Warcraft: The Beginning OST (Complete Soundtrack) смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 лицензия

Music from the Warcraft Movie Soundtrack.
0:00 – Warcraft
1:59 – The Horde
5:17 – Medivh
8:01 – Honor
12:47 – Forest Ambush
16:31 – Lothar
20:06 – Gul’dan
23:20 – The Beginning
25:50 – Strong Bones
27:24 – Victory and Defeat
30:27 – The Book
32:54 – Two Worlds Colliding
36:17 – The Incantation
40:01 – Half Orc, Half Human
41:28 – Whatever Happens
43:11 – My Gift To You
45:42 – Llane’s Solution
53:08 – Mak’gora
58:10 – Azeroth

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©2016 Back Lot Music. All rights reserved.

Composer: Ramin Djawadi
  • Aleksey Mullin

    ты чисто пидр хуело.

  • Smoke

    the movie was not like I thought

  • VeraDoesToons

    OMG! i get so hyped up and emotional when i hear Victory and Defeat (27:24)

  • VeraDoesToons

    51:46 thoooo (crying)

  • Tim Dennis

    I Loved this Movie.... Im glad a Movie Game can pull off a Origins story of how the War Started. I hope there is a sequel!

  • rick dawkins

    I hope in BFA t5hey add low level invasion points where players get to attack opposing faction quest hubs and get the chance to burn them to the ground, better still, play the first track - warcraft while we are attacking and defending the points, would be so epic

  • Jonatan N. Carminati

    Durotan had more "Orcanity" than any other human humanity. Damn I've quite grown fond of that guy. His honor, his kindness... his I-don't-know

  • obeybosss

    You have beautiful creations of Tracy W. Bush, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes, and Glenn Stafford - aaaand Blizzard decided to give away OST writing to some dude that made Game of Thrones main theme ..not mentioning that his music DOES NOT resonate with warcraft thematic, let alone makes no Nostalgia effect that Blizzard likes to tickle in most of their Franchises..... BAD DECISION. OST is fine but could be much better if given to some wow related composer.

  • Luka K

    I hope the new warcraft movie will coem soon

  • Janne Valkama

    Hi, girls! I'm DTF whenever you're LFG.

  • Mustard Gravy

    don't get why they didn't use more music from the games

  • Rollin Dub

    The first song is my workout song lol

  • Forte Aspacardin

    They fucking nailed it...I want more Warcraft movies!!!

  • CrusaderPRT

    Too many differences between the real story and the movie... still an enjoyable movie to watch.OST probably the best thing about it.

  • mikfhan

    I wouldn't mind a Tides of Darkness sequel in full CGI, showing what happens after the orcs take over the southern kingdoms and invade Lordaeron, enslave Alexstrasza's dragons, and Gul'dan creating the first Death Knights. The Alliance fighting back to retake Stormwind, Lothar versus Doomhammer... Turalyon, Khadgar & Co going to the Dark Portal, then beyond... END CREDITS!Hell, or maybe just what happened between Warcraft 1 and 2. Stormwind in ruins, humans on the run, Lothar seeking help from Lordaeron and the High Elves to form the Alliance. Meanwhile Doomhammer exploiting Gul'Dan and the Shadow Council's absence to destroy Blackhand at Blackrock Spire, banding up with trolls and forming the Horde. Then building a fleet to sail north.

  • Spacedefender54

    I tried comparing the Warcraft 1 themes to Warcraft movie. hmmm can anyone help me out?

  • Asty13

    I freaking loved t his movie, as did my husband. My brothers loved it too, and they went in not knowing a damn thing about the game or the lore. After listening to this, I'm going to have to go watch it again and again.

  • JohnnyBlade68

    awesome movie and soundtrack.. if you couldn't enjoy this movie go back to pulling the legs off spiders in your basement

  • Jenny live

    Troppo bella però non più bella del film😁😂

  • Jo hnson

    2 words: Ramin Djawadi

  • Arlene Pina

    Watched it twice already. Will watch it more. Gives me chills!!!

  • jefferson jama

    lo mejor que podria escuchar en toda mi existencia

  • riz baihaqi

    2018...for the horde !!!

  • Red Mashroom

    It was perfect when I came to the cinema for a film and heard this masterpiece

  • alador werewolfBlue

    I liked this film i loved the wolves in it too

  • Metal- Tiger

    i can't belive people called world of warcraft movie when is a warcraft movie xd i hope they make the part 2 <3

  • Elena Mel'nikova

    класс!масса эмоций,настоящий талант!

  • Karol Furtak

    I've played wc3+ft campaign many times, played dota and other custom maps, and this movie was everything I was hoping for, even more. All easter eggs, that one shot showing what is happening around the world as a player would move around with a mouse, battle scenes, actor's play and music were superb. Considering that director tried to make a movie for hardcore players, casuals and public, I would say he succeeded tremendously, these is something in this movie for everyone. This film could be praised higher if not for people with expectations of Utopian movie.

  • Dick Gori

    I remember going to see this movie a few weeks after the premiere, had the screening room all to myself, the only soul inside... then the main theme came on, it was an amazing feeling, sure it wasen't the best adapatation we could ask for, but man was it a good movie, and a great movie going experience :)

  • Jekor618 CZ

    Blackrock´n roll!!!!! Kill´dog!!

  • He11cat

    playing this in the background while raiding or questing in WoW makes me feel like an epic badass

  • Jakub Szkolnik

    Storm Earth and Fire, Heed my call!

  • Cri Ghi

    the game OST is much better i think, why didn't they used the same composers they used for the whole Warcraft franchise ?

  • deb

    should make all warcraft movie about all the expansion

  • Bruh Bruh

    Grommash Hellscream will be the new leader of the horde!!

  • David Harris

    To most of you youngsters, I'm too old to play WoW. However, I do play at the ripe old age of 49, and have been playing on and off since its beginning. I thought the movie rocked.

  • TPEv ThePhoenixEvolution

    i hope the second movie is bad ass fuck too I love the Movie

  • John Smith

    The film probably got slated because critics just looked atvthe cinema numbers and decidef it must be shit, or perhaps that and they are hollywood shills , also blizzard should havecreleased it on ppv on b net fir you tube , the film is very good and the cast on the whole was brilliant medivh was awsome lol.

  • Gonar

    April 2018, World of Warcraft still the best game in the world.

  • syarifah hanyna

    I loved this movie so much! I don't have any expectation while going into it. But when I'm watched it I'm blown away on how decent this movie was! the soundtrack was also awesome! when the credit comes up and see Ramin's name in it I was thinking 'Of course it is! That's why! :D"

  • Goblin Techies Qui-Gon

    Хуевые саундтреки как для таких композиторов, да и фильм вышел не очень, дислайк.

  • XdragonX Joffre

    Da pra construir o ojogo

  • stijn louis

    Saw the movie again today, pretty damn cool stuff. Can't wait for a sequel. Or if I may dare hope a Starcraft movie.

  • ToraxReborn

    Cmon Universal you pussies, you gota bring Thrall into the movie then quit.

  • Gym Leader Peasy

    The last song is absolutely amazing. Really describes a successful ending for Azeroth! Great job Ramin Djawadi!

  • Angelo Fajardo

    anyone notice that the theme song of warcraft 3 reign of terror/Dota 1 is the one that was used for the GoT theme song? (sorry for bad english)

  • Anna Paula Rodrigues

    Ragnarrrrrrrr>Lotharrrrrr :) I love forever

  • Molly Alford

    Do any of these songs have words?

  • p a t r í c i a

    this inspires me to eat my pasta while it's still hot

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    The problem with the film is it tried to be a prequel and sequel all in the same film. It looked awesome though.

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