Minecraft 1.8.1 FPS Test GTX 760 2GB,Intel Core i5-4670,8GB Ram

Hello guys this is a FPS test on minecraft for anyone interested in what fps you get with the parts listed.

My Specs:

.intel Core i5-4670 3.4GHz
.Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 2GB OC Edition
.8GB Corsair Vengeance Ram
.120GB SSD
.Corsair CX Series 600W power supply

Resource pack here: http://bdcraft.net/
  • WhoTookBen

    btw what is the motherboard, case ect, I might build this pc, please answer this as I know nothing about pc's lol, and how much did it cost (if you don't mind me asking)

  • ImNotADuck

    I have a few questions about your pc if you don't mind. (anyone can answer, it would be much appreciated. :) )I have a set of questions.1) What FPS would it have when running things like mad pack, tekkit, FTB etc with optifine with normal-max settings with no shaders?2) With normal - high settings, what fps would it have when running fairly intensive shaders?3) With normal-high settings, what fps would it run basic minecraft at? (no mods or shaders but with optifine.)4) Whats fps would it be on when playing on servers like mineplex and hypixel when playing minigames that may cause lag, for example: Micro Battles, TNT run etc5) Finally could you/anyone make your current PC on newegg or pcpartpicker(UK) and reply with a link? :)Thankyou for your time and I hope you can answer these questions, have a great day.

  • careless james

    and I get about 900 to 1000 fps

  • AlphaPlays

    Can i play SEUS with 60 FPS?Intel Core i5 4670 @ 3.40 GHzNvidia Geforce GTX VGA 760 2GB2 GB RAM for MCWindows 7 64 BIT

  • ScreenHorror

    Wow, this is a really solid build! I use a 780, the same CPU as you and 16GB of RAM. BTW nice video :3

  • WhoTookBen

    what fps do you get when your not recording? please reply

  • O_o_o_O

    which One is your motherboard

  • Mlgxxx Mlg

    How much fps can i get?I5 4460R9 280x8 GB ram250 GB ssd1 TB hdd750 corsair PSU

  • Jeembo

    Vsync basically locks your frame rate at 60 so you don't get screen tearing, but u really shouldn't be going under 60^ very simplified explaining of vsync

  • Jackson Kiino-Terburg

    by the way VBOs increases your fps

  • Truth Gaming

    Get optifine if your in that world with optifine and thoose setting you'll probly get 2 the 3 hundred frams per second

  • careless james

    I have a computer that is 32 gb of ram and two 6gb of graphics

  • RSG

    If I get a GTX 780 3GB DDR5 will I get more fps?


    That's like my pc xD but I converted 6 gs of memory to ram :) so lol

  • ᒎᗝᕼᑎ ᑕᗩᖇᒪᗝ


  • Mc Heat

    i have 14 to 20 fps with my 8gb ram and I use 36 mods with it

  • Brock

    Can anyone tell me what i'd get with this build on Minecraft w and w/o shaders please, thankyouIntel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz 1TB 7200 RPMCPU Cooling - COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 PlusNvidia Geforce GTX 760 2GB Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1600MHzCorsair Enthusiast Series RM750 750 Watt 80 Plus GoldWindows Premium 64 bit

  • SynchroDemize | Motion & Games

    No offense, but you are completely wrong about v-sync. It syncs the framerates to your monitors max ghz speed. The card pumps out the same performance, but the monitor displays the maximum framerate it can without stuttering. Also, 20 tnt explosions, you'll get the same fps without v-sync. And the vbo makes the game use the graphics card slightly more intensely, i'm not sure about the details on that.

  • danthemango

    What about modded minecraft? like Resonant Rising 3?

  • Sean lee

    anyone notice how his voice just stopped for like helf a second for about every 3 or 4 words

  • IBeThieving

    Ok if you look in the top right you only have 1gb of ram allocated to minecraft if you wanna get more performance allocate half your ram to minecraft so I have 8 gig so I allocate 4

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