Danielle Bregoli The "Cash Me Outside" Girl Is Mobbed By Fans While Shopping At The Beverly Center

Danielle Bregoli The "Cash Me Outside" Girl Is Mobbed By Fans While Shopping At The Beverly Center In LA 3.19.17 - TheHollywoodFix.com

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  • Mrs.Nickadeemus

    Mobbed by fans.... It's like 20 middle school kids.

  • Jesus Lol5

    Pinchi genti enfadosa alv, mas esa niña de las trensas

  • SophieSophs

    Even if you are a fan, OF ANYONE, don’t just follow them and make a parade of it. Take your pic, say something if you want, and have some self respect and leave them alone. My god. You are just making a fool of yourself following them. 🤦‍♀️😫😒

  • Sandy Morales

    Btw I had never seen a foot locker sales associate help that fast lol usually I have to wait 5+minutes to get help and another 5+ to bring the shoes .. lol 😂

  • hiruni nisansala

    How old is she to smoke

  • Lara Jones

    Deve ser estranho ser famoso, pq tp vc n pode nem ir em uma loja sozinha hahaha tem várias pessoas tirando fotos atrapalhadas kkkk mas tem o lado bom, pode ir na loja e leva o que quiser hahaha amooo muitooo ela 💜💜

  • Joshua Mateo

    Hi yoooooooo ugly b🐸🐸🐸🐸 y a frog

  • Unisex ASMR

    The girl with the braids needs to get a life as well as the rest of her barnyard friends 😂

  • Iris Lepic

    broo let the girl shop like thats so annoying for everyone followong youu omgg

  • albanaise de bxl

    ugh am i the only one who don’t like Danielle?

  • Laura North

    Y can’t people just leave her alone

  • black strawberry

    She has alot of patience to deal with dumb kids on her ass the whole time

  • rebecca xx

    i dont even get it, why tf is she "famous"

  • Kymberly Taylor

    Omg , she should make a music video, using that song at the end

  • Fran Harry

    Why is this girl famous? 🙄🙄

  • Kawaii unicorn

    She’s so small like no hate

  • aniya toy review

    It seem like she had no fresh air to breath

  • PzychoHD

    She’s tiny in person



  • Estrfany Montes

    She is good some times but l hate when she not take a picture with her fan

  • 10 ᴄᴀʀʀʏ

    졸졸 쫒아다니는 모습이 ㅈㄴ게도 한심하네

  • Sandy Morales

    Damn PPL are so fucking annoying, like hey take a picture of her and MOVE TF ONN! Not going to achieve nothing by staring & pointing a phone at her 😒

  • Angeline Calugay

    I hate Danielle because she has a bad attitude!😤💯

  • Samy R

    Awww poor Dani I saw that she was uncomfortable.

  • Erin Chewe

    The laugh tho Its very unique i have not heard it before

  • Kayden Cardona

    I hate stupid people like that look at her

  • Lovely Arieona

    I would just ask for a pic and leave her alone cuz she got a life like we do and she need to live like we do

  • Alana Ortiz

    I would be so annoyed

  • Brooke Lovel

    “Wanna kiss me” kids voice

  • Efra Wetson

    fucking sheep followers how stupid

  • Dreday

    She laughs funny she sounds like a dying chicken

  • *Nyellie Trevino*

    I hate fans like thjs like maybe if you see a celebrity you can like pretend to get a little close but dont follow them bc they wont like you so in stead take pics far away just like me

  • MEG

    Someone hurt her so she said to her self that she has to stay strong and whatever happened is not her fault and what ever will happen will not be her fault is it not clear how she looks she dose not want to be followed you can see it but she try to handle it with her Nose up and that may not be the best way to deal with something but it is her way

  • Sergio M.

    Puta gente que patética

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