Danielle Bregoli The "Cash Me Outside" Girl Is Mobbed By Fans While Shopping At The Beverly Center

Danielle Bregoli The "Cash Me Outside" Girl Is Mobbed By Fans While Shopping At The Beverly Center In LA 3.19.17 - TheHollywoodFix.com

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  • RC Ruby

    She only whet on dr Phil just for attention not only from her mom ,family, friend, Dr Phil, & now the world all she is a 13 year who acts like a fake person

  • Giannah Alewine

    Hi bitch I love you I want your phone number so bad but I now I can't

  • Jessika Sorrells

    She literally should not be famous she seriously is the rudest human on the planet how bout dat

  • jeff saunders

    Why are people following this trash around?

  • Fernando Bojorquez

    I'd fucking get heated asf if I were her

  • Schnörkel Fenja

    Oh geez, I feel like my brain is about to melt... So this little girl, who is literally a child, has a greedy, money hungry mom who has had the clever idea (and yes, that idea was clever indeed, respect for that one. if I had a kid I would consider pulling a similar stunt) to exploit her daughter´s antics on TV, apparently quite aware of the fact that there are enough idiots and enablers out there, ready to jump right in and make anyone famous for anything. ... So now there is one more child out there that is earning absolutely unjustified amounts of money for walking and talking like an idiot, and people are buying right into it, as this video is a beautiful document of : A horde of obviously very intelligent young humans, smart phones firmly glued to their hands, is following around a girl that, inspite of being a teenager, speaks like a 12 year old, and got her nails done so she can publically chew on them and can go shopping in her underwear. And to think of her musical talent... Yes, that is the perfect role model for today´s kids. After all, they were becoming way too intelligent, can`t have that. 🤪♩ ♫ And I say to myself, what a wonderful wooorrrllllddd....♪♫♩

  • Brendan Dell

    these kids be following her likes shes something to be inspired about. this little thot got famous for literally being rude and abusive to her own mother. THAT is not something to look up to. fools....

  • Gilbert Tan

    I would die just to meet dan!

  • Chris Hansen

    cash her outside ......the Beverly Hills Mall....now that's gangster

  • pacmans wife

    Everysingle one of those kids got 5 bucks to follow that idiot around

  • Mary Dirdre

    the way she ties the shoes before she puts it back in the box

  • Ruby’s Vids

    “Cash me outside how bout dat” WTF Danielle is so rude but she soooooo cuteeeeeeeeee

  • YoRatchetAs s

    PHOM are oit I have all the Colors

  • ra werbata

    Those people who are follwong her: "don't you have a life !?"

  • naomi LOVE

    im 10 and i wear size 7 daniel got small feet

  • Hermionie granger fan

    One question why is everyone obsessed with a fucking idiotic bitch ?

  • Mon Valley truth

    Wow this spoiled cunt needs her teeth kicked in everyone praises her for being a leech to society an a complete brat pathedic as hell just show how many people are just that pathetic sorry ass human beings

  • rxiin

    they’re like literally going shopping wit her

  • C K

    I don't know what is MORE boring...being her bodyguard or her brokeass fans following her around with no time or money to shop...its not like she's going to feed you afterwards

  • PredatorAce Quiles

    This is so pathetic bunch of idiots

  • tiliya Diaz

    🙃People are so weird .. they literally followed her store to store ... , like take your picture/recording of her then GO AWAY

  • Heather Maffetone-Thomas

    Why'd they really pick the girl that looks closest to Malu to help her shop?!?

  • Glo rudolph

    You wanna kiss me mush hdhdhhdhfh

  • Leena Ahmed

    So you can become famous for being disrespectful to your mum? What is this world coming to?!

  • ayon quintero

    Stupid girl with no brain 🧠.. same thing with that people behind

  • Leave:Me:In:A:Little:Log:Cabin ?

    She’s famous for having a really bad attitude and being completely disrespectful. Now she’s got a music gig , which I think it really wouldn’t even matter if she had that or not. She’s famous for nothing basically, I see no reason to idolize her. Thumbs down 👎

  • Damaris gonzalez

    Omg !! She's so small compared to the bodyguard!!AHAHAHHAHA SO HELLA CUTEE!!I LOVE HER!!😍😍💖💖

  • Kalya Rowsy Texting girly

    Why are they following her i know they want a pic but give her a rest the fuck

  • Alec Mejia

    Everyone is so obsessed with their phone in this, they’re legit obsessed. If pisses me the fuck off. What has this world come to no joke though

  • Joshua John-Brandy

    I'd be so frustrated. I'd be like "cash me outside his bout dat?"

  • Laura Fernandez De Soto Villegas

    Habia gente hablando español

  • Nicole Costa

    People LIKE her ??? Wowwwww lmao

  • Courtney🌠Shain🎀💜

    She's not that bad really. She's nice to her fans. I think this girl was hurt when she was little. Poor girl never had a dad or any siblings. The loneliness changed her.

  • Indo .Squad

    this video is show how desperate all of those kids. they need something better for their life and their future.

  • matt barrett

    When she farts does it smell like strawberry preserves? NO! It smells like shit. BREGOLI IS FULL OF SHIT. Cash that outside BITCH...................

  • peace on earth

    She is like what 14yo and I cant help think how many adult men she has sleep with....even just going by body language in video.

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