Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)
  • Real Rubber Chicken

    When your parents delete your fortnite account

  • D R

    Faker then a 3 dollar bill!

  • Angel Yuni

    He's excited while raging... Ew

  • Dinesh Shinde

    When Hulk is not coming out

  • 18Chase Ang169

    He shoved a remont up his butt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I Don't know

    And that's how wwz begun

  • askeet ann

    jesus i thought this was real for so long.

  • Im CJey

    Waiting for him to go super saiyan

  • CN Wacky TROOP

    What has man become????

  • Anthusiasts

    1:09- 1:12 looks really weird on 0.25

  • 猫ちゃん6017

    I can't believe this is about to reach 100M views lmaooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Positron

    Zombie.exe had started working

  • John Ng

    When you ragequit on your homework

  • C. W's

    He needs a natural ass whoopin!

  • Ahwoofe

    You need Jesus...... CHRIST COMPELLS YOU DEMON!

  • 18Chase Ang169

    So he gets into his blanket with his pants and shirt on, when he comes out he only has him undies on.

  • Äijä Mies

    This isn't even his final form.

  • A

    "goes in with clothes""comes out with nothing but underwear"

  • amada merritt

    good having a sibling he caught on camera

  • Äijä Mies

    This should be boss in dark souls

  • VannExel

    Why does he sound like a dying pig?

  • sharko punch

    Well that's the worst way to commit a suicide: shoving a remote up yo ass

  • Peautiful Benis

    That moment when you dont get your way and you just want to shove a remote up your ass.

  • Robot_ Gamer

    When you got second places on fornite 😁

  • SilhouettexX

    Was this guy possessed or something? He really need an Exorcist.

  • acemi bilgin

    İn this video we see a soul takes the control of human body

  • Pigsir 2468

    This is a fucking classic

  • roblox is cancer

    *shoves a remote up his ass**hits his head with a shoe*

  • QuickNEazzy Tutorials.

    How can you kill yourself with a shoe?!!

  • DJ.HoneyRat

    looks like my brother

  • Eric Cartman

    2x speed lololololololol

  • sexmachine6959

    1:11. Thank me later

  • Ainsley Memez

    Guys hes going super saiyan

  • Strout

    Y'all know that this is staged right?

  • Jamie Dome

    U gotta chill bro. Chill the fuck out

  • Ku ZaYan

    0:53 when u realize that Anabelle is in ur dress room😂

  • Mansoor Khan

    We may be evolved but deep down there's an animal inside us 😂😂😂

  • Beautiful Heart

    She pissed him off and he stuck a remote up his ass i cnt with him lol

  • mr cat on weed

    Did he just tried to shove up that remote up his ass

  • sam

    buddy tried shovin a remote up his ass

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