lol

  • Drone Danny

    My specs are a million times better but this game is beautiful

  • demi godz

    what monitor are you using?

  • CyberEntertainment

    Dat atrocious stuttering, when driving. Blah...

  • topgracz76 Battlefield3

    LoL again stupid almost immortal stupid animal

  • qrayz

    Gets shot at 10 times. Sees a bull. "I'm getting out of here!"

  • Jorge Garcia

    Oh man how u can do it...i have evga 1080ti ftw3 and just i can 4k high setting nothing else....why??? U thing is my video card...i have I7 7700 processor and 16gb RAM

  • mrlamb1974

    Pc version looks crisp..Playing on Pro myself stall a good experience no fov though a bit of a shame I do like to change it myself


    Play some PUBG or some more Fortnite too, please?

  • fightnight14

    i5 4670 R9 270x running at 1200p I get 30fps at normal settings. Feels sad man

  • Chris Bullock

    I don't use AA on my 4k tv....not needed

  • SidKillz

    Still fish eye view... i hate it

  • Red John

    So GTX 1080 Ti is enough for playing ultra 4k in optimized games?

  • jutubaeh

    4:45 they steal didnt böther with gtanececities ?

  • Blade Runner

    You should try X1X settings to see if you can double X1X frame rates at equal settings. Post a video if you doAF: Ultra Shadows: HighEnvironment: HighGeo & Vegetation: High Terrain: LowFog: LowAA: TAAMotion Blur: On

  • Omnislash Vince

    That's some bloody good FPS. HAve you overclocked your 5960x and is it a J batch like mine?

  • JoeDoe_ Outdoors

    Hei sweet channel ☺ Keep it up!

  • george cassir

    please whats the software you are using to display frame rate ? thanks

  • Aaliyah White

    Is this your primary pc

  • jutubaeh

    1:50 scale öff game..? whats that ? hundreds off hours gamplay ? half grim dön ? doubt id -.- realizm ? well graphics wise itissnt else it would be tr ör cs wouldnt it ^ ^ i guess im too old för these marketing gimmicks !!?

  • xukxj0nny

    i really like my 21:9 1440p monitor at 100 fps ... haven't tried my 16:9 4k monitor yet. I think i'm going to like fps over resolution

  • Pierre Alexandre

    How do you get this FOV when riding the ATV? When I enter a vehicle the FOV changes and I don’t know how to keep it to the value I’ve set

  • Jason Davis

    One thing that I wish I had on my X... 60fps. FC5 looks amazing on my X with Native 4k, PC high/ultra presets and HDR but man, this game at 60fps is amazing! Watching because I want to build a gaming PC soon!

  • Frosty

    I Have the Same fps with my System on 4k

  • Aaron Blank

    I noticed that npc’s cars seem to drive a more appropriate speed on the roads in this game compared to fc4

  • Gory Glory

    I wasted 89 bucks on the Xbox version to play with friends and the game looks Ass..Jokers who always have excuses not to play. Time to pick it on PC.. Good Video..Keep it up..

  • Stevey TeeVee

    It's crazy when the GTX 480 came out it couldn't run a lot of the newest games at 900p/1080p 60fps. Same with the HD 5870, Now there's pretty much no game the 1080 Ti can't run at 60fps. How times have changed.

  • merry syed

    Hi there.which r u using for fps and etc showing on display game ?

  • Mr. Ihab Issa

    Enabling HDR on my X930E 55 Inch 4K HDR with an 1080ti linked to it (2025mhz) lowers the fps indeed. HDR in windows adds processing colors bitmapping on the gpu

  • DL1BD-Radio

    For gtx1080 users I play everything on Ultra set to 4k and scaler down to 0.9 and get solid 60fps I don't see a big difference in resolution on my 55 inch hdr TV. For me the scaler option is so great on new games. Would be great to know if this is a 10% decrease than when you go 0.1 down?

  • Obed Blas

    I7 6700 and evga 1080ti with 16gb of ddr4 I can't get stable 4k... Unless I turn down most setting a to high shadows to normal and no TAA or SMAA.

  • Damazy Włodarczyk

    this game is not even that demanding and it struggles 60 fps with the fastest card on the market, 4k is nonsense, and not that big of an upgrade

  • Jesse Ahonen

    Hi! Replyed to ure early comments on one vid, ive got now 8700k and my gpu is evga 1080 ti ftw3 + playing on acer xb271hu monitor..... Great vids tho :D

  • customgtp - Custom PC Builds

    I have a 1080 ti and 7700k @ 5ghz and yes... I'm maxed with a constant 60fps. And advice for people who haven't achieved that... Turn off uplay overlay/fps counter. I use msi afterburner and gained 10+ fps

  • Purechaos50

    You should try adding some reshade, it looks so more realistic especially with the clarity.fx, also how do you manage to maintain 2050Mhz, is your GPU stable for long sessions without crashing ?

  • Jett A Angeles

    Question, what OSD are you using?

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