PUBG GTX 1060 + i5 8400 vs RX 580 + R5 1600

PUBG GTX 1060 + i5 8400 vs RX 580 + R5 1600

Windows 10
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.7Ghz
Intel i5 8400 2.8Ghz
GTX 1060 6Gb 1620/8008Mhz
RX 580 8Gb 1366 /8000Mhz
16Gb RAM
  • Vishal Kumar

    Really awesome ryzen is really great processor Intel never beat....


    do the colors look better in the red team? or is just my idea

  • IIIRattleHeadIII

    3-4x(300-400%) times lower CPU usage for 5-10%(1.05-1.1x) less performance and ryzen is cheaper... obvious choice for people who actually use a PC as a PC and NOT a console.

  • Teuku Yusransyah Tandi

    who cares about cpu usage ? we need performance not low cpu usage !

  • Azamat Maklashov

    Да идите на хуй ничего не понятно

  • Sasha Vodolaz


  • Mark Vincent Arcilla

    can you please try to test it again on an updated version?

  • Brayan 3R

    O V E R C L O C K I T P L E A S E . . .

  • Staff Only

    i have r5 1600 with gtx 1060 6gb and i have more fps from intel...

  • Agustin

    amd es mejor,en temperatura,y usa poco MUY poco cpu casi nada diria,intel tiene solo unos 10 fps mas no vale la pena me quedo con amd,tiene mas puntos fuertes,el unico defecto de los ryzen es que no corre tan bien los juegos no muy bien optimizados (como este justamente) pero igual ryzen demostro ser superior

  • DuduPvP HG

    Fps in RX 580 I5 8400 Clock 3.8Ghz 16gb ram?

  • sephirot 99

    nvidia + intel = PC perfect for gaming.

  • Jānis R

    How much stupid need to be to spend 300 euro for these cards!

  • Gamers Canyon

    For all people talk about use of cpu and problems about ryzen, here the problem are not ryzen, but rx 580; look at GPU usage, go to 100%!

  • Markovod NSK

    Стыдно показать Сº amd😁😁😁

  • FortniteBalkan

    Can you please test the Intel i5 8400 with the AMD RX 580 ? Thanks

  • javier

    play+stream test will be better. Im streaming with a 1600 and get only 50% usage with obs streaming, and lot of stuff open

  • gaming pc news

    fuck amd but amd parts are costly in my country ryzen is costlier than i5-8400 and 10 fps difference also

  • Reiser Wasserman

    intel + nvidia = the best practices!

  • Santiago Martínez

    Oh my god Ryzen 10%??

  • Skull Busher

    was the 1060 the asus one pls tell me

  • Kunal M

    which cooler u r using? stock or after market?

  • Theo Pot

    I get more fps with my RX480 at 2k ..

  • Vovchik Pocepun

    I would like to see the results of tests i5 8400 with rx 580 8Gb))))

  • Marcus Holmqvist

    I think the ryzen 1600 and gtx 1060 is the best

  • BTT#rockshox Specialized

    Thank you for the vìdeo .

  • TheXpepoX

    AMD really nigga? Really?

  • Reflexez

    what resolution and settings? I get 100-144 fps on 1080p PUGB but low settings with my Aorus GTX1060

  • Nur Ibad

    rx 580 just for etherium hunter....😂😂😂

  • Shadow Hunter

    Who the fuck plays PUBG on ultra? WTF?

  • RailGun Lol

    Bruh with amd u can stream and play pubg and edit etc .... so 5 to 10fps difrence is not that big deal 😄😄 (i can smell u intel fanboys)

  • warcrab cyber

    Many things are questionable here. There was no GPU clock speeds shown. It says the 8400 was running at 2.8 but the 8400 boosts to 3.8 on z370 boards with multicore enhancement.What speed ram was the 1600 running on. Why only 3.7 and not 3.9? I also doubt that GTX 1060 is running at 1600 mhz because GPU boost puts it at 1800mhz the majority of time. This test has flaws in it. The Rx 580 and ryzen 1600 could perform much better than shown here with proper tweaking

  • Wolfgang Ill

    Do you use a game capture card? How many fps would be lost through the recording?

  • streetfighting man

    is ms lower is better?

  • Tech Gyani

    which one is the perfect choice for streaming or multitasking if u ask me i would say ryzen going to be a great performer so far as i can tell from its uses around 28 %

  • Ancient Gameplays

    PUBG is still very unoptimised. It runs better on CPUs with high IPC (and high clocks) and it runs better on Nvidia too, so yeah. A nice test was to test PUBG on Ryzen 5 1600 with SMT ON AND OFF. SMT OFF would boost the performance. Well, guess i will have to make a video of it xD

  • Gideon Asher

    I wanna see the rx 580 with the i5 7400

  • NoobPlayer MMD

    Look at the priseAMD is already very well

  • sampo määttä

    Amd fanboys getting toasty here

  • Alex Roller1st

    10% cpu only ... fantastic

  • Guipokes

    Do a comparison videos between these two combos and more games pls pls

  • Spark99 Gaming

    Seriously 10% cpu usage on ryzen pubg is shit

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