Top 10 Upcoming Realistic Job Simulator Games 2018 | Simulation Games 2018

Hey, guys, this is my list of 10 Most Realistic Simulator Games of 2018

0:00 Contraband Police
Platforms: PC
Release: 21 June, 2018

1:26 Thief Simulator
Platforms: PC
Release: TBA

2:42 Police Simulator 18
Platforms: PC
Release: Q2 2018

3:34 Stormworks: Build and Rescue
Platforms: PC, MAC
Release: TBA

4:42 Flashing Lights: Police Fire EMS
Platforms: PC
Release: early 2018

6:43 Pure Farming 2018
Platforms: PC, PS4, XB1
Release: 13 Mar, 2018

7:36 Space Mechanic Simulator
Platforms: PC
Release: TBA

8:58 Junkyard Simulator
Platforms: PC
Release: 11 May, 2018

9:32 Cattle and Crops
Platforms: PC, MAC, Linux
Release: TBA

11:18 Cooking Simulator
Platforms: PC
Release: Q1 2018

12:48 Demolish & Build 2018
Platforms: PC
Release: TBA

13:55 House Flipper
Platforms: PC, MAC
Release: Q1 2018

14:44 Firefighting Simulator
Platforms: PC
Release: Q2 2018

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  • dotherightthing Andy

    16:00 cocain binging chef simulator


    The pure Farming one, looks cool.

  • Ryan Jr

    Ok now first one is fucked up

  • nyan nυsii

    usah harap la game mcmni nak ade kat malaysia..

  • Darley Santos

    Muitas empresas podiam se juntar e fazer um mega game Simulator online mundo real

  • rubygreen gaming

    The chef one looks the best made (: lol.

  • Assasinz Legion

    im gonna play thief simulator then catch myself while laying police simulator

  • jklol kekek

    Flashing Lights, that cop sim, looks like a bad ripoff of any good gta v police mod..

  • Danial Abdullah

    In Cooking Simulator you can get angry like Gordon Ramsay

  • Yow Mama

    *Gordon Ramsey Simulator

  • hahahahaha Hahahahaha

    Sorry for ur future games developers but gta 5 on pc beats all these shit games 1000000000x plus it’s free... fuck off

  • Elias Göransson

    i like the idea that the first one has to search for contraband but the way they executed it doesn't look so appealing

  • Sanjay Goswami

    I like the ad. VANDHA VILLAS ,😂

  • Spirit Guide1214

    Next up is Sanitation Engineer 2019! I hear this year they are completely replacing the mop system! Ohhhh! And new DLC dustpans with custom logos!

  • jaaa ncook

    why don't you get a fuckin job ^_^

  • Karl Marek

    Police simulator is like true crime the ps1 version

  • Artur Emenems

    GTA 5 its best simulator

  • DJMCflaminPus


  • doubleagentNiko 47

    Cool i want the police game it looks so cool i liked

  • Shane Roger

    First one not a big fan look dumb

  • uglykneegrow

    thief simulator. goodjob now the crime will increase

  • Hugo Billiau

    doo doo doo sir im going to have to destory your truck. Ok then. all right lets deastroy this , ooh some guns, i could use these, a bunch of grenades ooh cool, oh i always wanted some cigars *smokes*, ok sir im done can i have money. no. ok then SMASH SMASH SMASH SLICE SLICE, can i have money now? okie dokie. all right u r good to go in your severeley destroyed truck. bye now. have a good day sir

  • Vauxhall Astra

    Legit I'm Gonna get all Police Simulator

  • fa ke

    1:21 there is mongolian money

  • Jakob

    What's Q1 and Q2?

  • IvanMcoolYT

    Anyone else want to get a pc after watching what new games are coming to it

  • Jay Snoek

    junkyard wher can i downloud that


    That cooking simulator is my favorite

  • RmP1500

    That wheel tho 3:03 lmao

  • TylerEzX

    When I look at the thumbnail I thought it was fake but it was not at all

  • Kostasoflow

    hit a real battery fucks the car no contraband found

  • Andy Käser

    a real job might be the best job simulator out there🤔

  • NeonsStyle

    Contraband Police is going to flop so bad if that's the only game mechanic, it'd get boring so fast.

  • Kutulue

    Combine all of this into an MMO. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

  • O.G Autistler

    Contraband police is basically a communist police officer..

  • Daniaez Hash

    Thief simulator is a best thief game!

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