A lot of you always ask me about my day to day PC setup, so today I wanted to talk about the components and equipment I use on a daily basis to make videos, as well as play games.

Full PC Specs:
Ryzen 5 1600
MSI B350
8GB DDR4 2400MHz
MSI GTX 1070
Windows 10
Corsair TX650

Thanks for watching :)
  • Dynamite Gaming

    What my first channel should be named: RandomShitIn240p

  • Davis

    That is a real gamer dosent need any rgb stuff. Thats the stuff i like

  • Zordid

    Your keyboard is just as dirty as mine is...

  • Faf Dus

    Rx 480 4gb 20gb ddr3 x79 e5 1650 at 4.0 in the summer....

  • Kao Javier

    wow we have the same keyboard! (mine's almost 5 years old now) I subbed to your channel in 2016 when I was researching on budget builds, and I followed your older build (15-4460, gtx 1060 3gb), now I'm planning to upgrade to a Ryzen and a 1070 too! xD

  • Afif Abiyyuzaki

    6:33 lol you thought you found a fresh cheetos 😂

  • randomnessking97

    theres something about your mid-range setup that feels humble with how you run your channel. No fancy studio, no fancy car, no fancy computer. Its pretty much made up of parts you used in videos and it feels homely. Simple man, simple life, simple channel. Comfy.

  • Electroblade

    wait until this guy makes a 480p video

  • Meme Machine

    Beats the hell out of my build lol

  • Scxrtii

    I run a a4 5300 and a asus gtx 660 2gb with 8gb ram and 1.5 tb of storage and a 450w 80+ gold power man psu

  • William Dababneh

    Intel core i5 16GB DDR4 512GB SSD 2TB WD BLUE HardDrive GTX970 CoolerMaster500w PSU

  • Last Man Standing

    do ur room tour man ..

  • General TrippyVelox

    Gtx 1050ti ftw I7 8700k24gb of cheap ddr4 i got from school pcs msi B150A chipsetAnd 1 500gb hdd from a 13 year old dellAnd a portable 4tb Hdd

  • Adi Imamovic

    2:11 he has same mouse as me

  • Jovan

    @RandomGaminginHD MSI mvp, wow let you keep the 1070, i got a low profile 1050msi, so cool heatsink and a good card, now when i think about it all gpus i ever had were MSI, and it was just random buying, not even on purpose. They are just awesome! Keep it up mate, you deserved to keep that you make so honest and good videos!

  • Molly D

    Mansion or shed? Lol!

  • Brad Tway

    WIndows 10 Pro for OS

  • Pedro Silva

    Oh wow we have the same controller :DIt's very good for the price but, like you said, the triggers are weirdly positioned, plus the DPAD is a bit rubbish. So unless you want it for retro games, it's a very good controller.

  • Richard Whittaker

    Looks like your setup is plenty! I never understand when YouTubers have a £3,000+ rig when they are uploading simple videos

  • Raris 909

    My setup:CPU: Intel i3 540 3.06 GHzGPU: Gigabyte HD 7850 1GB GDDR5MB: MSI MS-7613 ver. 1.1 H57RAM: 2X2GB DDR3 MicronHDD: WD Blue 160GB + Seagate Barracuda 500GBOS: Windows 7 UltimateOne question: Is the i3 540 still worth buying today?

  • jackbootbadger

    Well, I have an Antec 900 case which I picked up for nothing which had an Asus mobo and C2D 3.15 CPU, Artic pro CPU cooler with an Artic 700 watt PSU, and a Radeon HD 4850 GPU. I purchased an Intel DQ57TM mobo for £12 off eBay and an i5 760 quad for £20 and an MSI 750ti off my stepson for nowt. I have just added a Dead Silence 120mm side panel fan and a 5 blue strip LED on the bottom of the case. 3 x 128 GB SSD and a 7200 320 GB drive. A pluscom wired keyboard £10 and a Zelotes wired T-80 Big Mac optical mouse £8. Love the channel mate.

  • HeyIt'sTaz! :D

    My setupCPU - Intel Core i3-4130 (planning to upgrade to a Ryzen 5 1400 or 1600)RAM - 8GB (2x4GB) HyperX Genesis DDR3 at 1600MHzGPU - Palit NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 (planning to upgrade to a GTX 1060)Storage - 500GB HDDMotherboard - MSI H81M-E33 Case - Game Max Nero Black-Red (I hate the case, it doesn't give me cheetos)Really want a Bitfenix Nova. It's beautiful and only £35Power Supply - 500W Unbranded PSU (need to upgrade, it's awful, thankfully I only have a GT 1030 and i3-4130 so it's fine, but I need to change it for upgrades)Keyboard - Aukey tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches (only £20)Mouse - Corsair Harpoon RGB (nice mouse, but is very small, my hands are tiny and I don't suit it well)Speakers - I don't have any.Headset - Turtle Beach Earforce X12 (£6)

  • RadiNation

    Found a 22 inch 1080p monitor from samsung for 10$ at goodwill (Thrift store) only 3 years old

  • IR Music's

    I wish somebody sent me a pc

  • JayBee120

    6:33 - UK Cheetos (puffs) = Wotsits. Dislike. American cheetos = Greatness!

  • SSneekyViper

    Why don't you use the case you used for this build. https://youtu.be/dqFlxf0L1_0

  • polentusmax

    the advantages of living in a cold climate like yours and dont have an old amd cpu is that you dont need to put a summer fan at open side of your case, like i do. Cheers from Brazil.

  • Stephen Pettit

    What desk do you have looks great for pc gaming.

  • End this channel

    he litteraly has a parakeet. So do i. Coincidence?

  • SerjG2005

    Intel core i5 44408GB RAM DDR3 1600mhzGTX 750ti1tb hdd+256gb ssdBoring 300w psu

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