Far Cry 5 – Story Trailer

The Project at Eden’s Gate, a doomsday cult led by Joseph Seed, has taken over Hope County. You must spark the fires of resistance and bring the cult to justice.

More info: www.farcrygame.com
  • Neil Booth

    Waco finally gets it shot at console. 😂

  • Dumb Melzan

    Way weaker than the other stories.

  • christianbro2

    When will this be released in The Pirate Bay?

  • Novicity

    Nope. Not as good as fallout 76 trailer.

  • The Wellington

    Why is everyone complaining about the silent character He has an anxiety disorder call selective mutism

  • Federico Trenton

    Can't wait to play it, but why the quality looks shitty? I mean, ok it's probably in-game rendering but come on, FarCry 4 had better quality Cutscenes on PC!

  • john doe

    why ont they just call the cops

  • Ghosttanker 1917

    To all those reading this comment. If you want to keep your faith in humanity, don’t look in the comments

  • James Emmett

    What is the song at the beginning

  • Carlton Banks

    I preordered gold edition

  • #punishyouboy gaming

    You people at massive need to fucking sort out this Cronus max bullshit in your games. I'm currently putting together a petition for people who are fed up with your games being manipulated by modders. If that's how you want your games such as division to be played then fuck all your games. We are getting fed up now so sort it or else!!!

  • Blazedahaze 96

    I pre ordered do I get it early ?

  • Martin Ossel

    1:52 Near bad guy kill cut-scene confirmed

  • Bingo BangBongo

    This game is sooooo brilliantly thought out it just blows my mind. The beginning of how its starts just left me speechless as well as the story as you progress. It is such a fun game and i am just limited to words on how to describe how i feel about this game. There were only maybe 3, 4 parts out of the entire game where i truely felt board. I was exhilarating and i cant wait to play past and future games

  • nickthe killer

    Christianity needs to do this today, go out executing those who do not believe/Pagans, thus cleanse the world so that the righteous people (Christians) may reign supreme. After all, the world would be a much better place.

  • Baron Kek von Kek

    Hype. Say hello to microtransactions

  • Thomas Gosling

    The graphics in the actual game look better than in the ad?

  • Tolga Kaan Arslan

    Wooo better than GTA V (GRAPHÎC) PC what Pc

  • LEO

    anyone knows the name of the first background music?

  • Sonny Parker

    That cult is making despacito 2

  • Boii

    0:48 the hell is he saying?

  • Samir Sehgal

    Republic of Gilead much

  • Abhishek Karki

    Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

  • unit 003

    killing religious nutters! good stuff

  • Donnie Dangerous

    Only a couple more hours before I can take on gun nut, doomsday prepper cultists

  • Kimio

    If you haven't got the game yet then go and buy it now I mean it! Graphics amazing. Story amazing. Honestly it's worth it. Defiantly my favorite game so far and is home to one of my favorite villans of all time :)

  • HarribroGames

    Thanks Ubisoft. We loved this game ❤️

  • Stale Bread

    Far Cry 4 Primal: Cavemen, mammoths and smilidonsFar Cry 5: Preachers, woods and Rednecks Ubisoft: Makes sense

  • ieuan tanner

    pendulum propane nightmares?

  • ชญานิศ ขุนคำ

    No Sound Voice PlayerName Hardcore Henry

  • Ethan James

    I can't wait for this game the people the villain the father going to be amazing

  • Lee David

    Shit ending ever,waste of time

  • CopyRightedSnake

    Wait isn't this just Montana on any day

  • N&Q.CEnter

    stupid story just send special ops team and kill this bastards

  • Ali T.

    Vaas after the indian guy now psycho well Far cry 12 will have a alien

  • DWR

    I'm hyped! This is only 5 days away!

  • Jett A Angeles

    Someone buy me this game for PC!!! 😭😭😭😭

  • Guil Franc

    You were defo chose By god, satan. Not The True One. But the muslim , the one who kills..

  • Lil Orang

    Vsause is the father

  • Fossilftw

    I'm Christian and I don't find anything about this game offensive

  • Youtuber Boy

    Copy of tom clancy the wildland

  • Paul Paterson

    Get your damn game out. Seriously how many damn times does it need to be delayed. Its nearly the 58th century here.

  • Saitama

    nothing new/special tbh

  • Marek Hemza

    27 March today Is game existing


    Best game since farcry 3

  • Sonny Parker

    They stand their T-posing

  • Joshep Seed

    Thank you, my son. The God is watching.

  • ieuan tanner

    pendulum propane nightmares?

  • Clash TM

    Did I tell you the defination of insanity ??

  • ieuan tanner

    pendulum propane nightmares?

  • smoov22

    Hai made you come here

  • Homicidal Ape

    If you're watching this and haven't bought the game, fix that.

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