[4K60 HDR] Far Cry 5 PC - Ultra HD, 60fps, High Dynamic Range - The Complete Package?

You've seen Far Cry on Xbox One X and Pro, but you've not seen it at 60 frames per second in full HDR! Rich takes the conn for the capture, with John and Alex weighing in with their opinions on this visually arresting game. For those on SDR screens... looks like YouTube's tone-mapping struggles a bit on this one in the brighter scenes!

Note: An HDR screen and YouTube HDR-compatible playback device is required for the full effect here, but YT will downscale to SDR for all other users.

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Want to see this video at this absolute best? Support for the Digital Foundry Patreon, download the pristine source file and watch on your HDR screen! https://www.digitalfoundry.net/2018-04-07-4k-hdr-far-cry-5-pc-at-60fps
  • Gaming With Ryan

    ill just stick to my xbox one x

  • Landy

    I have no clue why this game is so painful on my PC - All low, 1080p, I get dips as low as 35fps and that's with my framerate uncapped. Very rarely do I go any higher than 50s in framerate. I'm on an alright rig so I didn't expect the performance to be this rough.Someone will probably look at the specs on my channel description and immediately figure out what's up. I'm just so confused as to why a 1060 is running it so poorly - the fact that DF is getting good framerates at 4K is confusing me further :S

  • Jay Reyes

    Guys how or what devices or software do you use to record in HDR?

  • morbey2011

    It's on high not ultra so same as xbox one x

  • Zurvv

    You guys need a Titan V for testing. It can run 4k over 60 without having to lower the scaling. :)(a sign for the future nvidia performance coming in the Fall)

  • Frisson

    this game sucks, regret buying it. there's a bug thats always night for me now. i hope they accept my refund..

  • Mattchew UK

    The HDR is bright on this game. I'm playing on Xbox One X on a 65" 4K HDR Premium Panasonic DX902 TV. I've had to turn away and squint a few times while playing this it can get so bright. Can't be good for the eyes.

  • Burebista BCE

    Not impressed! I can play this on my X in true 4k/30 fps for 500€!! Why i have to pay 2000€ minimum for a pc to play with 30 fps more??? That's why i love my X ❤

  • David Olandersson

    So not even PC:s can't do native 4K? It's almost like if you wan't native 4K you will have to scale something else back no matter what platform you're playing on. How would have thought that...

  • Alex

    they should talk about the multiple DRM's Ubisoft put on their games that cripples performance on pc

  • gaiozi1

    Make Xbox one freesync update video please

  • arhickernell

    Runs great on my 1060 6gbvram, ultra at 1080p. Average 60-80 fps.

  • Tony Bone

    I'm loving this game so far but the trees plants ect are lifeless. they blew in the wind and reacted to helicopters in the 4th ??...

  • Niko N

    Why letsplayers don't make games walkthroughs in 4K HDR

  • Walther Penne

    So you´ll "only" need a 4 Ghz Ryzen-cpu to handle 70 fps?Lol...Poor PS4/Xbox One-users :DCinematic 30 fps is waiting for you. Since right now we have to assume no AMD Ryzen 4-Ghz cpu will be used in PS5/Xbox Two.Since that cpu will alone consume 80 watts or more. Even if you shrink it down further consumption won`t go lower.

  • Nick's Name

    The HDR in this game is awful

  • The ChillyWinds

    The most recent patch for console seems to have obliterated performance and visual quality on xbox one x. It runs almost constantly at sub 30fps and seems to have near constant screen tearing. Also it looks insanely blurry. Could be that the dynamic res is just completely broken. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • inuyasha

    looks nice but is to colorful real life does not look like that

  • s0ad29

    What's up with the white flashes/flickering from the foliage in hdr when moving around.


    I can get locked 30 fps on ultra on my gtx 1060 @ 4k lol

  • Boner Kill

    Am I the only one who thinks that HDR has gotten way out of hand?The sun shine through the trees is so powerful that it looks like the sun is 50 feet from Earth.

  • theone2be33

    This is by a FARCRY going to be the BEST FARCRY EVER!!!

  • BrysNightWorld

    Resident evil 7 and far cry 5, hdr on and off doesn't really hurt performance. Final fantasy 15? Huge at times. Absolutely play with it on if you can, but I'd reckon it is bad as 10fps less

  • advanceddarkness3

    Great review, terrible aim. =)

  • Supra TT

    4k gaming will die out soon

  • HibHab69

    Where the heck in Montana is this? It's never this bright outside.

  • clericstorm2009

    1080 SLI works great in this game. 4k 60 HDR locked throughout real gameplay.

  • Supra TT

    for some reason far cry 5 graphics are that good 4 has better color

  • freddywayne

    Easily Game of the Year! This game looks amazing on my Xbox One X.

  • Kragthor

    This is one of a few HDR games that does actually look better in HDR. Most games look worse with HDR on so good job Ubisoft.

  • Scott Douglas

    Crowbcat utterly ruined this game for me with his Far Cry 2 comparison video. Not even kidding, I've just lost interest. You can't take that many steps backwards and expect me to still be interested.

  • Ab Sa

    You won't believe it but there is ''HDR'' in my Asus PB278Q there is Scenery mode , vibrate colour make them looks much better , so it's better than HDR

  • Mark Thompson

    Looks great in hdr on my Sony Xperia xz1 😀

  • morbey2011

    So even with a beast pc the graphics are the same as the xbox one x lol wow beast of a machine

  • Criss MV

    Games > Resolution. Always!! You won't remember the numbers/pixel count you played at, but the games experience!

  • Alec Rozsa

    How do you get full HDR at 60hz in 4k? I've never seen anyone get full RGB, 10bit, and full dynamic range at 4k60hz

  • Chris Bullock

    Digital Foundry could this be redone with a VEGA 64? to see the performance difference with high bandwidth?

  • Fo

    Quality conversation. I like the new guy's participation. Thanks, DF.

  • Lord JeSith

    Let's be honest. No normal person gives a fuck if the gameplay blows goats.

  • Jay Reyes

    DigitalFoundry hey what software or hardware did you use to record of gameplay in HDR I am interested in recording HDR PC gameplay with my PC

  • Nedeljko Kovacevic

    Damn I've just realized spoilers! 0_O

  • xboxgamer

    I have a PC with a 980ti, i7 4770k, 16gb ddr3 ram, and the Xbox One X...both hooked up to a 1440p monitor...dunno which version of the game would look and play better.

  • razrd

    what are the specs of the pc you're using it? @digitalfoundry

  • Diffy

    John is my favorite guy, keep it up! :D

  • Jerome Freeman

    DF, I am still looking for the Prey Dreamcast vs PC comparison + framerate test video.

  • Bud The Cyborg

    DigitalFoundry you guys really need to start testing games at 120fps.60fps is a crime for PC shooters.

  • aleksmeister92

    GIVE US... SOMETHING ELSEabout time you spice things up a bit

  • Aristowi

    The game looks so white and bright, it's kinda annoying, the textures get lost, it's like you need to wear sunglasses while playing it. I hope that turning down brightness gets it fixed.

  • Starfals

    How do people even play with 30 fps cap? I tried on my crappy laptop and it feels really slow and laggy. I tested Bioshock and FarCry 4. Its just horrible. Anything under 60 makes my screen lag big time.

  • ZeuS 666

    Turn off motion blur and Anti-aliasing, probably better then dropping the rez


    I hurt see how you destroyed tankers - this oil need for Fall`s End!

  • Daniel Rodrigues

    Consoles.... LUL 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tommaso Galdi

    I loved seeing you guys laugh and have fun this time :D

  • Alastor424

    What monitor do you use?

  • NinjaGamer

    How are the visuals compared to wild lands? Are the detail levels improved? Wild lands did look pretty good from the short time I played it.

  • InfinityPCs

    What display are you using for hdr?

  • VoodooFingerz

    Loved the conversation at the end of this video lol.

  • NonsensicalVids

    luckily I have a galaxy s9+ so HDR ftw

  • morbey2011

    I just can't believe no matter how much money you have its pretty much impossible to get this at native 4k and locked 60frames

  • FuryXHD PC

    the visual popping really is distracting

  • Kenjionigod

    The sun is so insanely bright in HDR.

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