[4K] Far Cry 5 – PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

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We compare the graphics of Far Cry 5 on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Both are set to 4K output. This video covers most of the important technical aspects: resolution, shadows, vegetation, draw distance, LOD, textures, particle effects, water quality and more.
Wir vergleichen die Grafik von Far Cry 5 auf PS4 Pro und Xbox One X, beide Konsolen sind dabei auf 4K-Ausgabe gestellt.

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Music: Raw Energy - Johannes Bornlöf

System used in this video:
GameStar-PC Ultra
Hier kaufen: http://bit.ly/1O7piZC
Intel Core i7 6700K 4.00 GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ASUS ROG Strix OC
MSI Z170A PC Mate Mainboard
Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  • DaMadGamer Gaming And Much More

    Ok, to start off PS4 ponies are saying "Xbox has no games" or "Xbox's games have low ratings" what does ratings or games have to do with the performance of the console? Obviously the Xbox one X focuses more on the graphics, games don't matter on how the console runs.

  • George L

    cant see a real difference, you can see larger disparities in games like assassins creed or senuas sacrifice..

  • Anthony J

    Watching on a 4k hdr10 tv with 4k selected, no difference aside from when zoomed in which does not count. Who plays zoomed in 3 feet away from their TV? No one.

  • Alberto Salinas

    Looks basically the same the forest scene xbox had like literally a bit clearer like literally a hair but the the lake water scene looked like ps4 had it again just like a hair better that's like pausing the video and looking hard lol


    To see these little details, I would have to squat very close to the TV, unnecessary comparison ...

  • Shadow 7661

    I came here to make fun of the ps4's fanboys butthurt.

  • TheHolyGiraffe

    There’s a very small change but no one pays attention to that. They’re basically the same

  • Nicolás winner

    Pleystation por siempre nunca tuve ni voy a tener Xbox

  • 123bigred

    My ps4 pro Won't read any blu rays disks, this is the second one I have becuase of this. I will be switching to xbox one x. Ps4 pro can't play a SONY RECORDS CD..LOL. it won't play brand new cds....but x box one x sure can

  • Jon Sis Tiaga


  • panamera owner SEAN

    graphic is not important. fucking ending.

  • Zheka Boyko

    да толком нехрена разницы нет только одно но на пс4 игр интерестных поболее если бабки есть конечно а так однохуйственно

  • Mr MelonXD


  • jorge trapani

    I am playing xbox but i am not lying xbox one x wins 100 %

  • zen valsrath

    meh xboxonex slightly better but nothing special :v i regret buying Xboxonex -_- gonna sell xboxonex to buy ps4 and play Detroit become human and God of war 4

  • Mai Anh Trần

    I thinks sony will win if they make ps5 in the same time with xb1 x!

  • Raven Virus

    Looks slightly better on Xbox one x

  • Kjkillah 247

    Both look great, the Xbox one x is better but you can only see the differences when you zoom in so does it really matter lol. You aren't gonna be able to tell the difference while playing

  • Buddy Rare

    I'm watching this on my phone vs watching on my 4k display. I can definitely tell you the xbox one x wins, hands down. On the phone I couldn't tell a lick of difference.

  • Quicksley TV

    Frames would be Nice.

  • Air Espenilla

    Too bad Ps4 has better exclusives or else i wouldve bought the One X. Its about the games and its not even close.

  • Howell Matias

    I dont get why people likes ps4, its the same

  • List of Thousands

    Oh plz ps4 pro wins and it has a point 10 difference only

  • Kosm _

    These are dumb, the pro and x will always look the same graphically. Even if x technically has a sharper image, no one playing the game will be able to see a difference. So why bother with these

  • xxTwisty

    A common argument and comment I am seeing from ps4 players is that the xbox has shit exclusives. In reality, that is not a valid argument at all because what exclusives and games one may want to play varies from person to person. Some people like the exclusives on the ps4, and some like the xbox one. I saw a comment on another video a while back coming from someone with a ps4 who said that he actually might switch because he likes xbox's exclusives more. Which console has better exclusives is all based on opinion and is not a valid argument or comeback

  • MagnumDB

    Distant objects are far sharper on the XBOX. But I guess that’s personal preference.Do you want distant objects to appear more like how they do in the real world, aka out of focus where it’s hard to discern details? Especially in environments with dirty air; maybe it’s smog or there’s a lot of dust/pollen/particles floating around - all of that would blur distant objects.Or do you want the ability to see everything with as much detail as possible even if that’s not as realistic to life? Maybe you just want to enjoy superhuman sight abilities to be better at the game; sniping or spying, or you just prefer the look of seeing everything sharp and in focus more than you could in real life.I don’t see either being the only right choice.

  • jim west

    6 billion frame rate.. so u miss nothing

  • caterpillar cookie

    If you look closely, you can see they all look the same

  • BJ Esmailbegui

    I cant tell the difference at all... both look great to me

  • Gavin Nathaniel

    I can’t tell there both great

  • Fluffy Banana

    Both look very good and they are nearly identical but the XBOX ONE X does have better graphics, IF you look close enough but it's really up to money cost, I'd prefer the PS4 Pro, one of how it is $100 cheaper than the ONE X and two most of my friends have a PS4 already. But I always have a ONE S to play the exclusives. :)

  • Cody Gore

    Tbh with how much the scorpio costs, better off buying a gaming pc. I love my console, but... Id rather play on a 600$ pc with modding support over a locked down console.But then again that requires me to buyA new monitor, slap another 100$ on, desk, slap 70$ there... Huh...

  • D S

    ps4 pro EVER so slightly blurry COMPARED to xbox one x. I don't know if the price difference is enough to get one or the other. Maybe wait a year and decide which console has better games or exclusives. ATM my switch keeping me pretty happy

  • JDM x Nightmare

    I didnt see any differents

  • Zulsafwan

    Who care small detail hahaha

  • Ricardo Nogueira

    Same shit .. I'm just going to ignore this and play Nintendo switch

  • RuffledFeathersGaming

    Lol console peasants try to bicker about what's true 4k. Here is a pro tip its PC..

  • Just Passing Through

    Too bad the PS4 with better exclusives has less power. Damn it. But I kinda want the PS4 pro for the games.

  • Dylan Weise

    The xbox one x is not worth the extra $120Playstation pro is where it's at and think realistically, are you going to be looking at every small detail while gaming? Answer is no, rather get ps4 pro which as more exclusives and better console all over. Looks sexy as well.

  • CapperCorn69

    holy crap the xbox is actually better for once

  • Mobile Gamer

    PS4 Pro is little downscaled, both looks same

  • Victor Manuel Sánchez Rodriguez

    Algunos dicen se ve mejor en Xbox x otros en ps4 pro yo lo estoy viendo y se ve los dos iguales cambian detalles tan pequeño que ala ora de jugar no te das ni cuenta

  • dtdonni donii

    no xbox one got much better graphics look on youtube because you a ps4 fan thats why you got this comment i got them bought and i like xbox more controller much better ps4 controller are too small graphics is by xbox little bit higher tho you can go to settings put your graphics better. whole america got xbox its like xbox%90 ps4%70. and thats facts. and the newest xbox thats come out. is the strongest console thats ever made they said that. the graphics gonna be much better and all cool stuff ps4 5 gonna be good. but not that good like the newest xbox because they got more new shit on it they got bluetooth so yea ps4 got no win on that tho. and you know what funny is nintendo switch was tha best console and was tha winner in 2017 nintendo switch was going hard tho

  • Victor Manuel Sánchez Rodriguez

    Y si la Xbox están potente como dicen se tenía que notar más

  • Black hwak

    Xbox one x is little better than ps4

  • Walter Simmler Jr

    Kkkk its the same... kkk

  • Alit Seller

    More details in Xbox

  • Adz !

    The Xbox One X is ever so slightly sharper when it comes to unnoticeable details, it's not a good enough reason to why you should buy a One X over a Pro.

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