The History of Far Cry

With Far Cry 5 right around the corner its time to look back at the history of Ubisoft's very own Skyrim with guns series.

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  • Tarek Ramchani

    Far Cry 2 is really underrated. Yes it was a serious game with almost no funny moments or jokes, but overall it was solid title. The AI was so good and dangerous. What I hated, the checkpoints, you kill the soliders and they'are always back, unlike Far Cry 3, 4 or 5.

  • Joseph Moralea

    You forgot far cry primal

  • MLGirraffe 57

    Kyrat isnt a fictional country. It is very real

  • Buttersvevo

    I was so sad when I had to kill vaas

  • Super British Cheese

    Far cry 5 is absolutely my favourite, it’s just such an amazing game with the new play features it has, graphics and much more but the others are classics and are really really good too

  • Clayton Welch

    in far cry 3 co-op you find the guy from far cry 4

  • Albert Colon

    You should do Saints Row!!!

  • XDigsX 13

    "American born Ajay Ghale returns to where he was born to kyrat...."Really bruh?

  • Rhys Baker

    I love Far Cry Instincts Predator such an underrated game


    Blood dragon was the worst game

  • fortnitekid 50

    When I whached the instincts part i was playing it

  • Carleigh Combs

    But if they changed it so much, they wouldn't be able to call it far cry... and far cry is uncharted in the first person... I'm here for the story, though

  • Crusader

    Favorite Far Cry is 2 the others like 3 and blood dragon are good but 4, & primal are ok and 5 not good in my opinion.

  • Maria Arias

    You forgot farcry primal

  • Shgurr Squad 9

    My favourite is Far Cry Instincts Predator

  • Everyone dies someday

    The soundtrack for farcry 3 was amazing

  • JPK Metro Studios

    My Review Of Far Cry Games in my opinion:1. Far Cry 31.5. Far Cry Blood Dragon2. Far Cry 23. Far Cry 44. Far Cry Classic5. Far Cry Primal6. Instincts

  • Aayan Abbas

    Man farcry 2 is so much more realistic than any of its successors

  • Song YEE

    farcry 3 is the best

  • Brandon Tayor

    Hillacopters. Exasterbated.

  • lgd661

    I quite liked farcry pred it was a bit simple but I thought it would of been a great idea for a spin off dlc featuring mutants simular to blood dragon

  • Pythos

    Love me some far cry

  • kz freeze

    What about farcry primal

  • CyclonicTuna023

    I actually think Far Cry 2 is still the best game in the series. The Africa setting was just stunning at the time, still is in my opinion. And the Jackal is my favorite antagonist of all the Far Cry games. And the plost twist at the end of the game cemented that.

  • JackMontana

    BloodDragon was the best, if they made a PS4 / One remastered I'd be all over it in a heartbeat

  • David W

    Far Cry 3 is the best and Far Cry 5 is second. Definitely liked that you can have 2 companions. I always go for stealth attacks makes it funner than just running and gunning.

  • Prtpot117

    I started at Far Cry Primal and have finished Far Cry 5. Loved both of them.!


    5 is literally the best game EVER!!

  • Mark Trujillo

    I feel like far cry 5 is exactly ghost recon

  • Frozen Toast

    Number 3 will always be dear to my heart 😌.

  • ace goesgaming

    The jackal like james bond jackal

  • Nyan Eleven

    When I first played FC3 I thought the map is glitched or some shit lmao

  • Passthedutch 1977

    Farcry 5 is awful. I have to shoot my companions whenever I get into a vehicle, otherwise they just run around in circles. Then the gameplay is extremely easy, and the storyline is a mess. It feels like it was halfway developed and shuffled out. Disappointing, because it's a truly beautiful landscape. Characters are detailed and so are the animals, but that's all it has going for it. Very buggy and glitchy. I'm hoping for a patch, but if not soon, I won't be buying another Ubisoft title for awhile.

  • Nubisthepug

    My brother has already finished the game

  • thereal MCPM

    FarCry 3 was the most well rounded game in the series. Great mechanics, story, and map. FarCry 4 was too fast paced and the story was meh. FarCry 5 has awesome mechanics but poor perks and a story that makes no f***ing sense... not too mention unsatisfying endings AND they got rid of crafting with animal loot.

  • Gannon J

    Far cry 5 is the best game ubisoft has ever made in my opinion, although watchdogs 1 and assassins creed 2 are close

  • Walter H. May

    This was a great video. Seeing Far Cry 1 reminded me of my late-night teen years.

  • Dipper8479 GamerR

    Play far cry primal and far cry 5!

  • Niko Zollner

    Sconce far Cary 5 is a Ubisoft Montreal product, I don the ink they give a flying fuck what people think about its similaritys with the curent political condition in AmericaAs they are Canadian, and as one myself I can concur that making fun of American politics really is a national pass time up here

  • mr. tacticool

    Far cry 3 is overrated as fuck

  • A fat cat from sweden

    American born Ajay returns to where he was born...

  • EnglishDreadnought

    Vaas was rubbish. You'd call that original, an edgy foul-mouthed slightly bonkers psycho? I can scarcely think of anything more trite.

  • Apex gaming

    How can u miss out far cry primal on the thumb nail

  • Tough Cookie12453

    The farcay serene is amazing I have 12345

  • ReptileKeeper

    from what i played of the far cry games i think far cry 5 is by far the best and joseph is by far the best villain ;)

  • ToonZilla 200

    Far cry 3 and primal are the best and the 1 far cry game

  • Sven

    Great vid. Love FarCry!

  • Chubby1010107

    Ok, so he implies that you couldnt stealth your way through an outpost in far cry 2, what kind of noob are you? I did it all the time!

  • Pin head Larry

    Why is the bears name Cheeseburger

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