Welcome back to another Far Cry 5 where we're are exploring the Lost City! Wait what?! Ok so actually there's this thing called Far Cry Arcade that allows you to build some incredible stuff and ubisoft made a template map and it was pretty darn awesome. For more far cry 5 gameplay videos, be sure to drop a like!
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  • Jack *Will* Kill You

    It's just bullshit that you HAVE to have PS FUCKING PLUD TO FUCKING PLAY!!!!!!

  • FS 5ives

    Says been playing far cry 5 recently doesn’t know what bliss smoke is

  • MrTangolizard

    Pistol whip means to hit someone with a pistol not shoot them with a pistol lol

  • Joe

    Are you figting other players or is it AI?

  • NinjaArthur

    Reminds me of Crysis 3

  • Nate The Doge

    Olli: This is like DLC right here.Viewer: No wait don’t say tha-Ubisoft: Did someone say DLC?!? PRICETAG , PRICETAG, PRICETAG!Viewer: God help us..

  • juCbacon

    The city has a dying light vibe

  • Dougthebeliever

    How does someone like me get someone like you to showcase my map? Sorry if this has already been answered.

  • Oliver White

    Looks like the first level of Half-Life 2

  • Ryan Mccleave

    To be honest I don't like the music

  • Clint underwood

    if you can create things such as this, 16:40 in game, i am going to have some fun making maps when i get this game.

  • Matthew Mickles

    Wish trains were available for map creator

  • Dave Brohman

    "You should look where you're going, love...OH SHIT!" XD

  • KyleB

    i really appreciate Ubisoft actually putting effort into their game

  • Mystic_myth

    At 14:37 were he shows the arms grabbing the mannequin it reminds me of the evil within 2 coverwere Sebastian is being grabbed by the hands

  • Melting Stream

    9:43 it went under the truck omg xD

  • JD P

    Arcade mode has more content than Destiny DLCs....

  • Hot Dog

    This city map really reminds me of Half Life 2

  • wild man

    This map makes mine look like a fucking 2 year old made it lol. Although now seeing this video I understand how to use the creator now.

  • pubg and fortnite funny moments

    Honestly i love farcry 5

  • Nick Campbell

    It's like I, Pet Goat made a FC5 map

  • AyriiX decran

    This is the last of us

  • Dr. Zippy Mcscoots

    Reminds me of Halflife 2

  • mrnewvegas216

    The city looks like the mission from cod ghosts

  • Absolutely Pro

    Any chance you can debut my map?

  • Hank Hill

    Clickbaited again yay

  • party seaker

    The map he was playing looks like the map from escape from tarcove


    I finished the game all ready


    Intro song please anybody

  • John Wicc Thicc

    Someone should make a sandstorm dubai from spec ops the line on here.

  • SirCornFlakeZ Z

    Who gave you a RPG for close combat 5:57

  • Jonathan Sullivan

    Seriously, it's funny how people are getting butt hurt about aiming. He's not in a tournament. It's just game play. The end of the world isn't coming, because he's not aiming the way you like. Calm down. Breathe. Count to four. Inhale. Count to four. Exhale.

  • Antonio Lomeli

    Whaaaaaaa this is a far cry from what I expected it to be. Ok I’ll go now

  • Placidy y

    you sound like a manlier soviet womble

  • Matthew Kendall

    Looks like the last of us.

  • Dooley 209

    This my first time watching one of your videos and I might subscribe becaues you play on the ps4

  • Mujtaba Rahman

    its you who cant aim for shit.... not the game

  • Taylor Smith

    Did you really just blame your horrible aim and inability to handle recoil on the game not having “call of duty smoothness”?

  • Derk Ender

    I feel as the game moves on this arcade will give us some amazing other stuff to play. They barely open the door and i feel there is so much more room they can do. Also I'm wishing for a 3rd person option for vehicles


    Farcry in a city. Would be f sick!

  • Davon Abeyta

    I just played this yesterday

  • MrYammizz

    Hahahaha Threw u a sub...Yes do more 👍

  • VRsite

    Where do I find the rubble in the map options??? 6:55

  • Pop gaming

    This map remindes me of the last of us game(which is pretty amazing)

  • TheSameDweeb

    Is this on PC or Xbox One?

  • Bubski

    this map is bullshit in every way objects are touching and clipping each other is i make a map and that stuff happens i have to fix it

  • Kyle France

    i couldn't watch this guy he's so bad

  • Zwizz 808

    Do a rc car down the mega ramp like if you agree

  • SirCornFlakeZ Z

    Who gave you a RPG for close combat 2 minutes later 5:56

  • Aaron Fylipek

    I love it when he says it actualy looks like a video game lmao bro it is a video game? Lol

  • Cameron Priest

    Olli, COD's aiming is only smoother because it has no realism. Far Cry has a realistic sway and bullet drop.

  • Christy mack

    Pistol whipping is hitting someone with the butt of the pistol not killing with it lol

  • Bandit

    'Watch where you're going love'Walks straight into random woman

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