FAR CRY 5 Free Roam Gameplay - New Melee Weapons, Snipers and Flamethrower Repair Tool Gameplay!

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Video created by WillyB. (Family Friendly)
  • Brian Gould

    Far cry 5 hunting game

  • MiCk ToozZ

    I'm actually really proud ubsofe thay done some brilliant work over that past years but lately has to be the BEST work like Ac and now far cry 5 thay really improved over that last couple no years and now that all I won't to play is Ac and far cry that are both now my top 2 fav games keep it up ubsoft and I love the games and the fans we are proud fans of all of u and ur games 💪👍

  • gnarCR

    What are the shooting physics like? Is there bullet drop? Do the guns have different muzzle velocities, or are they all just lasers? Sniper mechanics especially are so much more fun when you have to range in and lead your shot from distance.

  • Cosmic Drive

    Tell ubisoft to bring back weapon jamming and durability from FarCry 2

  • Bear-Pig Nation!

    Get meself a nice black mustang an I’ll John wick my ass through this game xD

  • MrPewPew __

    What model of truck is the widowmaker based off?

  • TSM _Elite

    Is there a map editor tho

  • PR TV

    Will just looking at old videos of this game and here’s a question....do you like the feel and look of this build better than the current one? Has it improved?

  • mórk EMS

    i didn't even see no blood on the bat not much gore at all

  • Blind Owl

    When u shoot people no bullet holes or blood stains... wtf

  • Steven Squire

    ANYONE notice the bobble head is missing that used to be vaas?? They must of got some push back or copyright infringement on that.

  • Nathan The gamer

    1:30 Lucille 2.0 is thirsty shes a vampire bat

  • xX JDM 4 LIFE Xx

    You are the worst Far Cry player

  • Kidd Giggity

    Is it just me or are there like no animals , I see him running around in such a vast open area and I don't see a single one , or as much as there should be. I'm kinda getting worried 😩

  • Fate Breaker

    I'm gonna forgive you for saying "assault rifle" for 2 reasons, 1..I like your video and 2, you're clearly ignorant about weaponry and that's forgivable. Lol

  • Justin Felder

    So how have you been deciding what character to use? I notice in this video there's a female, some other ones it's male.

  • Brandon Pilihos

    what was your favorite experience with farcry5?

  • Freddie Taylor

    *DMR not assault rifle but good video anyway love these vids think of picking the game up at the end of the month

  • Tomas Jaros

    Do you see your legs,please?

  • ONTO

    The intro does a little pain to my ears. (Just saying)

  • Gaming Therapy

    i want you to show the muscle cars in farcry 5

  • JT Yearsley

    What other melee weapons are there?? I want a knife!

  • Sam Alldus

    This isn’t your gameplay footage I saw it on other accounts

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