A lot of you always ask me about my day to day PC setup, so today I wanted to talk about the components and equipment I use on a daily basis to make videos, as well as play games.

Full PC Specs:
Ryzen 5 1600
MSI B350
8GB DDR4 2400MHz
MSI GTX 1070
Windows 10
Corsair TX650

Thanks for watching :)
  • Tdon123

    I think your setup is pretty good! I have a R7 1700, 12 gigabytes of RAM because at the time 4 gigabytes of DDR4 was like $25 and it was on sale for $18. I also have an RX580 8 gigabyte and an MSI X370 motherboard! I can finally stop complaining about having a GTX 960 2GB, or my GT240 from before that. First AMD card I've owned and I quite enjoy it. Anyways I'm rambling, but awesome setup, also Dave and his family better be getting themselves a PC soon. XD

  • shreddherring

    Dont underestimate Dave. Our Kentish Gulls are overclucked

  • noro__

    "this massive box thing here"

  • Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

    How good temperature do you get with an open case? You might need another fan for blowing out hot air and I would recommend a big one since they are usually quieter than a smaller fan.

  • Nile9063

    I once had that same Keyboard!!! Loved it but later I also gave it to a friend who needed one as I got a Mad Catz Cyborg V.7 by then which I fairly recently replaced with a Logitech G413 Silver


    I game using a 6 dollar keyboard+mouse combo, at least in the past

  • zanderboy

    sitting alone in the dark ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • love kush

    Nikon Coolpix S7000 -- Camera

  • JCPC - Plays

    for some reson i have the same pc case as you

  • Fonzi TV!

    6:00 don't know how true it is but shouldn't you have the ram in the 1st and 3rd slots rather than 2nd and 4th?

  • generic name

    Intel Graphics is still the best baby. Love how games warn me about using intergrated graphics. Shows how great it is.

  • Dimension gamer

    My specs :I3 4170 3.7hzMsi motherboard8gb DDR3 1600500W240gb ssd500gb hddGtx 710 1gb Game on a 60hz 1080p tvAstrum keyboard and mouse

  • Aleksandar Radojcic

    We should all troll Linus into sending him some components or maybe doing a video together.

  • אובר גיים

    What microphone do you use

  • Lucky pillgrim

    1070? Was a 1060 lite 😂😂😂 when was the upgrade

  • Uncertain Logic

    Nothing wrong with slumming with your grandparents till you save up money for your own place. I've wondered on more than one occasion where you live, it certainly doesn't have a "younger" fellah vibe. Still though, it's a good opportunity to spend time with your grandparents and I'm sure they don't mind having a young lad around for heavy lifting.I have to ask though, do you have some sort of fascination with birds? You have inserted more than one sea gull and parakeet into your videos. Nothing wrong with it.. I mean I love my dog, I'd probably put him in every single one of my videos if I had serious youtube aspirations.

  • Dalton Hill

    Currently it's an old socket 478 dell dimension 4600 with a 3.0ghz soft overclocked p4 2gb of ram and integrated graphics. Trying to revive a free PC with an athlon 64x2 and a grieve 7950 gt oc

  • Uyfey

    holy crap, i have the same motherboard as you! lmao #ryzen4life

  • Silas Boyden

    This is just nice to see cause a lot of set up videos are like "here's my gtx 7009991929838tiiiiiiii 400gb ddr789098vram with 8828384849939339939gb of ddr2383839839 ram with my i999999 at 600899ghz

  • Darkseid

    Hypocrite like all Christians.

  • Echo Love

    Odd. I have a 120$ Samsung 24 inch curved monitor. Are monitor prices stupid cheap now?

  • charl chaos

    i have the same mouse, i brought a £50 " i wont say the make but it begins with a C" with all the bells and whisles" and it broke in 4 days, i sent it back which took a while so brought a bazalias off ebay for a fiver free postage and it got here in a day meanwhile 15 days later my replacement mouse arrived it lasted 10 days so got a refund. Ive now been using Baz for going on a year without a problem. not all that gliters is gold. love your setup and how you got it. thanks, charl.

  • Autistic Aviator

    rest in peace daves old nest...

  • Nabeel Moazzam

    2:26 “fits in the hand quite well”

  • Mighty Warrior

    Yeah rightIts obvious you're hiding a titan v 30 core beast somewhere around lmao

  • Richard Avenido

    I didn't know msi makes controllers.

  • Abu Tahamid

    I need a friend like Darren

  • Extremely_Tired

    I have the same speakers as you

  • C.A.T.S Does

    same mouse but mine was red xd bought it for 10$

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