Alienware has the FIRST Threadripper-based system on the market - Does it live up to the hype?

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  • LiquidSm0ke

    And those earrings are shit

  • Alan

    Take a shot for every video where linus as a sexual innuendo involved in his videos

  • Trashtalker420 pc/xbox

    Spent 2 grand when i first turned 18 on a Alienware laptop. Downloaded crysis and couldnt even run it on low settings. After 6 months the laptop overheated and fried everything inside the computer. So yeah I never buy prebuilt again

  • Ben Wu

    but can it run crysis?

  • tgp the people gaming

    Its better that it is heavy and is hard to grip because then it is harder to steal or at least takes longer.

  • Paradigm Fusion

    I have a Area 51 R2, with the Intel I7 5820k six core. It is very true the case design has not changed a bit in 3 years, and your "Pre production" cable management pic sadly is post production too, and while the alienware water cooler is great for i7 CPUs, and maybe ryzen if they make a build with it, you are right, this design is just not feasible for a threadripper build. I do very much like the unique case design (even though it weighs a metric ton). Just that alone is the reason why many folks get a alienware, and if you are unhappy with the options, then you can just throw in a standard motherboard (AlienFX is a pain to setup on a no proprietary board),

  • Gabe101

    I got an intel ad before that

  • Gray Au

    4400 dollars, 1 ssd, 1 hdd, 1080 ti, threadripperawesome I can build the same thing under 2500 and with better internals

  • Kisa Sou

    Thank you so much. So glad I watched this.

  • K C

    Dude , you just ripped alienware. Congrats . People are generally lazy when it comes to builds but your the bees knees. Thanks for your honesty here

  • stemumemu

    man im just one monopoly card away from winning the 'ultimate gaming pkg' at maccas which includes this pc, a alienware keyboard and a 25" alienware monitor

  • Danmy Ureña

    Hello, greetings from the Dominican Republic, can you try an alienware 17 m17x (r5) (2013) with a nvidia gtx graphics card 1060m ?, Thanks

  • MrTruffles

    But can it run Crysis?

  • OωO master

    Hey look its the 5000 dollar Minecraft machine!

  • Xbox Goals

    I have a pet alien he loves these videos,thank you

  • tfaw yong

    don't put so much pressure on your throat dude when you speak , chill dude

  • OulinedZebra

    Most of the people watching this video cant even afford this pc.

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