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  • Tuấn Huỳnh

    Far Cry's player is a ghost !

  • Hamad Albadri

    FARCRY PRIMAL Is Better than GTA5

  • Gamer youtuber

    It should be far cry 5 vs gta 5 because far cry primal is the first version

  • _eingeschlafen_

    I dont like farcry, but the winner is farcry

  • _MrDen1337_

    Прикольно сам русский, а смотрю этот канал.

  • Critical Gamer

    Of course gta 5 yaayyyyy

  • Jackie 2205

    FC primal has the best forest 😍

  • Kid Lift

    Primal looks better than gta5....

  • DEAD Poal

    Survival open world vs city open world ????



  • Lamborghini

    Im on team farcry primal

  • iFiiz Gaming

    That's why gta has more bigger size

  • Vucko100

    I put a poll in video so vote which game came on top! And just to say both games are PC versions :DAlso:Check out for hundreds of expert academic writers stand ready to help you with any type of writing assignment:

  • worldwidetraffic

    Bad comparison .. GTA 5 is always preferred in your rating, because you like this game more and the idiots here do not even notice it and babble a crap like GTA 5 has better graphics . Now to reasons why your comparison is bad. First, because you claim things that your community wants to hear to prevent the hate and secondly because paid promotions usually never include the truth. Plus, you just like GTA 5 more. For example, the campfire in Primal was brighter because you kept a torch above it. The grass in Primal has no shadow because the grass in this form has no visible shadow .. You claim that in GTA 5 there are more objects in the water than in Far Cry Primal .. You compare here a seabed with the bottom of a river .. In addition, Primal and GTA 5 exist in different climates !! Have you thought?

  • Zoco Playz

    these are way 2 different game tho.......

  • Zoco Playz


  • Rais Abdalaziz

    Gta's graphic is on pc gta 2013 : ps3 and xbox but gta pc : 2015

  • AxEl el GaMer YT

    obviamente esta le an puesto mas ganas al far cry primal en ese sentido

  • Nxpctd Ndftbl Gmr

    FarCry Primal has definitely better textures, looks beautiful, creates a sense of survival but one of the few things is that the water when splashes on the ground is not good and there is no shadow to the grass as well as player.Whereas in GTA5, the looks are more realistic, has good visuals feels nice, but because it had to focus in many areas like cities and etc. as well unlike farcry may be it couldn't focus in forests particularly and it released even before primal.However both of them are good in their own ways,(like scenes according to their weather)Lets hope (FARCRY & G.T.A.)(6) will change definition and perception of gaming world

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