AMD Ryzen + Vega APUs Tested! 2200G + 2400G Benchmarks

AMD Ryzen + Vega APUs Tested! 2200G + 2400G Benchmarks
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  • Shining Asteriscus Luck

    Has the 2400G studder been resolved?

  • Micheal Dapaah

    what could have possibly made you think that it was a good idea to say "excellent" and then slow it down so it sounds more like eggcellent and boom intro

  • Synthetic Hardware

    Lets play some friggin video games already! lol

  • Louis Vuitton

    Hey guys will having an 8gb 2666 ram, change the performance of the igpu?Ninja Edit: I'm planning to use the 2200g

  • Varun Vankineni

    My Dad's MS-Excel computer is finally getting an upgrade XD

  • Jesse Boone

    I find his videos much much better after a few beers lol

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