DRAGON BALL FIGHTER Z - GamesCom 2017 Trailer @ 1080p (60ᶠᵖˢ) HD ✔

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Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming February 2018 on PS4, XB1 and PC! C16, and C18/C17 join the roster! Get a glimpse of the story mode: with the resurrection of Android 16 and the invasion of the mysterious army corps, the super warriors start to fall. What is happening?!

Dragon Ball FighterZ is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC! Developed by Arc System Works, get ready for 3VS3 2D fighting and the best graphics yet! Look forward to a CLOSED BETA on Xbox One and PS4 before the end of the summer

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  • Kelvin Moore

    look like the story mode was rush hope its not trash prolly is tho but if it have less characters its gonna be trash I mean the graphics are the best dbz graphics I've seen in a long time I'll wait for xenoverse 3 with these type of graphics or TENKAICHI 4! yall can complain about my comment losers

  • Jagan_Guy

    I hope they atleast let you rotate between 17 and 18 like choose which one u play as and the other is support overall this looks beautiful

  • CoDM04BFreaK

    Why dont they make budokai tenkaichi 4 sheesh

  • Julien Commerçon

    We don't need broly, hit or zamasu...What this game needs is...Love.R I B R I A N N E

  • angelspawn77

    After playing this game, it has easily become one of my most anticipated. Cannot wait till this comes out.

  • Kristan


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