Will it Play? - Overwatch - Ryzen 3 2200G - VEGA 8 - Benchmark

Playlist of All "Will It Play?" - http://bit.ly/2EzH4Eu
Playlist of Ryzen 3 2200G "Will It Play?" - http://bit.ly/2C7OKgE
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If you have an older 4 core PC, either AMD or Intel, and you'd like similar performance to what you see here, either of these 2 add-in graphics cards will perform similar to the VEGA 8 you see here:

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"Better" performance can be had by stepping up to the next level of cards here:
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    UPDATE - Full review coming soon, it will be linked in the description when it comes. This is my first "Will It Play?" video on the new Raven Ridge APUs from AMD, this is amazing for a $99 CPU with built in iGPU! :)

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