RX Vega 64 Gameplay - Ryzen 1800x - Doom - 2160P

Doom - Vulkan
3840x2160 Nightmare Quality + TSAA x8
Ryzen 1800X @4.050Ghz
RX Vega 64 AIO @1750/945Mhz
Undervolted 0.075mv
Asus Crosshair VI Hero 9902 Bios
4x8GB GSkill DDR4 3200Mhz 14-14-14-34-1 GD
Crimson 17.8.1
Relive 4k60 @ 35Mbps
  • Galnart

    Videos of 1440p if possible?

  • Dave091102

    So why is everyone else writing off Vega 64 and saying that ONLY the 1080TI can manage the magicic 60 FPS in 4K

  • Mohsen Essa

    matt B what do u think is the reason for some games to run on nvidia cards better than thier competetors on amd side like gta v and overwatch?

  • The Commenter

    Matt I heard that crossfire doesn't work with Vega. Is that true ?

  • flyingIrish

    it actually dipped into the 50s....

  • Jay 1131

    Awesome 4k carnage! I am very excited now because even all the amd hate going on right now, newegg notified me that they had a vega 64 with the game bundle and i didnt hesitate. I got the card for 560 and the games were 120 so i think hell of a deal even though prey isnt worth much. Dont know why people are such big babies on youtube bandwagons against the card. I have a freesync ultrawide and i intend to use it so. Basically if you want it, get it and if not just get something else. I waited for a x370 motherboard just the same and i didnt cry about it, i waited for availability and price to come down, simple. Another reason i pulled the trigger on this one because im hoping ddr5, 5x, and ddr6 (depending on new tech) card prices arent going up. This video got me happy about my purchase though.

  • ess wasim

    Man you are a pro in Doom haha

  • Zan Datsu

    Please more gameplay videos with RX Vega 64.Maybe later with RX Vega 64 crossfire (x2)?I'd appreciate it.

  • Mariano

    I love AMD and will support it doesn't matter what media says.

  • Enchantress

    i want to have the Vega64, i love Ryzen have the 1600x. so 1600x with vega64..... cant wait.

  • Mohsen Essa

    Matt B since u work at amd i really hope u answer me. did amd just got over mantle api or we will be seeing it in the future as dx12 and vulkan

  • Winston Broach

    I have some serious questions for you in general with the Ryzen Platform. Being as I am also running an 1800X I'd like to pick your brain a little, as I've been having a little bit of trouble getting my Memory to run at spec (not Samsung B-Die) and a few OC Questions if you have the time at some point. I'll also be getting Vega although I believe I'll wait for the non reference cards, my 290X is dying :/

  • Richard Schlegel

    WTF at 4:10 :D 1. I didn't see that when I was playing through the game lol2. That's the real graphical glory ;)

  • Rocky Shen

    Using Riva tuner in doom causes frame rates to tank about 20-30fps fyi.

  • Texan 214

    Textures look better in 4k compared to the 1080ti... that may just be me but I've watched side by sides and the overall quality appears better. Could explain the framerate difference? Maybe the HBM2 is better at volumetric effects or something?

  • Christian Howell

    Great video... I was hoping to see tests with Ryzen/Vega... What kind of power numbers did you get with the undervolting...? With the others I saw it looks like the combo can do consistent 4K60...I'd love to see the same with Vega 56...

  • Grigoryev Mihail

    This game is sooo good with a xbox one gamepad. The stick movement beats the hell out of a keyboard standart buttons. Id software did a great job on calibrating this game for the controller. I hope Doom eternal will be just as good.

  • Zeenedin

    1.356V dude are you trying to kill the GPU? 1.2V is too much for FinFET already but that is just crazy....

  • Allen Mathew

    Please do Witcher 3 with and without hairworks 1440p

  • Razerael Enetho

    Looks like your stream/recording settings are too high after all. Those frame times are way too big for ryzen, like ridiculously big. I don't think going 4k would strain your cpu that much, it's mostly gpu matter afaik. But having CPU frame times bigger than GPU frame times especially with OC'D Ryzen and in DOOM. Did you stream/record it in 4k too? Every time it dips down to less than 60 it's mostly cpu matter, gpu still had some room in those moments. Can you please post ur results in non-stream/recording process? Just out of curiosity.

  • Matt B

    Video is converting to 4K60.

  • Shingara

    But of an offshoot and maybe unknown, but with star citizen going full vulkan and the way they are heading to more cores etc, how good do you think vega and ryzen will be in that game and how good is it right now

  • jillian andrew Montero

    I have an AMD rx Vega the games runs so well and it's the best 1000000000%

  • Thi3rry

    What is the name of the tools to display GPU infos on left and right side on the screen during your play ?

  • Monkey D Luffy2

    How do you get cpu and gpu stuff on the top left is that from amd relive

  • CrimsonDante Gamer

    I'm rocking with Two Rx 580'S in Xfire.

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