Far Cry 5 Gameplay: 15 minutes of 4K gunfights, explosions, races and more (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

We recently spent some time exploring the open world of Hope County, Montana ahead of Far Cry 5's March release. Here are our favourite clips from our playthrough, giving you a glimpse of the crazy things you'll get up to when taking on the Eden Project.

Find out more in our hands-on review: https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/review/games/far-cry-5-preview-3663128/

Note that the game is currently a work in progress, and the video features some bugs that'll (hopefully) be ironed out before release.
  • Patz

    Not bad, not bad at all... world seems to be very active

  • Mr. 2cents.

    Nice playing. I like the campers in the forest by the fire, playing guitar. I like those random moments. Really can't play this game in peace at home and my way.

  • Venger

    "Yeah... um... I'm gonna need to cancel any and all appointments from March 27th until indefinitely. It looks like I'm going to be busy. Very busy."

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