Xbox One X Tear-Down: Semi-Modular Console Design

(See pinned comment about clock speeds!) Showing the Xbox One X thermal paste, cooling solution, and tearing-down / disassembling the fan and console.
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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman
  • Gamers Nexus

    NOTE: GPU Clock speed is 1172MHz, memory speed is 1700MHz. Sourced our original numbers from LTT (as they have access to MSFT and we do not), but their numbers were apparently wrong ( impressed with the Xbox One X modularity and numbering. Should help their RMA process, but also help enthusiasts replace parts.You might also like our Switch tear-down:

  • the forestlizard

    The x clamps this brings back Xbox 360 memories back,and not good ones 😂

  • Sam Bondar

    Can we chqnge console id for unban? What a chip we should replace?

  • The Lazy Editor 101

    when u really think about it, console is just a bizzaro of a pc.

  • youngangelito22

    San the qr code on the 4k chip

  • Noscamaroz28

    This retard fucking shit up!!!! So sad and waste of an Xbox...

  • Bryan Corralez

    Lot of nerdery goin on here....

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