People Ruin Mass Effect

Remember the ending to Mass Effect 3? Well, just wait, with some help I found some of the worst Mass Effect related things on earth. Comment down below with what you want the next "People Ruin Everything" to be on!

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5 years + $40M = Mass Effect Andromeda ►
Funny Mass Effect 3 Rape Face Mod ►

Outro song ►


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  • Rajiv Pariagsingh

    In retrospect, Mass effect franchise ruined the mass effect franchise.

  • The Gentleman

    The fanfiction was cringy and horrible, but hey, at least it was written with competency and good voice.

  • Franz Pattison

    You look a lot different than you did in perfect dark

  • That One Kid In Class

    I've personally seen the fanart at 10:19 and the one on the left is Tali'Zorah. now for jokeMe: By all laws of Mass Effect, Tali should be dead due tho her race having near to nothing of an immune system, and Miranda shouldn't even be in the situation, as she is sterile.Fanartists:*FUCK THE RULES*Me:pls no the game has already lost enough respect.Fanartist: Must.. draw.. PORN OF IT!Me: Time for window cleaner.

  • CD Smith

    Rape face Shep needs a half-smoked cigar hanging from his lip.

  • Aye Lmao

    7:15 is for“Research purposes”

  • Izabela Wilson

    Damn. I was happier before seein this vid, thank you, sir. Seriously, this Garrus/Femshep fanfics really sucks... LMFAOIn time: People ruin everything: SKYRIM, PLEASE!!!

  • ch3w

    Why is the animation of the porn better than the animation in Andromeda????

  • Hitsuga Tatsuro

    That fanfic was actually exceptionally written and pretty hot.

  • The Shady Napkin

    anyone know the the song in the beginning

  • Herpaderp and derp

    "So here's a porno called Ass-Effect-" Ad for dominoes plays

  • Jayce Kaje

    i just hope it didnt kill the franchise cause the only acceptable apology for this is a REALLY good mass effect (and finish the job this time guys)

  • Cazzo Fall

    I hope I'm not the only one who noticed that wasn't Kim Possible. it's Total Drama Island you nonce

  • Mason Fleming

    Credit to Crowbcat for Mass Effect Compilation

  • Pablo ze King


  • Low Budget Stand

    I wouldn't say "ruin", more like people perfected Mass Effect.

  • Nueatam นาคะปัท

    How about tomb raider

  • slejdo1

    her ass effect makes me masss erect

  • Normal Person

    If I was Shepard I would not save this galaxy

  • Dat one guy that comments

    The unacceptable guy has the hot dogger from tf2

  • SaltyStrip

    No! You never romance Garrus. He’s the best friend. It’s basic mass effect etiquette.

  • Bubbadoobop

    I think you missed the old gamer poop reference at 15:15 (woah 2010 throbacks!)

  • cdog gaming

    4:05 to 7:23. WOT

  • OfDeadDestruction

    I'd be willing to bet that with the animations, they relied too much on shitty motion capture for facial movement. You are supposed to go back in and tweak the animations, they probably spent most of their time on assets and game play and not animation which is why it is so odd.

  • Trainz Boi

    You could fucking sexualize a fucking flower at this point.

  • Jasmin Sekic

    aliens with jewish name ah well i suppose it possible

  • Nightmare X

    Got a problem with the brony swag?

  • Jordan Kapala

    The best thing is Pom.

  • Otakamerd

    Why you shouldn't let a group of 14 year old tumblr users write a video game script

  • Larone Hall

    Why did half of the ball gag girls from 8:55 look like they were from the total drama series

  • Jordan Kapala

    The best thing is Pom.

  • GalaxyGarrett Unlimited

    Dat ass effect makes my mass erect

  • City Guard

    Soundtrack was good though.

  • Limbo Bilbo

    Ellis, you can not escape from us, we are Ponies

  • cybernetic alloy

    I'm triggered he said kim possible it's fucking total drama island

  • MostlySerendipity

    12:26 A rare photo of Elvis in his natural state.


    You find it on tumblr.

  • Daniel Davis

    Mass Effect Andromeda: Bioware Ruins Mass Effect

  • Chase Scott


  • John Indermuehle

    Why does the Mass Effect Porno have better graphics and writing than Andromeda?

  • Justin Capra

    To be honest with you I don’t remember having any problems with the animation

  • Punch the Pie

    Mass effect. More like massively fuckt

  • Hellfire 1001

    I god my favorite game

  • ImaginationGamerXL

    Brb I’m getting my review on mass effect andromeda

  • Werewolf Jesus

    Anyone got the image at 16:42? Research purposes

  • Natan titelbaum

    hey watch the legend of whorra renignigs part 4 and skip to 23:29

  • Chase Scott

    Are you how to basic

  • Rico Man

    Andromeda was already ruined

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