Can AMD's Ryzen APUs Run Far Cry 5?

The Ryzen 3 2200G and Ryzen 5 2400G are great for modern, lower cost systems, but it makes me wonder how they'll hold up over the next few months/ years. To find out, I've decided to pit them against the latest releases, starting today with Far Cry 5.

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G | Ryzen 5 2400G
8GB DDR4 2400MHz
Integrated Vega 8 | Vega 11 Graphics
Windows 10

Thanks for watching :)
  • thunder king gaming

    i work at nvidia companyi can offer you a gtx 1080ti to test for free make me sponsor

  • Rebecca Ashford

    making my first total pc build i tried to budget shop using ebay its gonna have a Thermaltake Versa N21 Snow case, a Asus H170 pro gaming motherboard, paired with a i5-7600k, a 650 watt psu, a 1050 ti Gaming X card, and 8gb of G.SKILL Aegis Ram spent around 530 dollars total did i do good?

  • GG 42 [GER]

    I love dat reload animation

  • Gwen Coonen

    To be honest, I'd love to see a test with these cpu's used as a second streaming pc....since it only needs cpu-computing and no real graphical processing, it's a cheap alternative maybe?!The 2400G with 8 4 cores and 8 threads, could be a doable option .

  • Angelo Foster

    ty for not mentioning anything about intel in this review.

  • The13raaj

    can you try overclocking the ram and then test again

  • ZeX

    That's horrible performance. My eyes wouldn't handle that even of I get paid to play it for an hour.

  • Im Ryden

    That looks like poopy lol. Better off to play console.

  • Z0MG H4X

    Nice to see a big game that is actually optimized on PC.

  • Alister Baroi

    Hi RandomgamingHD...I was thinking of assembling a Ryzen 3 2200g build..however I happen to find a heap of motherboards, not sure which is best for me...I want a motherboard that is-overclockable-has video output-cheap ..for I'm building a budget PC-Supports the latest Ryzen 3 2200g Apu-has fairly good reselling value (in case if I want to upgrade it in the future)Can u make an entire video listing all the boards from new/used market that fits these categories.. Thanks ur videos

  • Crazy Person

    I have acer aspire i5 8250-U 8gb ram and 950mx nvidia can i run it?

  • Bobby Jensen

    Any chance we'll see an overclocking comparison? (CPU+GPU as far as they can both go on standard cooling) so 3.9-ish GHZ for CPUand GPU at ~1650+MHz?

  • Shawn Burton

    I think this game even runs well on my desktop even though its CPU and motherboard are about 5 years old, but my specs are an Intel core i7-4770k cpu with 16 GB of DDR3 ram Corsair 2400 mhz, and an EVGA nvidia gtx 1060 ftw2+ with 6 gb of vram gpu, samsung 860 evo ssd with 3 tb hdd. With these specs, on Farcry5, I usually get around 80 fps on 1080p high. I think the specs that I have would have been top of the line in 2013 to 2014, guess its still very capable even today.

  • Ancient Gameplays

    A great video, but since DDR4 2400mhx prices are in most countries close to 3200Mhz prices i would pick 3200mhz CL16 ram since that makes ALOT of difference in performance. My latest video is actually testing R5 2400G with DDR4 2133 vs 2667 vs 2993 vs 3200 :D At 720p, 900p and 1080p.If the prices are like up to $30 more, i would be more than happy to buy high speed RAM.

  • JRM HD

    Hey I think you should review liquidsky it's a cloud gaming pc that you can use anywhere

  • Indraneel Dass

    Can it run on 4gb ram?What figures i should fps?

  • Steve Smith

    you should make a video about intel's 5th gen desktop cpu's, the one Intel never planned to release, but finally did when the internet whined about it. And then actually did release them, but so close to the 6th chips that it was pointless

  • Gijoe

    Can you do ark with a gtx 1050 ti

  • wile123456

    Hey, randomgaming. The newer versions of ryzen master application has an option called "legacy compatibility mode" or something like that (im translating from my own language so im not sure). It claims to improve ryzens performance in older games, which is great since the multicore nature of the CPU's doesn't benifit old games much, but i dont know how big of a benefit it is and i've actually seen framerate drop using it in some games. Is it something you could test out with your six core and quad core ryzen CPU's and see how old the game should be to get the most gain from it? thanks in advance.

  • LimberVase

    hey so i have a emachines t5248 with amd athlon 64 x2 processor 4200+ and nvidia geforce 6100 with 1gb ddr2 dual channel 15 in 1 memory card reader and 160 gb hard drive do you think its good for 2018 editing, gaming, and any upgrade suggestions

  • P J

    Runs better then on PS4 or X1..

  • Master of Gaming

    Did you do this test with 2×4gb or 1×8gb of ram?

  • wojstube

    Hi! Thanks for nice video? What about faster RAM and GPU OC?

  • Chad Hay

    I want a 2200g to tinker with it would be cheap if ram didn’t cost you your first born

  • Steve Smith

    I want to see you review a steam machine

  • Bilal Durrani

    were these Gpu OCed? at 1500Mhz.

  • James Marsden

    Becuase of the sheer prices for GPUs these days as I'm sure you're aware of I'm opting for the R5 and then when the prices come down will just add my own dedicated gpu. I think its a smart move for us who are trying to build our first pc on a none limitless budget. Thanks for the video mate was very informative. Peace.

  • Eric Krisna Darmawan

    That cpu usage cant pass over 70%. Lol bye intel

  • bluescluessuperagent

    something weird is happening in the comments of some of his last few videos and they are all sharing this video's comments section

  • RakhAeroo

    Play Farcry 5 720p Setting High, Playable Bro?

  • Farhan Ahmed

    I can run this game on Ultra settings .. everything on ultra On Core i3 6100.. over 35 fps 1080p

  • Farhan Ahmed

    I was getting like 28 fps barely on this game on 1600X900 resolution .. I updated my drivers now i am getting over 35 fps on 1080p Ultra settings xD

  • BatManSWG

    I am jealous about new ryzen APU"s even if i have a nice build ( i7 4930k ,32GB Quad channel RAM, MSI gtx970 4G).The 2400G is a dream for people like me never play first person shooters. and a lot energy save .And since Nvidia trolling us with thier prices I say is the best value -for-money.AMD make a smart move now the price on the cards are so high.And already they do awesome job optomize very well the new drivers for them. For me is a fool whoever spend money for a new graphic card. Why? Because for example an GTX 1060 3G , if was created without the 'minimig' excuses , normal prices will start at 180-210 euros , not at 270! Seriously? 270 euros (means 300+ $) starting price for a 3GB graphic card? What they think these guys doing? Let their cards become full of spider webs in the stores ...

  • XenoTech

    Its the Witcher 3 effect that AAA publishers know that there are other developers that are willing to make good, optimized and actually decent video games that are worth our money. That might be the reason that Far Cry 5 is as optimized as it is. Still no Witcher 3 though. (Just my opinion)

  • Jonasz Przybycień

    How about testing those APUs on Subnautica and Space Engineers?

  • Varde1234

    I refuse to play anything at 720p on low settings. That’s abysmal. I hate my job so much but when I get home it does feel good and nice to play everything on ultra. Just work and buy a nice pc.

  • Alessandro Panozzo

    hi, i would like to know if u record with an external device or with just a software? and also did u try to set everything to low at 1080p-900p and lower the scale resolution at 0.7-0.8? btw thanks for making these great videos :)

  • Ken Kazama

    800x600 resolution should solve the fps problem lol

  • EarFarce4

    What were the temps like because a constant 100% is not good for the processor.

  • FindableFlyer

    What program do you use to see the gpu and cpu usage

  • Zeus

    You should do a budget build with an i5-650 and GT 1030! They are both rather cheap and I think they would make a great budget gaming combo.


    so we cant run 1080p medium settings on a ryzen5 2400g ?

  • RogueFactor

    I'd love to see the actual graphical .ini files as doing some fair tweaks for that, maybe reducing certain shadows and effect resolutions would allow 1080p to be playable @30FPS alas I don't have the game.

  • KalMan10001

    i want to ask, what other gpu can i get without bottlenecking cpu.Specs of current pc:CPU: Q6600 quad 2.69ghzRAM: 6gb ddr3 599mhzGPU: Gtx 750 1gb asusMotherboard: Asrock g41m-vs3 r2.0PSU: corsair cx650mAlso what other ram can i get and if anyone has any that will work with my cpu (:

  • Gaurav S Rao

    But can it run Flight Simulator 2019?

  • PCs After Dark

    Any chance of seeing both overclocked to the max?

  • Praveen Singuru

    Hey , can you make a video on whether an AMD A8 9600 with onboard graphics run far cry 5..??

  • PAdenmark

    Is it worth buying if you got a R9 270?

  • Sankanyu

    This really looks like a bottleneck on the memory, trying to give it an overclock on the ram could be a fun follow-up video.

  • lesslighter

    this game sounds like Low Spec Gamer material... sadly he's on Holiday

  • Steven Anderson

    I overclocked my 2200g to 3.9 ghz gpu to 1700 mhz and ram at 3000 mhz and i got 15 to 20 fps more this is a sweet cpu for 99.00 dollars.

  • Akshay Kumar S

    Can you make this video again with dual channel 8GB ram, and overcloked ram,cpu,igpu.

  • MrBarni

    Hello there i wanted to ask you a quick question. Can you make video Gtx580 vs Gtx750. Please <3

  • Jonuthunt

    So basically, there's no difference between vega 8 and 11 ? I mean, i just see 2-3 fps difference which is really small.

  • Bruce Wayne

    I knew a store clerk named APU

  • Aditya Verma

    Can you upload a video of far cry 5 gameplay with Nvidia GT 1030.

  • Nightcore Shon

    Who was here when he had only 10k subs

  • pavan K J

    Can I run GTA 5 on 2400g radeon 5

  • Jonathan Stokes

    Hey RandomGaming I'm curious as to what you use to get your framerates

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