Far Cry 5 | Worldwide Reveal Trailer | PS4

The end is upon us! Trust. Pray. Obey.

Far Cry 5 comes to PS4 on 27th February 2018.
  • Walnut

    Gta 6 Redneck Addition

  • sumrandumguy1

    Its nice to see a trailer that isnt bombarded with dub step for once

  • Bill Overbeck

    I love when games use old folk music even if this is a Mashup cover of 2 old folk songs

  • Rampant Monkey

    longinus is right he hinted far cry 5 " Where i be is where god led me."

  • Noob Assassin

    I'm exited but worried since this looks good but it's Ubisoft but for honor did good kinda but still Ubisoft but watchdogs 2 came out not bland but Ubisoft but assassins creed but it's Ubisoft ah I can't decide

  • boys who cry

    1:52 But im atheist ...

  • YoungSavage

    im ur father ............ARXHGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSS

  • Angin Phone

    Is This Captured in PS4 or PS4 Pro?

  • davi emanoel

    ai tomora qui de pra troca de rupa e cimistorar com os enimigos ceria muito legau

  • Afaq Ali

    montana should have a holiday changing one of their places name to hope county for 1 day every year

  • Yosua Aji

    I think this trailer will be more awesome with "walk on water" 30 second to mars new song :D

  • daddyscummys dieasle

    A game right in my bqck yard

  • MasterOfGamingM

    Pre ordering the deluxe edition for my bday

  • King Aragorn II Elessar of Gondor

    But I thought Darth Vader was my father

  • Anonymous

    This looks like a trailer made by Rockstar Games.As if it's a GTA Online DLC... Lol.

  • CowQueen

    All I hear is people bitching about the footage from in game engine thing. We know it's gonna play like Far Cry with decent graphics and stuff. Maybe we should focus on more important things, you know like the story.


    Just look at the numbers. This game bombed.

  • Gandara Twins

    Dude, Deus Vult mother fuckers

  • Dennis Rodman

    This is describing Scientology but with a redneck kick to it.

  • Atlas Blitz

    Cant wait to play it

  • Ivar Liane

    I'm very excited 😃

  • Laith Ghamyan

    0:58 that sounds awfully familiar

  • Khizer Hayat

    Electronic arts best developer and 2k naugty dog

  • rohit manocha

    Playin after release looks same🙂ubisoft

  • Kyle Rooney

    Can't wait for this!

  • Aidan Christopherson

    So excited want it now

  • Expert GAMER

    Why does it have to be a ps4 exclusive?

  • PocketWolf24

    where can I find this song

  • Youtube User

    So people this is a Donald Trump town well just be glad your going to be tearing it down

  • ivan groznyy

    Вся сущность всех религий с ихними надуманными как удобно по-ситуациям правилами и придумаными богами показана четко

  • richard21solava

    Just preordered this for $20 on amazon as a prime member!

  • Itz Rxlm

    What is the song? It is catchy

  • MOG0417246

    This matches far cry a lot including the music

  • Ereney Music

    I don t like the idea, I think it s stupid.

  • TheAutobotPower

    I didn't know they were doing documentaries.

  • Retr0

    i still wanted blood dragon 2

  • holymolly guackamole

    best intro for a zombie game am I right.

  • William Acheson

    This game... Slightly overrated

  • MasTurbo NoGoleta

    250$ mé reis a Porra do jogo. So no Brasil mesmo.

  • GewoonMarlon

    Darth vader is that you

  • silence4101

    I pre ordered this game can't wait for it!

  • Dinko Dinev

    Great game like it :) /purchased

  • bernhard weiher

    What is the name of the song?

  • Jack White

    Wouldn't the military be sent in

  • Jack White

    Bruh I'm done with far cry

  • The Pelli Gamer

    why the negativity about this game??

  • Arsalan jafri

    New cry 5 love very nice!!

  • Richie Beck

    Games won't play themselves.

  • Michael Dasanta

    Who else will get the fathers edition?

  • Layedback Steph

    So it's like OutLast2 but it's Farcry?😑 TAKES DEEP BREATH IN TAKE MY MONEY!

  • The Wandarer

    Anyone know the song name ?

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