Far Cry 5 PC Gameplay - 2xRX Vega 64 AMD CrossFire - 5120x2880 5K60FPS + Ultra Quality

Far Cry 5 DX11
5120x2880 + Ultra Quality
Threadripper 1950x @4.0Ghz NUMA
RX Vega 64 AIO @1752/1100Mhz (1125mv In Wattman)
RX Vega 64 AIO @1722/1090Mhz (1175mv in Wattman)
Asus Zenith Extreme 0901 Bios (Agesa
Windows 10 Pro
4x8GB GSkill DDR4 3200Mhz 14-14-14-28-1-42
Crimson 18.3.4
ReLive 100Mbps 5K30
Video running at 4096x2340 @ 30HZ Max Supported encode by ReLive/Vega
  • Ausar

    Nice video :D, I have a question How did you overclock your graphics cards?

  • armza

    This is the framerate my R9 290X gets at 1080p damn! Very impressive that my 5 year old GPU is still doing well and extremely impressive that the Vega 64 is destroying this game. If only I could get a vega64 for MSRP prices in the UK...

  • Cisco Hobbs

    Are these Liquid cooled?

  • baum stamp

    Holy... mother of god... 5K 60 FPS ... breddy darn good ... I just notice that is with a very little FPS penalty due to ReLive recording even!!

  • warcrab cyber

    wow that game looks amazing in 5k. looks like a next gen game.

  • kardeon

    Very good dual GPU scaling on this game. Better than Nvidia SLI

  • BuGGzLoVer's Tech

    Ohh My Gosh! That looks stunning!!Vega has some pretty awesome performance in Far Cry 5! WoW!!

  • Nunmuduru

    Damn man you sell drugs for a living?

  • Maxi Rossini

    hello, does anyone know how to remove the screen information that shows the fps and use of gpu? I was looking for it in the controller and in the global settings section I deactivated it but it keeps appearing.. Thanks

  • Wallosteel

    Good lord! Impressive stuff

  • Jay 1131

    Awesome videos. Wish you had more subs and content shared, the big sponsored reviewers benchmarks are trash. They don't know what they doing and they aren't Vega users.

  • sdmv

    I get 4k 60fps with -50% power. Each GPU only uses 110watts.

  • Picasso Pablo

    Very stunning graphics and performance, nice

  • BuGGzLoVer's Tech

    Can I tweet this Matt B, Hope you're well Sir.

  • Ausar

    Nice video :D, I have a question How did you overclock your graphics cards?

  • hngr

    did u lower your subtimings on memory?

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