My Thoughts on AMD RX Vega Performance vs GTX 1080

AMD has revealed RX Vega Specs, Pricing and Radeon Packs.. So how will it stack up to Nvidia's GTX 1080 with overclocking and game performance?


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  • Valentin Mitiu

    499???.. i already cry knowing that in europe this card will be around 1000 euros

  • isaid murillo

    Fuck 1080, for 4k is worse the rx56 work better for 4k

  • RavenPrecept

    I've heard 100MH from a Vega on ETH. That's enough to pay double for a card since the electricity savings alone make it worth two lesser cards equaling 100MH. Having to buy a $100 monitor with it is not a deterrent. As far as I know people only mine with NVidia cards when they don't have an AMD. No one buys NVidia to mine if they can get AMD.

  • Adrian Getano

    300 watts power nearly???? NO thank you. Had Radeons.... the rx480 and trust me... it just overheated all the time. Swopped it out... no difference. Then got a gtx1060.... it was quite and used much less power and performed better. Now with my 1080 I will never ever touch ati ever again. Lost too much

  • Aseem HDX

    So basically - AMD took 1 and a half year to touch gtx1080 ! Seriously? Nvidia volta will be comin up soon to knock them down again !

  • Tim Peters

    And my 1080ti is still better ayy ayyy ohhh ayyy

  • Po0

    wtf with those eyebrows?

  • Juneao Alfred

    Yupss.. it win on power consumption..

  • David Cole

    Until I see real world Benchmarks I will not consider AMD Vega. Last Cards they came out were hyped as GTX 980 Compared card for $200 and it barely beat out GTX 970. Big Difference in Real world and what AMD releases.

  • TopTechVIP

    Everytime amd tries and then they end up failing

  • Raymond Hachmishvili

    People from AMD always look like bunch of immigrants.

  • EspHack

    lol who the hell buys anything with a reference cooler, I never get that

  • matthew skullblood

    i was convinced to get a AMD cpu but ii'm going to stick with getting a 1050ti

  • Alex Sarinana

    Nivdia Gpu's have never disappointed me. I'm not saying AMD sucks, all I am saying why would I buy AMD, when Nivdia Gpu's are solid, cutting edge technology. Yes they are more expensive. You get what you pay for. PREFERENCE!!!

  • Savion Ramsundar

    wow if it really performs like this i would buy it bang for buck fuck ahanice upgrade from gtx 970

  • skyelark155

    Nvidea are just a bunch of greedy whores with there prices , fuckem !!

  • 720p

    I don't really see the need to upgrade, when the new games coming out or not even worth buying, If they start releasing games that are worth my time then I would consider a upgrade. But the game market is getting very stale

  • Fatallica1985

    I Hope the 4k & 2k monitors will get cheaper to encourage people buying RxVega or 1080 Ti

  • Manbuin

    Hey it's Fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dumbkid234

    i screwed myself i own 2 gsync displays

  • Cyberworld 7 - Stock Market Investing

    I have a feeling these cards will be hard to get a hold of thanks to cryptocurrency. I plan to pick one up for to complete my AMD high end computer build

  • Bratan Ivanov

    Heck! Eat more vegetables and fruits, instead of what shit you eat! Your intestines rot from within and give you so much cadaverine, putrescine and other poisons that destroy your liver, and after that they will destroy your immune system. So much pain when I look at you

  • Justin Perkins

    Vega 56 is a 1070 killer

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