21 Funny Things In Far Cry 5 HD

Watch FAR CRY 5 All Easter Eggs And Secrets here:
► https://youtu.be/sF6sQDfStTw

Collection of funny and WTF things / details / secrets / features found in FAR CRY 5 and it's last video in the Far Cry series.

Let me know if you would like more of '# Funny Things' series (for any game), apart from, ofcourse, Easter Eggs.

Music: Far Cry 5 OST

The List:
01. Chinese / Japanese Message
02. Head Stuck In Chimney
03. Highly Trained Pig
04. Rules For Visiting Humans (FANG)
05. Bulls Testicle Festival
06. Party Animals (Pig + Goat)
07. Leap of Fail (Assassin's Bleed)
08. Skipping The Mission Brief
09. Singing Cultist
10. Flying Shovels (+ Baseball Bats)
11. Treasures Hidden In Eagle Nests
12. Fancy Towel
13. Killer Turkeys
14. Gun Range Protocol (No Booze Allowed!)
15. Perfect AI Driving
16. Near Miss
17. Only Youuu
18. Ghost Town (+ Pumpkin Love)
19. Kick In The Face
20. Singing Fish
21. Endless Amount of Glitches

This time, I hid 6 Easter Eggs in the video. Can you find them all?

Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more funny content!
  • Ugh caveman

    This game gave me aids.

  • Jasper Griese

    That is not Chinese it’s true language of the wenja from far cry primal

  • bluzer awesome

    The first one wasn’t Chinese messageIt was a women speaking Wenja language (Wenja is the tribe you are in in far cry primal)Saying You will die tonight

  • Shilo Allard

    Did your character just die on the 17th one or fall asleep?

  • Spino2Earth

    8:21 Romulan? (Star Trek 2009)

  • kacpi26

    Hey, everyone! I put 6 Easter Eggs in the video! Can you spot them all?

  • Digital Spike

    I don’t think That was a leap of faith and I don’t think he failed what he was trying to do

  • Spino2Earth

    6:02 Flying turkeys!!

  • Bolt The Jolteon

    No climbing. That's Just Stupid.

  • Jakie Adams

    I had a awkward funny moment; that mission where you get to catch an alive wild judge for the animal vet/scientist.I threw the bait into the cage and quickly closes the gate.... To find that Boomer decided to hop in there with it. Darn it dog!

  • Exploder 45

    The first wasn’t Chinese it was ancient Wenja from Far Cry Primal

  • mr ali-a

    suicide is not funny

  • Mitchell Drake

    funny things: "you will die tonight" suicide hitting animals with shovelseffects of psychological torturebreaking someone's neck with a kickhell yeah

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