Alienware has the FIRST Threadripper-based system on the market - Does it live up to the hype?

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  • Matthew

    Linus you idiot. Who cares if its made out of steel and heavy. It is a desktop computer, not a laptop or tablet. It is not designed to be carried around day-to-day. Do you get paid for this useless information?

  • Mat Matrix

    Fuck thats a horrible case


    My friend has a red max emern

  • Ed H

    I do like that you are honest about this review. And as much as a customer would love to have that "neat" case sitting beside them, a comparable system can be had for less and it do better at least its work.

  • richard murray

    Sure does and worth every penny

  • jari56ify

    Why the hell are we reviewing an Alienware PC... I used to think this channel seemed ok.

  • Tomasz Plawski

    Seen these beasts at Dell yesterday along with a bunch of other cool toys!

  • Kuwait Ball

    4500$!!! For desktop!!!! I can build better in less $$$

  • Prithvi Jain

    I used it. I runs windows paint with 0 LAG! ZEROOOO LAG!!! highly recommended.

  • sothea mean

    Better choice than the Imac pro

  • Jessica

    If you have problems lifting a computer, I think you should hit the gym.

  • W h e e z e

    Man, Linus you take this stuff for Granted ;o;

  • Aidan Puskas

    Apparently intel core 9th gen just came out


    Believe it or not I just got mine and it is INSANE everytime I play I tried to look for any flaws and found non,it works extremely well for Fortnite too

  • john carter

    can it run the witcher 3 moded

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