Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)
  • Fuck yo feelings

    Have a Snickers,you aren't you when you're hungry

  • Lion_Eats_Orbed_Ham

    Let's have a Steven's lifetime of silence for the great feat that the remote has underwent.

  • FlankyFrankie

    If only he had run away and never come back.... 8========D

  • lesserpoo

    Looks demonic... can’t say I didn’t laugh at these comments, but... is this our future generation?? Isn’t anyone scared over that??

  • Nihilus

    Open a new tab and play Eminem - Venom while watching this...

  • Xedefer

    But seriously what the f

  • Marina Cheshire

    Boy needs a damn exorcism!! 👀

  • Khaleed Uddin

    He'd be great as a zombie in the walking dead

  • Melanie's Sweetheart

    He need some help boi

  • Peashootergamer 1234

    This kid looks like he's possessed

  • Sackboy

    The original super sayian

  • taxmeme 17

    When you place 2nd on fortnite

  • CallMeAWeeb iFunny

    Me when club penguin got shut down

  • Adrian Contreras

    What is this madness

  • Hamsterman 421

    This kid got 360 no scoped by the default in fortnite

  • Brenden Springston

    1:32 When you lose second place in fortnite

  • Jaad Alaghawani

    He sounds like the monster from stranger things

  • Tyler17

    This is one-of-a-kind content right there, fellas.

  • enderboy123me

    When aliens come, we need to show them this video to scare them away...

  • Saito

    1:09 You're welcome.

  • Oliwier Kozlowski

    0:55 when you realize that your addicted to porn then you do this 1:10

  • Charlie Dent

    0:25 is probably my favourite part

  • Isaiah Smith

    Why dose this look like a walking dead scene💀😂😂

  • joey birsch

    so this is a werewolf

  • Izzy xo

    1:28 the power of Christ compels you.

  • Gigi

    Are we gon discuss how he got his cloths off?

  • Potato

    9 years and that remote still has nightmares

  • Kimimari •the demon child•

    Is it weird that I’m laughing at this?

  • Quality _

    SAY ASS you fucking hikkes

  • The Rabbitz

    Man I wish this wasn’t scripted

  • Kristen Jones

    The remote is a paid actor.

  • bobbycone2

    I can't believe this shit is almost 10 years old. Still great! Lol

  • TSG_Flickz

    How I feel after I ate Taco Bell and my stomach starts to hurt

  • vennminer6 gaming

    Shove remote up your ass and then wen your 100 the remote comes back to aShove you up the remotes shit coverd ass

  • Joanna Pillin

    I can not believe that a lad that age throws temper tantrums like that!!

  • Ghosty Playz

    He tried to shove a remote up his ass at 1:10 and narnia aint gonna save you buddy

  • CartersCave

    When you place #2 in Fortnite

  • Joanna Pillin

    Went in the closetCame out the closet as a remote lover!!!

  • SgdCyclonE GD

    Sadly it’s staged...

  • RockytheKidd 009

    Funny how he has brains gay brothers calendar proving that he is, well I think we all know that do we

  • Chip Lawler

    9 years later, He’s the exact same if not way worse and it’s all down to his families fault specifically his brother for being such a dick and recording him

  • Dylan

    Pretty fake. You can’t hide 95 million views of a tantrum this embarrassing over a video game and years later his brother still lets him record him.

  • AndrewsAvengers

    Bad question but, is he faking this or no?

  • Ethan Rush

    1:39 "SHUT UP!!!"

  • Jesus Lopez

    0:27 why is this not a fortnite emote????

  • PastelXUnicorn

    1:32 Somebadehhh Calll an EXORCIST!!!!

  • Γιωργος Μαγγιωρος

    Get out of the kid demon

  • Jesus Lopez

    Back when his videos were real

  • The Solar Wolf

    When you don't get the Smash Character you want.

  • Human runner

    I hate white people.

  • Kildat234

    when a mom delete a 10 year old fortnite account.

  • Cazi Abraham

    That remote did wonders took all the demons out his ass hole

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