A lot of you always ask me about my day to day PC setup, so today I wanted to talk about the components and equipment I use on a daily basis to make videos, as well as play games.

Full PC Specs:
Ryzen 5 1600
MSI B350
8GB DDR4 2400MHz
MSI GTX 1070
Windows 10
Corsair TX650

Thanks for watching :)
  • Uyfey

    holy crap, i have the same motherboard as you! lmao #ryzen4life

  • shreddherring

    Dont underestimate Dave. Our Kentish Gulls are overclucked

  • MyMateRoo G

    Big up the kent massive :)

  • Aleksandar Radojcic

    We should all troll Linus into sending him some components or maybe doing a video together.

  • One Thicc Samurai

    Thats very nice from msi, what a great company.

  • Xitij Sood

    I have i3 6100 paired with a zotac GTX 1050 ti and 8 gb ddr4 hyperex ram. 😋😋😋💥😋😋😋

  • Kamil Biodrowicz

    i5 8400 and gtx 1050 Ti regret buying it when i could've gotten i3 8450k and gtx 1060 3gb which would've been better for my gaming needs

  • osama yaseen

    Why don't you love on your parents house

  • Pinhook Meiosis

    I cant even afford a chair.....


    I game using a 6 dollar keyboard+mouse combo, at least in the past

  • alper

    i see you took the psu from the 50$

  • Xaltar

    Love the Ryzen 5 1600/x I have the X variant but it really isn't any different to the non-X. Great productivity CPU and not silly expensive. You got me beat hands down with that 1070, I'm still running a 960 but I don't really game that much anymore. Great stuff mate, your grandparents must be awesome letting you live with them and run your channel, I hope you take real good care of them ;)I suspect they are the ones that you built the SLI Titan Xp 18 core system for :P

  • copycat shinobi

    look at that outside temperature: 14°C ... (while turning camera) jumps to savage 23°C

  • Tania kewq

    You have my monitor :)

  • Mighty Warrior

    Yeah rightIts obvious you're hiding a titan v 30 core beast somewhere around lmao

  • Nabeel Moazzam

    2:26 “fits in the hand quite well”

  • Gregg Papick

    I5 3470 16 gb ddr3 1600 ram evga g3 supernova 650w psu and a pny gtx 970

  • Grow Tacoma

    Nice, I still have a system with a TX650w powering it. (X3470 oc’d to 3.6ghz)

  • Nile9063

    I once had that same Keyboard!!! Loved it but later I also gave it to a friend who needed one as I got a Mad Catz Cyborg V.7 by then which I fairly recently replaced with a Logitech G413 Silver

  • Scxrtii

    I run a a4 5300 and a asus gtx 660 2gb with 8gb ram and 1.5 tb of storage and a 450w 80+ gold power man psu

  • charl chaos

    i have the same mouse, i brought a £50 " i wont say the make but it begins with a C" with all the bells and whisles" and it broke in 4 days, i sent it back which took a while so brought a bazalias off ebay for a fiver free postage and it got here in a day meanwhile 15 days later my replacement mouse arrived it lasted 10 days so got a refund. Ive now been using Baz for going on a year without a problem. not all that gliters is gold. love your setup and how you got it. thanks, charl.

  • Mario Is Real

    6:37 I’ve never laugh so hard in my life

  • Koto Senpai

    Would you sell your ryzen 3? Im currently stuck with an a6 6400k and that cpu is expensive in my place.

  • Darkseid

    Hypocrite like all Christians.

  • Silas Boyden

    This is just nice to see cause a lot of set up videos are like "here's my gtx 7009991929838tiiiiiiii 400gb ddr789098vram with 8828384849939339939gb of ddr2383839839 ram with my i999999 at 600899ghz

  • Autistic Aviator

    rest in peace daves old nest...

  • Tai Rhoades

    Using a Dell Vostro 470 with an i5-3450, 8 GB RAM and a Zotac GTX 1060 6GB.

  • Iskren Sarov

    Thats why i like you, regular but it gets the job done.

  • Adith K. Murali

    My setup: PROCESSOR: Intel Pentium G2030 RAM: 4 GB DDR3 1600GPU: NVIDIA GTX 750 TiMOBO: Intel DH61BFINPUT: Standard USB Keyboard and Mouse

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