Building a Zombie Apocalypse Base!! (State of Decay 2)

State of Decay 2 episode 2 walkthrough with Typical Gamer!
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Description of State of Decay 2 from their website: "The next installment in the critically acclaimed "State of Decay" franchise immerses you in an all-new, multiplayer zombie survival fantasy. Build a lasting community, working with other players or solo to overcome challenges while exploring your own unique story in a world that remembers the choices you make."

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  • Rithvik Raja

    Part 3 no fortnite pleaseeeeee

  • Under Fell

    why is it sooooo blury

  • tiggz R

    State of decay 2 today ? Would be great

  • fairXxnuke Yt

    Make this a series PLZ

  • Wizard Sardine

    Make this a big series

  • Pavan K Pamidigantam

    Do more state of decay 2

  • Deontae Parnell

    Do more of these please

  • Ahmad Danial

    "Buck" shot those Zed

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