Dark Souls 2: 14 Minute World Record Speedrun

Watch as speedrunner Stennis skips and glitches his way through Dark Souls 2, obtaining a world record time in the Any% category. Note: Hosting of this video was allowed by its original owner.

Check out this link to learn the rules of this speedrun: https://www.speedrun.com/ds2

Make sure to follow Stennis on their various channels:

YouTube - https://bit.ly/2DO1l4I
Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/stennis

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  • A bowl of Cereal _

    No bonfire no death run guide

  • shtik

    What a glitch fest lol

  • Jonathan Rodriguez

    How about a speed run that doesn't require breaking the game lol

  • Bryan

    Start out with ad, skip "live intro", another ad. 🖕ign

  • Leonardo Alves

    o cara faz o speed run bugando o jogo todo. palmas...

  • nick hemmers

    It already took me 15min to get to majula

  • John Fritzjerald

    Leave it to dark souls to make a glitch that can only be acquire by using a parry

  • Alex Epps

    this is the bunk version tho

  • Captain Vangurd

    Багоюзер? И это типа считается спидранерством? Не плохо нынче.

  • mert aydın

    aga canlı yayın yap tukhıs

  • Enrico Demuro

    I wouldn't call this a speedrun...he almost didn't ACTUALLY play the game :vAlso...shouldn't he be hitted by the Throne Defender a couple of times? He was standing right in front of him and the sword litterally passed through him on 13:46. And Nashandra just stood there taking the hits...

  • HM

    So dirty Is it fun???

  • kay0xsp

    the broken % is back ?? wtf

  • Abel freeman

    Welp imma stick to lore finding lore..

  • Abrahan Quiñonez

    No entiendo yo tarde mas de 60 horas en cruzarlo todo

  • Moo

    "he parried you, rolled over you, then disappeared flying off a cliff??"

  • Hazza_green_tea

    Dislike because the streamer's name is not in the title

  • josh murphy

    this guy finishes the game in 15mins most people would be still making thier character XD

  • Winters Fury

    Soin other words a buncha bullshit and nothing to do with playing the game.. Gotcha

  • MeTaLLFaN

    speed runs with exploits are s..t

  • Arios Vasco

    How he find these glitches bro wtf 😂

  • Danitch Channel

    Охуенный блять спидран, на читах сквозь текстуры пробежал пол игры


    пф йЕшоб не пройти за 14 мин учитывая юзание багов

  • Daniel Kay

    버그써서  그냥 뛰는구만 말 그대로 스피드런이네;;

  • Craideus

    All these people who can't tell the difference between glitchless and any%. Its pretty damn depressing.

  • Kito Yato

    Gonna say this before I watch the video, he did a glitch.I was right

  • Tobias Melzer

    Das ist so lächerlich der Glitcht durch die Welt was für ein noob

  • Finn Gallagher

    Mom: “We’re leaving in 15 minutes!”

  • nick hemmers

    I that the dark souls to world record was 8minuts

  • 이이호진

    Wtf was that! It's awesome!

  • The R3ktel

    If speedrunner gets an item you know that you need to get it too

  • Mazidurrahman MaziD

    Is this DS2 or Temple run 2?😂

  • Steve Walton

    14 mins wtf how short is this game?

  • Snakeyes 1987

    He dipped on everyone

  • Israel Hoffman

    Come one dude! You didn't beat the game, you skipped it.

  • Kickass Gaming

    You know the game is broken when... 😂

  • Marcio de Silva

    There's a little game in your glitch.

  • Sergiu Horga

    You meant to write "glitch run".

  • Vladislav Chelovek

    Полная хуйня, ни в коем случае не вызывает уважения.

  • Marcin Trynkiewicz

    I can't even kill 1 boss

  • Morthan Gaming

    I dont really consider using ingame glitches a real speedrun, but I guess its allowed on these cases. Prefer the ones that don't exploit this glitches.

  • Slaxbox

    Is this what you are now, IGN?

  • RedyTheLegend


  • ramza675

    Not a fan of the skipping however the precision and timing is spot on.

  • Monclair Vieira

    It's fantastic but i want to see make it NO glitches.

  • Trust me bro I googled it

    I feel like he has done this before...

  • Bishop

    fookin’ cheater sights

  • The R3ktel

    U was 8 sec faster than wr

  • ThePheroa

    How is this even possible?

  • Gwisa

    what a glitch fest..

  • Cybertron Laser Gamer

    One of the hardest games and its beaten in less than what people took for the starting "tutorial"


    That's not finish the Game. If I buy it and Break The disc, have I finished The Game too?

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