PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE! Learn How To Make Guava Juice, Matthias, Papa Jake in REAL LIFE DIY Pancake!

We play Pancake Art Challenge & learn how to make YouTubers
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After my fruit ninja eBay mystery box and my do not destroy my iPhone x in real life challenge a ton of you commented to do a YouTube Pancake Art Challenge video. I saw Collins Key do a few kid friendly DIY pancake videos (the most delicious breakfast food to eat and share with your whole family) where he made minions pancakes, spiderman, avengers, and Star Wars. So I opened up some pancake boxes, got our decorating toys and gadgets, and got cooking! We made diy pancakes on Guava Juice, Matthias, Team Edge, Papa Jake, Battle Universe, NERF Darts, and the Sharer Fam (Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer, and Liz Sharer). Whether you’re a boy, girl, kid, or teen this easy family friendly, children & kids safe diy cooking tutorial and taste test from Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint is super funny comedy and entertainment.

Watch more Pancake Art Challenge Videos but first check out the YouTubers we made homemade pancakes of:
Stephen Sharer -
Carter Sharer -
Battle Universe -
Guava Juice -
Matthias -
Papa Jake -
Team Edge -
Collins Key -
Chad’s Instagram -
Vy’s Instagram -

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  • Grass Master

    I think it was a tie so I think you should do a tiebreaker

  • Belinda Rodriguez

    I'm right handed

  • Quinton Kirby


  • Sherraine Nihipali

    CHAD always is going to win

  • James Maunder

    I think chad Will win BUT I want vy to win

  • Grass Master

    Can you make map one by one in place and fornite

  • Izzy Alarcon

    yes this is a late comment but the thombs on the share the love logoes are backwards.

  • Grass Master

    I am your fan dudes peace out kickbump🤛🏻👍🏻 make a billion subscribers good luck

  • Chad Wild Clay

    Let me know which YouTubers you want us to make pancakes of next! Also, let me know if you like my NEW GAME for FREE - use code '​cwcbeta'​ at #KickBump👣

  • mark zahra

    I loved seeing guava juice

  • Aubrey’s World

    I like your videos so much 😁

  • Grass Master

    On the tie which I said before you should make a real pancake

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