Mass Effect Andromeda (Zero Punctuation)

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  • Callahaine

    The main problem of this game for me: the charactares suck, the new races (good guys and bad guys) suck. The gunfights are better though.

  • Gabedalf the White

    "A herd of autistic wildebeest"As an autistic person, I find this statement weirdly hysterical

  • Reaver Aeon

    Even with it's faults I still found the game fun and have finished it multiple times. I just wish things had more of an impact and that we had a villain that wasn't total shit.

  • Juken The Bold

    I thought the combat was some of the most intuitive, fast paced and fun in an rpg.

  • Count Cristo

    Did you miss that this game starts before the events of ME3?

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