Mass Effect Andromeda (Zero Punctuation)

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  • muskatDR

    How to fix ME:A = Add the hot sexy quarians

  • Zen Furry

    Glass effect: nodramada

  • Zack Ceasar

    My biggest complaint about MEA is that they sidelined the lore in favor of shoving in more PC horse shit. Case and point, the Salarian pathfinder is fucking female. In case you're not as big a loser as I am, only ten percent of Salarians are female. Never in a million fucking years would one be allowed anywhere near combat.

  • Karel Mclean

    Aren't you happy that they finally gave you jetpacks though?

  • angeldeb82

    This is so very funny! I LOLed at some parts, including Mass Effect: Andrew Lloyd Webber! :D

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