DC's Legends of Tomorrow | official trailer (2016) Wentworth Miller Brandon Routh

official trailer for DC Comics Legends of Tomorrow
subtitles provided by Hikkupz
  • Jhonny Tapia

    Fucking miss vandal savage

  • 刘宇龙



    I waaаatccheed Wentworth full mooovieeeе heree https://twitter.com/c920bb4e65bd78926/status/872998573071253504

  • Thyco2501 of the VKP

    The acting seems mediocre :|

  • Teuzin vlogs

    E galera vao no meu canal tenho um video falando de um apk com todas serie da DC

  • Zamasu The kaioshin of universe 10

    damn rory is in dc and amy is in Marvel .......... wow

  • lachuna

    Hope this series is better than Arrow...

  • Reds YNWA

    Scofield and Burrows :D

  • ShuiChi

    Wheres the flash and the arrow?

  • Anna Che

    not every british actor is good for an epic character, at least nor Rory

  • dean mccaskill

    Plastic looking costumes in LEgends man. Eeeeeyikes!! Also I don't know what it is about Black Canaries mask.... Ms Marvel has it too...... Jaysis!!! I'm in.

  • Danny Phantom

    Have you seen superman there?

  • Angèle

    Omfg i didn't know the actor of prison break plays in this show! I'm gonna watch it then

  • ALberTUBE

    Can I watch this episodes for free? and which site?

  • chezza san

    Captain Cold is my fav character on Legends and in a few episodes.. he died... -__-

  • VolumenTraining

    I never understand filmmakers. Why isn't Brandon Routh Superman? Also in the Supergirl movies? Why they ever use other actors?

  • Mirai nyan

    Im just in for Captain Cold tbh

  • Liza Gitelman

    That moment when you realize that Rip has seen Superman and Batman die. 1:39

  • ghost_curse

    I come from the future. Season 2 is much better than season 1.

  • Daniel Christianto

    I didnt know wolverine have a wings

  • Δαγών Cult

    Guys Help ! I watched flash season 1 , i didnt watch any arrow episode and i still havents watched Supergirl either , (its true though i am huge dc fan, i juste cant follow all these series) i was either going to start the Legends or the Supergirl , but i need to know something , can i watch Legends of tommorow as a stand alone ? Or do i need to know about the series storylines of Arrow flash supergirl etc .

  • Kel Harris

    Rеааllу grеееаt mоооviе. I found it hеrе => https://twitter.com/c920bb4e65bd78926/status/872998573071253504

  • liam wallace

    did I just watch a trailer of a badly made rip of of the avengers?

  • Bethany Holland

    Wеееntwооrth hd mоооviееe hеrе => https://twitter.com/c920bb4e65bd78926/status/872998573071253504

  • iInfinityZone

    why am I here I don't know I just like watching trailers

  • Elena O.

    - Se anche tu desideri vederlo [(o rivederlo)] in tv lasciami un like ed in caso contrario un dislike. - Grazie. - Fine.

  • The Pony Master

    But this has already happened. *In the future, you're not heroes. You're Legends * That means the CW superheroes shows are a time loop.

  • Pawan Yadav

    This movie is now avаilable to watcccсh hеre => https://twitter.com/dbda66efd17db8380/status/872998573071253504

  • Siim Koger

    before he grows into the monster he becomes ... that's one strange line

  • Red Streak

    Hereeee is reaaaаllyyy full aaaand hd Wеeentworth => https://twitter.com/dbda66efd17db8380/status/872998573071253504

  • Elaine Loudcamp

    Man of steel die - super man Dark knight fall- batman

  • Robert Patrick Atmojo

    Looks like Rory has his own TARDIS

  • Abhishek Chauhan

    Hеllo уоutubееrs wаtch Wеntwоrth online herе => https://twitter.com/c920bb4e65bd78926/status/872998573071253504

  • CyberHarpie

    Is this how they chose the injustice 2 characters :P

  • Uncle Todrich

    Is it me? Why are all the black women falling for white men?

  • vishnu vardhan reddy

    the worlds best tv show

  • Nitro Monal

    1:53 to 1:54 who is that boy

  • Daniel Murillo

    I miss when Rip was leading The Legends

  • Anthony Meyer

    Тhis mоvieeее is nоw аvаilablе tо waaаtch hеrе => https://twitter.com/2bdeb0e9cf43c54b2/status/874808923420676096

  • Hi I'm Nobody

    Trust Rory to have a time machine...

  • Kíra Ihász

    So Wolwerine cant wear that suit in in a show but fuckin Hawkman can?

  • Microwaved Cat

    Is this as cringy as flash?

  • hunny pass me the salt

    so scofield just escaped the prison again and now he is saving the world with his brother. i'm watching it..

  • The Cabbage

    This TV show would make an awesome video game

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