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  • João sousa dias

    I prefer gta um global but farcray primal have better graphics


    Both are good in there ways but I like gta v

  • Ahmed Sliman

    Both are Good games in the grapic side ❤

  • Gato Gamer

    El bosque de far cry es mucho mas extenso, pero me parecio mucho mejor el del gta v por sus graficos y los detalles que tienen el gta v, y eso es lo hace ver mas hermoso, para mi opinion gta v gana :D.Traduction :vthe forest of far cry primal is much more extensive but, I found much better the forest of gta v for its graphics and details that have the gta v and that makes it look more realistic and beautiful, in my opinion for me the winner is gta v :D.

  • Rock star

    Who gives you money for this comparison

  • Critical Gamer

    Of course gta 5 yaayyyyy

  • Egidijus E-Gee Jackunas

    I think on the Far Cry Primal all that beauty and realism of the nature was one of the main things in this game, not like in GTA where U just drive fast through everything. I bet many people who were played GTA didn't even seen or enjoyed the most part of the city.

  • Dank meme’s

    gta 5 became realesed in 2013 and far cry primal in 2016. of course there are details that are better than gta and more realistic when it was made with 3 years between each other. But otherwise, when you think about it, you have changed alot in recent years when it comes to games and it's just perfect!(Sorry but my english is pretty bad)

  • Kid Lift

    Primal looks better than gta5....

  • Arek Kuzawski

    Grand theft auto V Win !

  • Hamad Albadri

    FARCRY PRIMAL Is Better than GTA5

  • AxEl el GaMer YT

    obviamente esta le an puesto mas ganas al far cry primal en ese sentido

  • naor bagim

    I have both games.. they are awesome. No need to start a "war" here which one is better.FCP is good on its way and so gtav.

  • old traffic


  • Jackie 2205

    FC primal has the best forest 😍

  • Gareeb Gamer

    Theres no waterfall in gta 5

  • Bongo The Gipsy

    "Both looking great in their own ways" and the way of GTA V is lower texture res?

  • Hafiz and Nafisa The gamer

    Lol, the both games are the best.......

  • Artan player

    Malmısın amına koydum farcry doğa oyunu

  • _eingeschlafen_

    I dont like farcry, but the winner is farcry

  • Vucko100

    I put a poll in video so vote which game came on top! And just to say both games are PC versions :DAlso:Check out for hundreds of expert academic writers stand ready to help you with any type of writing assignment:

  • Grazhdaninu V

    3:46 rock and 3:52 wood Total shame of FC V. Fucking induses did this shit. 2 years left, videocards upgrade 400$ for what reson? For this downgrade graphic?

  • Technical UTube

    Please make video World's top ten games please brother

  • Futatsu Ken

    Far cry is good.but gta is a old game but still worthy if you play in 2k18

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