Far Cry 5 Comparison - Xbox One vs. Xbox One S vs. Xbox One X vs. PS4 vs. PS4 Pro


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  • The living Dead05

    I think they all look beautiful

  • Leonardo Bastos

    There is no ddifference

  • Joe Walker

    Youtube does not have a good frame rate this is not accurate

  • MrBrucelee117

    Still on my original xbox one with my 20 inch 720p lcd screen. Original xbox one for the win! Way better graphics than a high end PC and xbox one x with 4k. I don’t know what you ppl are talking about.

  • SomeKillerTofu

    The lighting effects on the signs, shirts, and shadows its noticeably better on the X than the Pro, if you're on a 4k monitor. The pro beats out the lower X1s and PS4 though. That all said, I don't think it took an eagle eye to notice that, but maybe it's just me.

  • Chen Zhuo

    PS4 Pro: 2880x1620/30fpsXbox One X: 3200x1800/30fps$1400 PC: 3840x2160/50-60fps

  • Deepak Raja

    Is it 60 FPS on the normal ps4 version ??? Plz I’m desperate af

  • michael angelo

    Xbox one x won't be the most powerful console for long. Microsoft already announced a new Xbox called the Xbox one F . it has a 8% speed increase over the the x. price point 899$.it will support 5k visuals.

  • NemoDahFish

    if you play on a 4k tv with xbox one s it will look like shit. to low resolution in the game.

  • Abdallah Darraj

    which is the best Xbox one s or PS4 ?

  • krzys ja breadfan

    haha 30 fps downgrade

  • Mike None

    30 fps that awful. i locked the frame on my gtx 1060 computer to 30 fps and it was stuttering and not smooth on my eyes. i guess pc wins. but xbox is not bad if u can get it it for like $200 on sale its worth it. since to get a decent gaming computer or build one would cost u $600 or more.

  • Louis Pietroluongo

    What did you set the in game hdr paper white slider too ? What is the best hdr paper white setting on Xbox one x ? Please I need help with this !!!

  • CaFFeineSouLja

    hahaha nevermind Ill stick with my regular xbox one

  • Tyler Higdon

    I have a one s and my game is super laggy..... thanks xbox

  • Abdul Aliakbar

    I really don't see any major difference in graphics between all consoles.

  • FattyMcButterPants

    stupid 30 fps lmfao pc ftw. i have xboner x bi thu weigh

  • Owen Cooper Sfx

    It's funny how quickly the comments devolve into the stereotypical nonsense about what's better. The video is meant to inform you so you can make a choice -- not argue with randos about which one is superior. In my case, I've got a decent PC, an Xbox One and a PS4. I just came here to make sure the performance on Xbox One isn't significantly worse than the PS4 since I'd rather play this game on the couch than on the PC and I've got far more games on PS4 than Xbox One. The video instilled confidence that playing on Xbox One will still be a good experience.

  • Mateus Spadari

    Ps4 base looks better than Xbox one and Xbox one s, the image is more clear, you can see better on the digital foundry review !

  • Oddball Mcdoodle

    People creaming their pants over 4 more pixels per inch is the reason why so many shit games are produced now. If a game has great gameplay and is really immersive, you don't have time to look at pointless signs in the background.

  • James Parkes

    XBOX ONE X DYNAMIC 4K CONSOLE, …*does 1080p at a mere 30fps* flips table and walks away. * costs 500 dollars* blowtorches house.#pcmasterrace

  • ReFleX

    I can't help but notice, for some reason, it looks like the Original Xbox one looks better less blurry and more Vibrant colors imo, compared to the Xbox one S version, where the colors look like their Washed out and blurry from what seems like a TAA solution, and ofc the Xbox one X looks great, as it should.

  • Aaron Foreman

    Why even get a Xbox one x. Thanks guys for video

  • Frank J

    PS4 Pro, X, PS4, S, 1

  • Fulowdragon Fulodragon24

    Xbox one x its a best console

  • The Bacon Master

    I’m actually suprised that the old XB1 and PS4 can run Far Cry 5

  • Tristan

    Should i buy the game for the original ps4 or the original xbox one? (not prefering a console just performance)

  • Lina Chon

    Looks the fucking same

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