ASUS Zephyrus - The Perfect Gaming Laptop?

Asus Zephyrus Review - The best gaming laptop experience using Nvidia Max-Q Design. Thin, Powerful and Quiet!
Asus Zephyrus -

More info about Nvidia Max-Q -

This laptop was provided by Nvidia. Opinions are my own. This video was made in collaboration with Nvidia.

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  • xX _ IStrafePvP _ Xx

    Nope not perfect perfect is

  • Jonie Martinez

    Dave any chance you’ll be doing a review to the Zephyrus M GM501? It hasn’t been released yet but I figured you had early access.Great Reviews btw!

  • maksud masud

  • Erick Alfaro

    Is it good for photo editing tho?

  • Miia Raven

    My ROG GL703 is pretty thin.

  • Eugene Perez

    Can you give me laptop? Hehen

  • BaSick

    Gigabyte aero 15x or this?

  • Victory

    i will never buy an ASUS again. my hinge broke, the aux port broke early on, the factory power cord twisted itself into pieces, and i had software issues with the wifi, and bluetooth is a mess.

  • Misericordia

    Hahaha.... it cost me 15K in my place. In comprison, PS4 cost about 1.5K here.

  • Gab Parv

    I guessed the price to be $2000 but it turns out to be even more!

  • wiz601

    Nice! Thanks Dave :) BTW, I just went through all the comments below out of curiosity. Conclusion: I'm sure that there's a farm where they breed all the idiots of the world and distribute them uniformily throughout the planet. Unfortunatly, some of them show up below. I don't care what they say, I think Dave 2D is doing a great job informing us of HIS opinion. Myself, Over the past 15 years, I've bought nothing but ASUS: 2 Notebooks, 3 laptops and 1 gaming PC Republic of Gamers, and I swear by the brand, Herpes Putz!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucas Tshepang

    hi,you seem to know more about laptops,what the best laptop for hacking

  • Fede Vargas Rozo

    You fucking rich, but great video content, i wish be like you

  • A.J.

    The balance is power portability and PRICE. 2,600$ Bruuuhhh

  • Sarfaraz Ashraf

    Asus Zephyrus vs ps4

  • Blazmany

    It would be very good, that Watercooled laptop will be incorporated, to have the cool one, at least to the Gaming laptops.

  • Yologuy 0123

    I hear the fan noises

  • 簡君麟

    I really like your introduction video, it’s short but ample.

  • Manish Das

    It's better to build a desktop, in this price range we can literally get a beast out of a desktop :D or simply buy an xbox far cheaper and more reliable.

  • Psylent Productions

    I wish more laptop makers would put the trackpad on the right like that. I hate how so many makers place it offset to the left. I know most will use a mouse for games. But it’s so cramped using WASD left hand and having to reach way over to the left with your right hand to use the track pad.

  • Killer 99

    But how much does it cost???

  • Dana Bader

    But the costumer service is real shit, like I got a pc ( not this one) and it turned out to be faulty and they said that their devices are not perfect so it should be expected :) wtf not risking it with such an expensive device

  • Every Thing Is Fair

    No one can defeat the razer blade pro gtx1080

  • Dave Lee

    Max-Q design is straight up awesome. I hope more companies use this approach for future gaming laptops. Thanks for watching 2D fam!

  • Gaming_place1O1 // GP1

    Can someone tell me the price

  • Alle Alzyrreke

    this is the good p.c for asus

  • fuNkY sn00p

    wish i had that loptop

  • Alexander Conferno

    i am a simple man, seeing your new video - automaticlly pressing like. thanks for videos!

  • DoubleBiki

    Hey Dave, I was hoping you could help. I just got this laptop, the 1070 (I know bad timing considering the next version is about to come out) and I noticed when gaming that my cpu cores can reach 85 celsius. Do you know if this is normal? Could there be a defect in the cooling system? Thanks in advance for your help

  • fainy1

    Are there any gtx 1080 max q laptops except for asus zephyrus, aorus x5 md, predator triton and alienware 15????

  • mycollegeshirt

    that keyboard is a deal breaker for me, but otherwise damn that's an amazing laptop

  • Chaithaniya Chakravarthy

    Does it have finger print ??

  • Bibhuranjan Nath

    I really like the aesthetic of this laptop.

  • Madhavendra Singh Jhala

    Why don't you do giveaway for this laptop

  • mad hater

    You play roadhog every time

  • Himadri Sankar Chatterjee

    Can I get one of this for free??

  • CodingWithMitch

    Thank you Dave. I think I'm going to order one.

  • Abhimanyu Gupta

    You didn't comment about that screen in this video. How is that display? And what panel it is?

  • Pengawal Keselamatan

    Please compare with gm501

  • Hollow Galaxy

    should i get this or the razer blade pro i like both but witch one's better

  • Brenden Michelus

    Cool laptop destroyed by that horrible keyboard

  • 레단

    I had this computer, but I didn't like this that much. It is nice but it heats too much.

  • fuNkY sn00p

    wish i had that loptop

  • Soviet Stuff

    I watched this video because my Laptop is a rust bucket

  • Dupylo

    FPS SHOCKED ME!!I might get this one! damn....

  • Casey Nation

    How many screens can you connect to this? 3+1?

  • Lets Do Some Crazyy

    bro frm where do u get money for buying that expensive things

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