The Rise and Fall of Crysis

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Maximum strength. Maximum armor. Maximum speed. To PC gamers in the late 2000s, these words were the credo of a futuristic first-person shooter unlike anything else around it – Crysis. Developed by Frankfurt-based developer Crytek, Crysis dazzled the industry with its gorgeous graphics and open-ended gameplay, which encouraged players to make the most of both their own, innate abilities, and the environment around them. It was an uneven experience, one whose final third betrayed its strongest ideas – yet it was one that found its way into the heart of many a player. And within a year following its release, it would be complimented by Crysis Warhead, an expansion in some ways even stronger than the base game itself.

But as the years passed, Crytek would gradually migrate the franchise to home consoles, reinventing the series to better suit its new platforms for Crysis 2. All the same time and effort that had gone into making the first game was there, and then some – but it lacked much of what made its predecessor special. A third entry, Crysis 3, would make an earnest effort to address players’ complaints, and bridge the two disparate directions the series had driven in – but the moment had passed, and players had moved on.

This is the rise and fall of Crysis.

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  • the chosen one

    Crysis 2 was the most challenging for me.

  • jan truter

    The game that got me hooked on shooters loved this game

  • KatouMegumi_osu

    Maximum System Requirements, too.

  • Boe Dillard

    I would LOVE to see the new engine if they had continued.

  • Chrisman11335

    This series will always be close to my heart.

  • Korasi

    Can you guys make a video - "What happened to - Turok"?I remember this game when I was a kid, please please please!

  • Albert Pavlas

    I miss power struggle. Best multplier gamemode of all time.

  • HardStyler-RP

    I love this franchise and Cryengine is my favorite engine.

  • Rick W

    If you didn't think the entire Crysis trilogy was an epic and awesome adventure, then you're a stupid hipster.I'm pretty much one of the few folks who actually LOVED the entire Mass Effect, Dead Space, and Crysis trilogies. All y'all other mother fuckers just keep letting these YouTube videos brainwash your way of thinking and you'll keep on missing out!


    Crysis is a tale as old as time: the devs got too big for their britches, betrayed their customers, and got left with no one by the end.

  • d4s0n yo

    i love how your suit is a little unpowered bec then it forces you to manage the energy for your suit

  • R3DT1D3

    I still can't believe how bad Crysis 2 was. Incredibly easy, incredibly narrow, incredibly slow, and incredibly generic. Crysis 3 was a good attempt but it still had some C2 sections that were awful. It still saddens me how the C1 suit powers were never really refined other than stealth. Having tertiary benefits of strength and speed in C1 allowed people to pull off really amazing moves and raised the skill ceiling.

  • FolstrimHori

    Crysis 2 killed the "franchise" for me. It's literally the only game I've ever hated. Fuck Crysis 2.Crysis 3 was a step in the right direction, but wasn't nearly enough.

  • asbestinuS

    I think I never played Crysis 3....what the hell, I completly missed that game. I think it's because my PC couldn't run it or something, I don't know. I know what I'll do the next days.... :D

  • MicroMacroUniverse

    I loved how you can complete the open levels in Crysis 1 in so many different ways. I remember playing the second level, "recovery". You can just jump in and kill everyone almost rushing, or silently kill in stealth, or enjoy the sniping from was awesome.

  • Marcel Hoffmann

    Zu viel der Enginge zugemutet,

  • srksii

    I finished Crysis back then athlon 1500+ 768 MB, and radeon 1600 pro. Pure minimum , but it was playable, so when I think better, it was damn good optimized game for that it offered there wasnt game with even half good graphics in this time I could get on my pc at that time

  • SomeKindaSpy

    It's a shame it died so fast. I still adore the games.

  • nothing

    Still, all crysis are good

  • FolstrimHori

    Crysis 3 protag isn't even really Prophet. It's literally the suit thinking that it's Prophet, while running around in the body of Alcatraz who was overwritten for no reason. Just like how they killed off Nomad from C1 for no reason.

  • St zig

    own all titlesyes i play them from time to crysis 3crysis 1 and warhead my pc struggledcrysis 2 on ps3All games on PC are better IMO

  • Anders Kristensen

    Crysis went from being a semi open world game that was pushing PC tech to the absolute limit in a way that you had not seen before, and most likely won't ever again, to being a console oriented, cookie cutter corridor shooter.

  • baylego

    I remeber playing Crisis when it came out, and now I can't run it.

  • Kamlesh Jethwani

    I liked Crysis 2 and 3 more than the 1st one.Crysis 2 is favorite overall.

  • Vat Worm Industries

    fucking console players ruining everything

  • Enno

    Shit, wusste gar nicht, dass Crytek Deutsch war.

  • spraynpray

    Crysis 1: wow this is great!Crysis Warhead: there's more Crysis?! AWESOME!Crysis 2: I'm go get a noose because this console shit is so bad that life is no longer worth living.

  • SoCalAries

    African-Americans vs North Korean Aliens? I'm rooting for the aliens.

  • asdfasdfasdfaf

    Fix the sound levels

  • punch3870

    Now i feel like i should've picked up Crysis when it was on sale..I think next summer sale i'll pick up Crysis 1 and 3, as 2 seems like the weakest entry.

  • bio gamer in lava

    and maximum system requirements

  • grim reaper

    we need crysis 4 fuck warface WE NEED CRYSIS 4

  • Ji Di

    The Rise and Fall of "world in conflict" The Rise and Fall of "operation flashpoint dragon rising and Red River"

  • Giga Bowser

    Could you do one of these for the F.E.A.R. series?

  • Ninebreaker

    I really grew to like Alcatraz, so when Prophet bodyjacked him for his own goals, it left a sour taste in my mouth.

  • tHeWasTeDYouTh

    Crysis SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN MADE FOR CONSOLES, Crysis 2 sacrificed so much for it to play in the shit anemic consoles!!!! it was such a letdown!! Crysis 1 was amazing because it was made for PC only and it pushed itself to the limit of the tech of that time! 27:08 I REMEMBER THAT and I knew back then it was the worst idea ever and it panned out as they closed most of their studios and are going under as we speak!! stupid turk brothers!

  • Kilian

    Crysis 2 wasnt a bad game at all but it simply wasnt Crysis. Crysis was unqiue in any way, Crysis 2 was just another CoD rip-off. They should reboot Crysis (2).

  • Senior Copter

    Crysis 3 was really fun but the servers got me tired of playing

  • Pipsy

    If Crysis 4 releases one day, I swear to God I'll buy a next Gen console just to be able to play it, but, for the moment, I'll just keep playing Crysis 2 & 3 again and again...for fucks sake, I love these games

  • Norsa kella

    Love your work but the audio is all over the place. Your voice is low and the game sounds/dialouge is loud. Other than that, good video :)

  • EmanVsEmmanueL

    I never bought Crysis 3 because it wasn't on steam

  • Umbeble

    Crysis was pretty fun until the aliens showed up

  • Ogaitnas900

    "icy aliens and territorial north koreans" lmao

  • Colonel Frontline

    The Rise and Fall of: KILLZONE

  • iCrazyBlaze

    pls pls pls Crysis 4 pls

  • Yu Guan

    Rise and fall of ME, CnC, Crysis, etc. has actually the same cause.Two Letters! EA

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