Alienware has the FIRST Threadripper-based system on the market - Does it live up to the hype?

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  • Umair Saeed

    But can it run crysis

  • Pixel

    So if I want to stream with this it will be loud?

  • Unicorno Extreme

    Nice video keep it up linus :D

  • Sunny Sam

    Can you give a free gpu 1050ti

  • Guy

    5:04 sorry Linus,it doesn't work, your not black 😎

  • i NOOB

    I saw an add for one that's 50000

  • bbpetrov

    overpriced ugly trash can. good night!


    3:05 so what? Youre gonna pay 3k bucks for 8gb of ram and a frickin gtx 1060?

  • TheRealJoshGamer

    Who the hell disliked this video

  • Speedysparrow55

    oh boy time to run roblox at 150 fps at max settings

  • Ahmet Öztürk

    Its more on the ugly side of aliens

  • Owen Jones

    Make a short of Linus dropping things.


    Who that thicc azn girl

  • bob junior

    Ok, this does seem like an awesome pc, graphics, processor, fps, all seems top notch. My only concern is if it can run Minecraft on max settings. Thanks anyway.

  • Jackie Schoonover

    Hi Linus my son is a big fan and his 18th birthday is coming up and he's going to welding college I really want to get him a gaming PC but im disabled and cant afford it he would love a welding themed gaming pc

  • Noscamaroz28

    This stupid fuck needs to have the balls drop or never seen again if sadly they don’t....

  • MobileDecay

    Looks like my cottage cheese ass. 🤔

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