Far Cry 5 Review

Far Cry 5 is another wide-open playground with all the necessary ingredients for causing a real ruckus: loads of enemies and allies, temperamental wildlife, and plenty of explosions.

The First 11 Minutes of Far Cry 5:

Far Cry 5 on PC - Exploring the Beautiful Regions of Hope County - IGN Plays Live:

What's New in Far Cry 5 - IGN First:

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  • unit 003

    not those crappy psychadelic levels again! they ruin a good game

  • iHateAshleyGraham

    I can't wait for the re lease of Far Cry 3!

  • Joao Israel Souza Ferreira

    Really bad game and it's sad because it had such a huge budget. Graphics wise is a major, but the story, variety of terrain type and the NPCs are terrible. You get so bored, so easy to kill and blow up everything or everyone. You can even sit down and let your AI friend do the whole mission for you. I refuse to accept that ING gave a 8,9 score and 7,9 to Ghost Recon Wildlands, should be the opposite.

  • PazarGaming HD

    Is this better then far cry 4

  • kbforme

    I was on the fence about far cry 5 until I heard liberals dislike it, bought it at full retail price, great game.

  • TheGOATVegeta

    I can't help but feel they really aren't being original with making the setting the hillbilly setting.I would much prefer something in the middle East/Syria to keep up with relevant events.That said for me the original far cry was the most fun.

  • Danny Gutowski

    I feel like (aside from the arcade bit) he just took 5 mins to read the back of the game box and posted it as a review.

  • Quick Action Figure

    After more than a month, multiplayer gameplay isn't good enough to be epic. They did a nice editor but still lot's of lack in PvP. Beside community is waiting for a general update but I guess ubi doesn't care like it seems. There is lot's of viable suggestion in the forums even! We will see in the future. On the other hand this game has the potential to be a perfect multiplayer platform but UBI loves the waste it asusual.

  • Evan Evans

    Still best game of 2018 for me

  • AAAdilTM

    Games these days are not remembeed. Just complete the story and you're bored out of it .

  • Charlotte E. Yeager

    Yee-haw, it's like I'm playing Red State.

  • HitmanX0X

    the game is bullshit

  • Ben G

    I live in Montana, and to be honest, they could have picked a few counties that would have looked like the game!

  • Udit Vedant Mishra

    just finished far cry 5 and here's my wishlist for far cry 61. more melee weapons like machetes , clubs , knives and have them play with different combat animations2. more weapon choices like scar rifle , desert eagle and maybe a glock3. have a more charismatic and terrifying villain than the father4. make a protagonist with a history so that npcs react to who he is and definitely don't make him mute

  • Holo Din

    I started playing this game with my girlfriend and I'm just going to give my opinion of this game. Keep in mind that I haven't finished the game, I have never played a Far Cry game before, and it's my opinion 😋. So far after playing the game for about 5 hours (and still counting) with my girlfriend, I slowly began to like the game as I progressed through it. I wouldn't call the gameplay perfect but I do feel like it's better then GTA V. I was very interested in the story but the only problem with it so far is that the characters are barely get any screen time so I start to care less about them since they seem irrelevant anyways. I've heard alot about the bugs in this game but they never bothered me at all. The multiplayer was a blast for me. For a person who does nothing but make Halo maps, the map creation was heaven to me from changing the time of day to changing the flat ground into mountains, the creation has it all and it's beautiful. I love the game, I love the music (most of it), and I love the multiplayer 7.8/10 😄

  • algerae1984

    8.9???? Man more like 3.9. I'm I the only one who didn't like this game? And for $64 it wasn't worth it

  • Benaiah Burns

    What kind of control schemes does this game offer? I can only use Legacy/Default as my control scheme. For those that don't know, Legacy controls have you moving forward and backwards with the left control stick as well as turning left and right. The Right stick has you looking up and down and strafing left and right. If any of you could verify what kind of controls this game has, especially if it has Legacy, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • MusicMoviesGames

    G.O.T.Y! Should've gotten a higher rating though!!

  • Toby Plays

    Dont like Far Cry 5, 3 is still the best

  • Marco Duran

    There is a lot of lame moments you liars. It was no where near the past ones. Also there’s no breathing room to enjoy the scenery. I freaking hated the end it was a huge slap in the face from Ubisoft. I spent so many hours for that! No, I’m done.

  • Anthony Moore

    It looks amazing on a 4k tv

  • Donkey Power

    More like 6.5 if you compare it with the previous

  • Marley and Marley

    Pointless game... complete and then nothing you have nothing to do.... it's like being given a great toy but with spare batteries....

  • yung

    It has a good plot like ghost recon wildlands

  • Neutral51

    Well for me location like this is much more interesting than some tropical shite

  • frederikskotre

    It's not worth that score! It's a bad game

  • SuperSaiyanBlast

    wow 8.9? Someone got pockets full of ubisoft cash.

  • Dre Nik

    Damn... I miss having time on my hands to game.

  • Your mum finna gay

    Far cry six has to be in Australia. You've got corrupt mayors, cultists, funny characters, all set in a outback North vibe. There could still be the classic far cry trippy sequences using the dreamtime. And don't forget all the tough animals. It has to be in Australia.

  • King Man

    This game features are mixture of all RPG game

  • King Man

    Please next far cry do not make like that we want original farcry like 3&4

  • Gus Kimbley

    8.9 seemed way too high

  • Andre Frazier

    getting tired of FC bosses always being compared to Vaas... YES.. he was amazing.. but sticking to that narrative of FC3 being the GOAT creates a mentality that NOTHING can be that good.... the bosses here are good for what they are

  • Outta da Blue

    All the endings are horrible. Wish I wouldn't have bought the game.

  • Mason Hoffman

    A few things that were really good with this game that made it stand out for me was the following:•The fishing which was fun and was a good break from all the chaos, and you could also make money and try to get the biggest fish from doing this •Being able to choose when you want to do the story missions and what order you want to play them in•All the things you can buy, such as Melee weapons, guns, Atv’s, boats, seaplanes and regular planes, helicopters, muscle cars, sports cars, trucks and jeeps, semi trucks, tractors, and so on. All of these things all sound really fun and make you actually care about your money. Note that many of these things also have customizable options•The arcade which can be a blast if you play with a friend or have a lobby of equally skilled players that pick decent maps, also you get rewarded with cash to spend in the story mode which I really like, since that even doing all the story missions, many side quests, fishing a lot, killing some animals, cracking safes and looting people and places, I still couldn’t buy even a 5th of what I wanted, so that was a fun and easy way to make money. Although it did have its flaws, such as: •The map editor is hard to use and it doesn’t seem to work how you want it too and it’s easy to mess up and hard to work with •Driving can be a pain when your vehicle is just going very slow for no reason and you randomly get jolted around and the auto drive is god awful, I literally got drive off a bridge when I was in autodrive and I had to ditch that vehicle• I’m not a fan of how much unrealism there was with faith randomly spawning in animals to kill me and all the drugs that control people and people that just have a green gas literally coming off of them which is really weird and not legit at all• The cycle where you get kidnapped every time you reach the next level in the resistance, which got really annoying because it’s impossible to escape and predictable and it makes you want to fight back but you can’t•you can easily poke holes in the story and I wish you could talk so you could make important and meaningful choices that would actually impact the story. Also I wish the game would steer you more into the side missions and into exploring the open world instead of just pressuring you and learing you into story mission after story mission, because after I completed the story I found I hadn’t really touched the open world and ventured out in it except for where outposts and such were, but there just was so much empty space that could have been used in some sort of way, also I’m disappointed they didn’t have any dogfights, considering they have planes and all. That’s it pretty much just a few ups and downs of the game and I’m curious to hear what you guys think about the game :)

  • Andy Man

    Best games in orderFarcry 3Farcry 2Farcry Blood DragonFarcryFarcry 4Farcry PrimalHavent played 5 or predator instincts yet

  • Pagnarath Hak

    What do you mean the bosses and the game isn’t memorable. The 4 bosses all have very interesting backstories of there lives. Even though the bosses aren’t trying to take over he world the bosses teach us a lesson saying that we should be careful of what we do, because it always has a consequence and that our world won’t last forever if we aren’t careful. In my opinion it is a great game.

  • To Release is To Resolve

    looks like another Ubisoft open world borefest

  • Leon Nguyen

    why are the graphics not any better than far cry 3 on the PS3, which was definitely the best far cry and one of the most memorable story line of all time

  • MayuriKurotsuchi

    stop spoiling the game in your review

  • Miniraise

    It was a good game but I hated the silent protagonist


    A burn out of the same enemies over and over and over again. nothing special. just a far cry 4 dlc. the worst far cry yet.

  • Leland Gilbert

    Can you guys add a new gun and outfit a glock and a officer outfit from the begging of the game.

  • freeeeelibyan

    I love this game far cry 5

  • Agent 0

    I was so excited but when I played it it’s not that good it’s really disappointing

  • Sadzi

    just cause 3 is better

  • Andretti Agopiian

    10 out of 10 game if you did not like this game please kill youreself

  • Shin Gozira

    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Part 2!

  • Heketh Atum666

    Do I have to play all the other games to understand this game ?

  • Rice Cooker

    whats the point of customizing ur character? its a FPS lol

  • Shady

    worst ending of any game ive played in recent memory. i thought i got the bad ending so i looked it up online and turns out i got the "good ending" i felt like all i did in the game was for nothing. not to mention i pulled myself through the game nearing the end because it got so repetitive. if you were a fan of far cry 3 and 4, you'll love this game at first, but after you take down the first or second region you'll become bored. the story? easily the worst in the series now i never played the first far cry but im going to assume this one was worse. the cutscenes are few and far between. what makes it worse is each time they happen they happen in the same exact way each time, you get captured and escape. they did this on repeat the entire game. you cant avoid the capture parties that come at you either, even if you kill them(they're regular enemies) they will continue coming until you're eventually forced to be captured. they pulled this stunt over 10 times throughout the story.

  • Arun Keshavadas

    Waaaaait a minute, why does the graphics here look downgraded from the gameplay reveal trailer?

  • YetAnotherTechChannel

    When your dad says you can’t play farcry 5. starts just cause 3

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